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(bright music) – Guess what, guess what? Guess what I have in my pocket? It rhymes with dive and goomy. – [Mrs. Davis] What’s the first… – [Mr. Davis] I have no
idea, but what is it? Five Gum – [Tyler] Goom definitely rhymes with gum. – [Mr. Davis] Tyler, that’s your one goober moment of the day. You’re not allowed to have any more, okay? – You’re allowed to have
all the ones you want. – [Mr. Davis] Okay, you
can have like 10 more. 10 more goober moments, that’s number 2. (bright music) (rock music) Morning! It is We Are the Davises. And Sean and I just got up. And you see my hair is
still totally soaking wet, and it’s naturally curly when
I don’t do anything to it. That is me, normal. – Isn’t she beautiful with the curly hair? I love it. – I just gotta put a smile on my face so that you can recognize me, right? And I’m walking through
the apartment building. Look at these cute kids. – [Mr. Davis] Good morning, Sunshines! – Nope. – [Mr. Davis] Nope,
it’s not a good morning? – [Mrs. Davis] It’s time to wake up. Oh, it looks like they
already have lights on. Did you sleep with those on all night? – [Mr. Davis] Nope. I turned
them on a little while ago. – [Mrs. Davis] Oh, I was gonna say… – They got up briefly , and then they went back to sleep again. So, it’s time to make earthquakes happen. (growling) That did absolutely nothing. – [Mrs. Davis] Oh wow. – [Mr. Davis] Wow, look at Tyler. He’s the man. – [Mrs. Davis] He’s
rushing to the bathroom. That just jiggled him to the bathroom. Cute little Kayla-boo, she
looks like my little baby. – My little babies. Oh I want to cuddle with my babies. (kisses) – We are still in Barcelona,
but this is the last day. This morning we’re actually getting ready to go on to our cruise. – And I gotta say, Disney
does like everything awesome. Like if you’re looking
for a new experience in a place you’ve never been before, you might want to check into like, adventures by Disney, because
they’re all over the world. – They totally, they take you everywhere, and it’s meant for families. I mean, it’s meant for everybody actually. – Yeah. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be cool. – Oh, yeah this is gonna
be the best you guys. And so this is right now just our morning. Everybody is getting up and getting ready. We have to get all our bags packed. We started last night, so some of the bags do have everything in them. We had the kids pick out an outfit ahead of time so we weren’t running around in the morning freaking out going oh what are you gonna wear? What are gonna wear? – Cruise ship, cruise sip, cruise ship! Yay, Tyler is excited. They had so much fun last time. What was you’re favorite part
about being on the cruise? – The edge. – [Mrs. Davis] The edge? So that’s the what? What is it? – It’s like the play place for the kids, and I like Guitar Hero. – [Mrs. Davis] Guitar Hero? That game, video game with the guitar? – Yeah, it’s like there’s
like six different buttons, and then there’s this little thing where you go like this so
it’s kind of like a strum, and then you just hit the buttons, and you strum, and then you play a song. – [Mrs. Davis] Nice. – Fun. – [Mrs. Davis] Kayla, what’s your favorite part about the cruise? Kayla’s so lively. Boosy, Kayla-boo. Usually you’re the one
that doesn’t wake up. What’s going on here? – I was already awake. – [Mrs. Davis] Kayla, what
was your favorite part? The talent show? – Ice cream. – [Mrs. Davis] Ice cream? Endless ice cream. They do, they get endless ice cream. So they have an ice cream bar there, and the kids can go anytime they want and they can get ice cream all day long. And they don’t stop them, and
it’s all included in the ship. – Unless they’re out of ice cream. – [Mrs. Davis] Do they
run out of ice cream? – Yeah. – Sometimes, and they like restock it like five minutes later so you just gotta come back a couple minutes later. – I think it’s funny
because I get ice cream, and then I was like, should I get more? Nah, five minutes later, I’m getting more. – [Mrs. Davis] What else
was your favorite part, besides the ice cream? Because you’re going
on the same exact ship, so it’s going to be the same. – That’s a cute dress – [Tyler] The aqua-duct was awesome. – [Mrs. Davis] The what? – That’s a cute dress. – Cute, oh, me? Thank you, I felt like being
cozy today, and being flowy. You guys probably don’t
care about my dress, but I’m wearing a dress, yay! – [Tyler] Mom, I love the aqua-duct. – [Mrs. Davis] The aqua-duct? Oh yeah that slide? – The thing where it drops
you and then… like that. – [Mrs. Davis] Did you do that, Kayla? – Nuh-uh, nope. – [Mrs. Davis] No, it looked scary. Because it does have a drop
