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– Hi, buddies, you guys are
watching Kawaii Kunicorn Gaming. So I’m back in The Vacation Museum to play some more Vacation Simulator from the people who made VR Job Simulator. So I played a little bit last time and so I’ve got this handy dandy passport with this picture that
looks so much like me. So let’s insert my guest pass and pull the lever so
we can get vacationing. Oh my gosh, okay, so the last time I was playing Vacation Simulator, I didn’t really get a chance to check out very much of my suite here, so I think that’s what I wanna do today. I wanna check out all of the
things that I missed last time. We had a pretty good look in the bathroom, but I haven’t even checked
out my bedroom yet. So here is my human bedroom, I’m so glad that they decided
to label it like that. Alright, let’s open up the door. See what it’s like in my bedroom. Oh my gosh! Relax you’re on vacation! This is so cool! Whoa, is this a mirror? (laughs loudly) Look, it’s so funny! (sings tune) I like how my face
stays completely neutral no matter what I’m doing,
but it does blink a little. This is so funny. Alright, let’s check out the bedroom. What have they got here? We’ve got some nice decorations. Reminder, Room Service cleans your suite every time you leave. Personal items not placed in the Complimentary Object
Storage will be recycled. Okay, well that’s really
good information to know. I’ve actually got a really cool backpack. Can I show it to you guys? I just need to reach over my shoulder and these are some of the
pictures that I took last time. So that’s my friend Vacation
Bot, that is Efficiency Bot, I’d say that we’re pals but I think he’s a little bit annoying and then this was someone leaving. I think that was Vacation
Bot heading on their way. Anyway, and also this half eaten donut that I should probably finish ’cause it’s gonna get stale. That’s what I’m keeping
my backpack for now. Let’s see what else is in here. We’ve got Complimentary Object Storage. And in here, oh, it’s
my different outfits. Okay, so it looks like there
are three different ways that you can vacation. I went to the beach last time but if I wanna go to the forest. I bring my forest outfit. What happens with the mountain outfit? Oh my gosh, I’ve got a little scarf. This is so cool! You can change the colors! Alright, this looks like
a pretty great outfit, although I am just gonna be
hanging out in the suite today. So, I think we’ll go with a
nice, casual forest outfit in a pretty color of red. That looks nice, awesome, alright. So it looks like this is my Complimentary Body Garment section. And, obviously, gotta have a safe. Wonder what’s inside of the safe? Let’s try to, oh, nope,
figure out the combination. Yes, yes! What’s in here? Woo! A Human Guide to Opening Safes, safely! Wait a second, this is
written by Bandit Bot. I know Bandit Bot, he is not a good bot. If you remember what Bandit Bot did in the Job Simulator videos, you’ll understand why
I’m not super excited that this is written by Bandit Bot. Alright, let’s see. Step 1: Be good at opening safes. Step 2: Don’t be bad at opening safes. Seriously? That’s not even a book. Okay, let’s just put that back in. (beeping) They’ve changed the combination. There we go, oh, there’s
another copy in there. Okay, well, I guess I’ll just put this in my Complimentary Object Storage section because obviously lots of
great information in there. You never know when we might need it. This room is awesome, let’s see
what else we’ve got in here. Looks like we’ve got a
basketball, which is pretty cool. Oh my gosh, it bounces! Okay, not great at basketball, let’s see if I can get a better bounce. Whoa! And it’s gone, alright. Let’s head in to bed. (gasps) Mode: awake, good
day, human, good day, human. Alright, I think it just repeats that. This is so funny, I’m on my bed. This is really disorienting
to be standing up here. My body doesn’t understand
what’s happening. Alright, I guess if I wanted
to have a little bit of a rest, put on my sleep mask,
it’s kind of interfering with my ability to see things. Let’s check out this alarm clock. Human waker-upper. Alright, looks like it’s ready to go. It’s gonna let me know
in a few seconds there. Ooh, look at these fluffy
pillows, this one looks perfect. Fluff it up a little,
it’s a lot of feathers. Okay, don’t wanna knock ’em all up. What else we got? We’ve got a beach towel, that’s great. It kinda looks like a
giant thing of toothpaste. Got this, what’s this? Is this chocolate? Can I eat it?
