Vacation House Tour!

hello vacation house vacation house all
right do we own this house okay it’s a rental
we’re gonna let people know that up front I think I could see why we don’t
own this house lady I want to get okay it’s dining-room table so are you saying
I want to show people to view the where is this house the Great Smoky Mountains
you got to talk more a lot so I’m not always pointing in it bears this mostly
I I want people to count bears because yeah I have not been able to come and
check out these ceilings look how high these ceilings really go so up there’s
mommy in the kitchen hi mommy what’s cooking let’s see just fussing around
cleaning up in the kitchen I guess with gas burners we’ll go out there later
lots of fun stuff in the kitchen huh what is this some kind of butler’s
pantry thing bathrooms all right little wine rack with no wine bottles you’re
not wine drinkers oh yeah there’s go turn that light over
there on any it’ll say overhead yeah it’s a dining light dining room light
hey yeah this is like a Viking table almost and in this it’s an indoor pool
now we do have this is locked permanently well more or less
permanently so kids don’t go wandering out there but we’ll show you later because
you can get him from the outside right all right
and that’s the that’s like a little sitting area as that breakfast nook
mommy just walked in this shot no all right okay and this is the master
bedroom must add use the master TV look at that
now this is the bedroom look at how high the ceilings are this is insane don’t
think it’s creepy it’s good if I guess if you look at it there’s elk that’s an
elk elk moose sounds like wide you know okay and we’ll show you a little bit of
the bathroom it’s got a shower sink number one ah the moose and it’s got
sink number two hello and about a little bit of a view here as well okay let’s go
out of here um yeah I think we’ve covered everything
oh gee do you guys want to show the pool since we’re on them yeah that’s fine okay I’ll show the pool and the hot tub
so there’s here you have a grill you have a hot tub you have a picnic table
which I’m seeing for the first time let’s see I walked right past it the
other day I didn’t even see it okay I don’t want to show you the code let’s
see um okay and you got the areas to sit in here yeah you might suppose out to
keep the bugs out nice high ceilings and he did pool right no lifeguard on duty
that oh and the pool it’s nice and warm man
the pool has its own bathroom which is very convenient see ya yep pool guy was
here this morning actually cleaning the pool maintained so let’s go show people
this view it’s the real view you hit the lock button when you come on and in
Adirondack chairs lovely view of the mountains it’s a little foggy too cloudy
today but these are the Smoky Mountain ok and there’s even a swing over there
which is part of this property and a fire pit a little sitting your viewing
area let’s see well show you the exterior of the house yeah we’ve seen
some lizards I’d have to get all the way in the front which I already actually
got a shot so we’ll show you the four we showed the front already said but yeah
there’s a fire pit that’s obviously a different property that one’s still
being worked on I think and what video it’s gonna take a long
time all right fire pit it’s almost like a
stage but I think it’s just like another picnic area let’s get back inside
there’s a lizard oh no this looks like the same lizard we’ve been seeing yeah
do we caught Lizzy the lizard or I forget we named it smokey because of the
Smoky Mountains but chilly wanted to call it it’s just a nut rocky is he’s
sitting on a rock all right all right it’s kind of saving it for the finale
but we could this whole stuff upstairs to serve this basement get that one
light Addie as if they’re the ones this theater light is it’s a theater it has a
working theater the remotes not always working but we find it the remote burns
and look this is the perfect place for this is a perfect place for slumber
parties mm-hmm for all your friends in the Smoky Mountains because many friends
here yet know we’ve been here like three days we’ve been very busy so this is
this huge theater I mean we have a theater at our house and it’s nice but
this is just enormous this is like a party room size theater and you could
you could literally ride a bike here and if that wasn’t enough oh you got a TV
here for some reason this is basically like a second master
bedroom it’s a huge bedroom yeah yeah yeah and then this one has a huge
bathroom too it goes on for miles you know sink there you have a sink here
you have a shower commode there and it’s just a linen closet I guess so so I
think this house is probably intended for two couples almost because it’s just
two master bedrooms all right now we can go upstairs yeah in the theatre you can is that a millipede or something well
when you’re out here in the Smoky Mountains you see some different
creatures that is for sure all right so no matter how nice the
place you get you’re still gonna find bugs in it right all right let’s go well
girls you turn off the theater light I think this one’s on a motion switch yeah
all right he’ll probably turn back on okay take take me upstairs look at these
ceilings he’s got four miles and here’s a wonderful view mm-hmm and there’s a
pool table of course because everyone likes moving a pool
table upstairs apparently someone did we have these windows closed so it’s a
little dark in here right now but yeah there’s a full pool table game
room a TV of course so there’s this TV and every and what’s that behind you
Addie oh my goodness shuffleboard go ahead give us a demonstration no
pressure yeah you know you can do better now all
right a little faster so yeah there’s a whole shuffleboard here in this corridor
and then what’s in here okay bathroom of course but you gonna see this
yeah no much here here you have another bedroom oh it’s your room you’d stake
your claim huh yeah yeah we kind of like to spread
out this is an enormous room yeah pushes you got the couch in here there’s a
closet yeah and there’s a closet door open let’s close it okay linens and a TV
but wait there’s another room there’s a small room in here too yeah
so yeah there it’s a whole other room back here this is probably the smallest
of the bedrooms I guess right that is what’s that oh yeah there’s bear lamps
you know so alright I think that’s everything on the outs outside and
inside that we know of but yeah would you guys like to earn this house if you
could move it to where we live yeah it’s a it’s a bit much I like one level I
like living on one level but this is nice to stay here or we’re on vacation
addy and I have been enjoying shuffleboard so you guys want to sit on
the steps here and wrap up the show so this is for the Jillian and Addie channel
I just don’t let you know what channel it’s on so did you like this video and yeah so we have two other channels we
have two other channels baby teeth more channel and the babyteeth4 channel be sure to check them out there are a lot of fun be sure to
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