Vacation Journal Android App Overview

Welcome to Majorforms Vacation Journal. It’s a
brand new application that allows you to
document a trip or vacation that you take. Let me show you on this opening
screen that comes up on your smart phone the
trip that we setup on our recent vacation to Orlando. The main thing that
you want to keep in mind is that not only does it
let you setup information about the trip, such things like participants on the trip and
then allows you to create events underneath
each trip so you can come over here and create an event.
You can see each one of those events that are
labeled here. The phone when you creat an event
automatically takes longitude, latitude, and altitude of where you are,
it takes the date and time – a time stamp, and
then any kind of media that you record at that site is also stored. You can
take pictures as you can see in each one of
these samples we have taken pictures. But you can
take video, you can also do things like record your voice for later
transition to text, you can take notes, and you
can define each event. As you can see a right here we’ve defined pool so I took a shot out
by the pool of our hotel. I think also one of the exciting things is
that you do not need an internet connection to
run this application. It’s all free. But if you do have Internet connection you can
synchronize the data wiith your own website which is created
on our website and then synchronize your data –
that is, upload your data. It preserves your information on our website so
that should something happen to your phone
you won’t lose the data and information from your trip. It also enables people
to follow you on our website as you take your vacation or your trip. People
can monitor and watch what is going on or you can share with limited people. Finely, we’ve
created the ability to share your information on various applications
such as Facebook, g-mai. google+, – these are just the ones I’ve uploaded – Skype
Twitter, and others. In addition. you can track your vacation. So you
could literally be taking GPS readings every second sometimes less than a second and then create
maps that allow people to follow you There are
pins on each one of those maps that show everyone where you’ve been and you
can share that on Facebook too. By sharing it
on the website not only can people click each one of the pins where you
have been and taken data and see what you
have done at each one of those locations, like what video you have recorded what notes
you have jotted down, but you can also create reports for them later on
when you get back. You can edit the
information, download it to spreadsheets graph it – a lot of power here that I can only give
you in more detailed in two tutorials on the Vacation Journal. If you want to learn
more about the Vacation Journal, that is, the
details on how to use it, I encourage you to look at You can sign
up there to upload the data and you can view the tutorials, even if you don’t sign up. Let us know what you think, thank you for using
our application and I hope you’ll consider using some of our other
applications also.

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