(mouth chomping) Yay, it was so cute! They’ve left chocolate on my pillow! What else have we got? (alarm beeping) Canceled sleep mode, yep, cool. Alright, well, I think the
bedroom looks really great. I mean, we’ve got everything we need, got a bed, got a plant, got my Complimentary
Object Storage device, so this is awesome. I got no complaints so far. If you think this is a pretty nice suite, give this video a thumbs up. And let me know in the comment section which of these outfits is your favorite. Do you like beach best,
forest or mountain? I’m just gonna stick with forest for now. Let’s check out the rest of the suite. Okay, we’ve got a couple
more sections here. So, if you missed me checking
out the human bathroom, go back and watch my first
Vacation Simulator video because I found a lot of
really cool stuff in there. Let’s check out the games room. Ooh, this is cool. It’s kind of like a living room. I guess, usually, if you
were staying in a hotel and you just have the bedroom, unless you had something like super fancy, but I’ve kind of got
like a whole set up here. My photos, I can put some photos here. So, the last time I played
I took a couple of photos just to try to test out
how my camera worked, but I might as well store them here. They’re not the best photos, that’s okay. I am going to take some more later. All play and no work
makes a great vacation. That’s true, oh my gosh this is so cool. Wow! You can spin it and find where I live, I think that this squarish blob here is meant to be Australia. And that weird shaped
blob is North America. If you see your own blob country, let me know in the comment section. Alright, let’s try, what else we got here? We got a radio, turn this on. – [Male Voice] Welcome to
the local local news station where we cover topics related to where you are currently standing. – Wow, awesome,
(upbeat music) cool, I’ll just leave
on in the background. What have we got here? Some dice. – [Male Voice] Do you
ever feel overwhelmed by vacation activities? – Not really. – [Male Voice] Try relaxing
in front of the television or playing some video games instead. Television, your gateway to relaxing. – Okay. – [Male Voice] Video
games, stop socializing and get some points already. – You know what? I’m just gonna turn that off. But I mean it is a good point, I should probably check
out how this TV works and check out my Game-Box 90, ’cause that looks pretty awesome. Alright, let’s turn on the TV. – [Woman Voice] Welcome
to Vacation Simulator: Vacation Island Resort. – Thank you. – [Woman Voice] We hope
you enjoy your stay. We offer many activities,
including relaxing under the sun on the beach, exploring the deep green forests and climbing the cold and danger, I mean, very nice and safe mountains. Here at the Vacation Island
Resort, it’s all about you. – Wow, this is amazing. Alright, what else have we got on here? – [Woman Voice] Welcome to the Vacation Island Weather Network. The weather today is 24 degrees Celsius. – Sounds great. – [Woman Voice] That is 297.15 Kelvin with a gentle calming
breeze and clear sunny sky. – Cool, what else we got here? Ooh, the Vacation Zone. – [Male Voice] You unlock this door with a key of relaxation. You’re in a new simulator on an island, but how did you get here? – I don’t know. – [Male Voice] Does it matter? Maybe someone brought you here. – This is a little bit creepy. – [Woman Voice] Beauty
Bot Anti-Aging spray. Is your chassis turning yellow? – Oh my gosh, no! Uh, oh no we don’t. – [Male Voice] Bots in
an Apartment is filmed in front of a live studio botience. (bass guitar music) – Oh my gosh, it’s like a sitcom. This looks great, I wish
I a chair to sit in. – [Female Voice] Woo, I’ve got it! Figured it out! – [Female Voice] Well
that’s never a good sign. (audience laughter) – [Woman Voice] I figured out
how we’re going to get rich. – Alright, I don’t know if I
actually wanna watch this now. Maybe I’m gonna turn off the TV. Actually, I totally wanna play a game. I mean, watching TV is cool and all but I’ve got a whole game console here so let’s see what kind of games we’ve got. Jerb Bot’s Good Adventure,
