Vacation Evening Routine Dubai!!! Mermaid Transformation
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Vacation Evening Routine Dubai!!! Mermaid Transformation

Hey guys we’re having an awesome time in Dubai. We’re just out of the pool and now we are going to show you our evening routine first of all we are going to freshen up to have dinner we’re passing the awesome Dubai
skyline on our way to the mall the malls are so amazing here and the
jewelry is so pretty. it’s 98 degrees outside and inside there’s an awesome
ski slope Dubai is definitely the place for amazing adventures oh my I can’t
believe we found a huge American Girl store look at all these amazing dolls
and toys I love this N.A.S.A play set and an astronaut doll I’m definitely
putting this on my Christmas list I love this gymnastics doll playset it’s so
cool. This looks just like a real fridge and Elena found a cool jukebox look there’s
even soccer outfits now it’s time for the surprise we promised you. Come with
us. we are at the mermaids of Arabia for a mermaid transformation now we can check our new mermaid outfit
because it’s still so warm up we have the most amazing natural experience as
mermaids of Arabia it was brilliant we’re just gonna catch
up on some YouTube and then go to sleep see you next Saturday for a lot more
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