a totally official game. What else have we got? Zero times 1000, that doesn’t
sound especially interesting. Super Untextured Quad,
that sounds pretty great. Choose Wisely, ooh, alright, Choose Wisely sounds most
interesting so far so, I’m gonna turn this on, see what happens. Does the TV need to be on? There we go. Cool! Press right to begin. (beeping) You have finally saved up enough
money to go on a nice trip. It’s time to vacation. All you have to do is get to the airport and make your flight. Oh, okay, I think I’ve got
some different options here. I can take the train, take a taxi, ride your bike, walk to the airport. Taking a train sounds like a
good option, let’s do that. You decide your best bet is to
catch a train to the airport. Luckily, trains in your
city run frequently and you live near a
station so there is one that fits your schedule. This is a weird game. At the train station, a worried looking person is
running around the platform. Do you ignore them, ask what’s wrong, ignore them, ask what’s wrong? They could be having an issue. You ask the frantic figure
what the problem is, and they explain that
their cat has run off. Try to help find it or wish them luck. Oh, I don’t wanna be heartless but I do have a plane to catch. I think I gotta wish ’em luck. Let’s see what happens. You wish them good luck and continue on your
way to board the train. The train itself runs like clockwork, and before you know it you’ve
arrived at the airport. This is kind of a weird game. I’m not saying I don’t
like it, I’m just saying that I’m not sure that
this is really the time I should be playing this game. Maybe I should just try one more game and then I can check out
the rest of the suite. Alright, let’s see what
other games we have here. I feel like I’m gonna
get a bunch of comments from people being like, I wanted to know if you were gonna make the flight or not. So if you wanna know if I
actually make the flight, and you want me to finish
playing Choose Wisely in my next Vacation Simulator video, let me know in the comments section, ’cause I’m gonna need some feedback. Okay, maybe I’ll try Jerb
Bot’s Good Adventure, sounds like a pretty good game. This is more of what I was thinking. Alright.
(beeping) Oh my gosh. (bell tinkling) I think I got a point. Jump on these things. (bell tinkling) Ooh, it’s going faster. Oh no, it’s going real fast. This is so funny, it’s like
really old Mario or something. (bell tinkling) You are win and I got 40 points. Can I go this way? What happens if I fall off? I’m just floating. Oh, game over, cool. Well, that was fun. Let’s see what else is going on in here. So I got one more section
of the suite over here. I think I need to go over this way first and then up into Human Non-Work Station. This looks suspiciously
like a work station. Okay, I’m actually meant
to be on vacation here so I don’t know that I
really need this office, although, sorry did you say mini-fridge? (gasps) No way, what’s this, Chonky Chocos? – [Male Voice] Thank you! Your account has been
automatically charged. – Uh oh, I’m being charged
for eating these things, okay, well maybe just one donut,
they probably won’t even– – [Male Voice] Enjoy your
purchase human and remember, it’s technically still
ours until you consume it. – Okay, well it’s mine now. What about this? Triangles! – [Male Voice] No worries human, this is an all-inclusive resort. That means we include these
purchases in your final bill. – (laughs) I was about to be like, yay, and then I was like, oh no, they’re just making me pay for it. Alright, well let’s try
some of these Triangles. Gotta try all the things
here at the resort, I’m on vacation after all. I deserve a few Triangles. These are amazing. Triangles, Triangles, Triangles. Aww! It’s an endless bag of Triangles. Alright, well, that’s cool, I’ll just put these Triangles somewhere where no one will miss ’em. Pop ’em over there and
what else have we got here? Ooh, Hot Drink Pods! Artificial water, fruit punch. These sound awesome, I
think I want a lemon juice. Let’s pop this in here. How does this work? It’s spilling everywhere. Oh, and it’s hot, that’s so weird. Hot lemon drink. I mean, it smells good. It’s kinda fogging up
my screen here a little but, okay, let’s just try a sip. Oh, that’s actually quite nice. Yeah, that’s good, I
would have that again. Eight out of 10, would
recommend the hot lemon. Okay cool, world’s most
average vacationer. That’s a bit of an insult,
I’m gonna ignore that. What have we got on the phone here? Is anyone here? – [Male Voice] Hello human. – Hello. – [Male Voice] I’d be happy to assist you with whatever you may need
in your stay at our resort. – Great. – [Male Voice] If this is a
prank call, please dial zero. Otherwise, please dial one. – It’s a prank call, why
aren’t the buttons working? Button. – [Male Voice] Ha ha,
human, that was very funny. – Thank you. – [Male Voice] I hope you
use our time at this resort for better things than pranking our staff. (metal clanging) – Oh, they hung up on
me, that’s a bit rude. Okay, no problem, I was
actually gonna get going on the computer here. I need to find out a
little bit more information about what kinds of vacations
are available here to me on Vacation Simulator, so
let’s check out the Vacaypedia. Ooh, what should I look up? I’m gonna look up beach. Beach, oh, cool! Oh my gosh, it’s like
all the different things that are in the game. Joystick. This is so cool! Soap bar. Wow, I can print a soap? Oh my gosh! What? You can print anything! Print-a-thing! Oh my gosh, it’s like a 3D printer! (gasps) What? This is crazy! Okay, let me know in the comment section what you would print in the print-a-thing, if you could print anything. What else is here? I wanna print something else. A picture, oh no, a pillow chocolate. I wanna print lots of pillow chocolates. Lots of them, please. Many more, many more pillow chocolates. I’ll just save them here. You just keep printing. Just keep printing them. I’m gonna need several more. This a total way to get around the whole mini-fridge charge system. ‘Cause when I print them
all the chocolates are mine. Put them all here. Oh, dropped one on the floor. That’s okay, five-second rule. (mouth chomping)
Eat that. Maybe just a few more. Make a little pile here. (gasps) Maybe I’ll put
them in my backpack. Okay, I’m just gonna put
some of these chocolates into my backpack for safe keeping. Oh, it didn’t work. There we go. Alright, let’s save some
of these chocolates. That’s the way. This bar of soap, maybe? ‘Cause I probably have
pretty chocolatey fingers after eating like a
million pillow chocolates. There we go. Save this one too. Thank you very much. This one fell on the ground. So that one is 10-second rule. (mouth chomping)
No problem. Alright, what else have we got here? Okay, let’s get out of the Vacaypedia, see what else we’ve got. Ooh, Botmail, have I got any mail? Welcome to Vacation Island! Human! So happy you have safely
arrived at Vacation Island! Be sure to check out the excursions at each of the destinations. It’s just not a vacation
without a good destination. That’s really great. Oh my gosh, that means
that we’ve got excursions at each of the. So we’ve got an excursion at
the beach, at the mountains, and in the forest. That is so exciting. Oh my goodness, what
else have we got on here? Sortitaire, I don’t think
that I need to play that. What about Botnet? Uh, terms of service,
yes, yes, yes, I agree. Get your free vacation resort souvenir! (gasps) What is it? Oh, it’s a donut, amazing! Delicious souvenir, can
I have a another one? What is it gonna be? Another donut, amazing, thank you so much. How about one more for my backpack? Thank you, I basically just
have a backpack full of snacks. Perfect, exactly as I’d hoped. So I am in love with
everything about my new suite. I’m gonna put up a poll on this video. Let me know which room is your favorite. Do you like the bedroom,
the Non-Work Station, the games room or the bathroom the best? Make sure to vote in the poll and let me know in the comment section what you wanna see me do
next in Vacation Simulator. See you next time, buddy. (upbeat music)


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