at the beginning doesn’t it? Yeah. – You go super fast. – [Mrs. Davis] Today is
the day we get to go, and the kids got to get dressed and then I gotta do your hair, Kayla. I gotta do my hair. I’m gonna go blow dry my hair right now. We’ll finish packing up
the rest of the suitcases. So those two big ones down there we need to try and open up
and find a bathing suit, and maybe a bathing suit cover. Don’t break their legs. Okay, so when we first get on the ship, they won’t let us into the
state rooms right away. So be kind of nice to
have the bathing suits so we can kind of go out
to the pool and relax while they’re still
getting the ship ready. Yeah, our room still needs some help. I kind of focused on getting
everybody else ready first, because that’s what moms do. We work on getting everybody else ready, and then we’re last, so then
you guys are all yelling at us, “What’s taking you so long?” So then, there’s this big, massive mess in our bathroom, and all I’m gonna do is take my arm and I’m just gonna scoop
it all into a suitcase, and throw it in the
bottom, and that’s that. And that suitcase is good to go with us, just like that big mess,
because it’s on vacation and I don’t need to be organized. Kids gotta get ready. They took a shower last night so we’re not gonna do that
part of this morning. Which makes it like a vacation
morning routine, right? Because you kind of do things all backward so that you can relax, and
take your time getting ready, because we don’t want to feel rushed right off the bat as soon as you wake up. The tv is in here. Because we are in Europe,
we almost have no channels. Like most of them are in another language which is I think mostly Spanish. And I wish we knew Spanish,
because I think that knowing Spanish is very handy when you go to another country, because it is a very popular language. And I also noticed that if you don’t know at least a little bit that a lot of times the people here will totally ignore you. They’ll totally just be like, get out of my face you American. So, it’s kind of interesting. I mean I guess I would be like that too if somebody came talking to me and had a different language and I didn’t know what they were saying. I’d just be like, well, you know, better get some help somewhere, ’cause it’s not gonna be from me. But anyways, so I finished
getting this bathroom cleaned up. I’m gonna blow dry my hair
before it dries like this, and then I’m stuck with crazy hair. Actually, does it look crazy? What do you guys think? – [Mr. Davis] I like your curly hair. – It’s like curly but I feel
like I look, I don’t know what. – I think she looks beautiful. Straight, curly, mohawk, whatever,
she’s my beautiful angel. – Yeah, thank you. – So do what you gotta do. – Alright, and then, oh I
was gonna show you guys, I don’t know if we showed you this before, but when you’re in Europe they have these converters that you have to get. I’ll show you that. Here’s one of the converters. So if you don’t get this converter, the plug looks like that, and
you can’t plug anything in. So you have to buy this thingy,
and stick it in the wall. Stick it in there the
right way, I don’t know. There we go, and then
you get your normal plug which actually has like
a bunch of different outlet thingy options I think on here. So then you can plug in your charger so you can have a phone, and a life. Yeah, those are all over the room. So we kinda gotta go
through the whole room and start pulling them out of all sockets so we don’t lose them. I don’t think we’ll need
them on the ship though, because we’ve been on this ship before. The conversion thing didn’t have that, so. Also, there is more than one
Disney Magic Cruise ship. Which, I am not aware of. Anyways, back to getting ready. – [Mr. Davis] We have to make sure we did not leave anything behind. Anything under the bed? – Nope. – [Mr. Davis] No. – Why are you videoing? – [Mr. Davis] Because
it’s a morning routine for our vacation, don’t you know? Don’t you know these things
girl, so brush your teeth. People wanna see what it looks like when Kayla and Tyler brush
their teeth in the morning. (bright music) – And then you got to
put on your sunblock. (bright music) That’s what keeps your face young, putting on sunblock every morning. Tyler, you should know
what sunblock is, right? Poor little Tyler, he gets so sunburned. I don’t know if you’ve
seen any of his videos. – [Tyler] Yeah. – [Mr. Davis] Tyler’s never
been sunburned before. It was more of an
involuntary shedding of skin that he had to deal with. – Daddy’s so lucky, ’cause just wakes up and rinses off and he’s done. – It took me like three hours
to get my hair just perfect. Okay, so I don’t even want to hear it. – Now I’m putting on foundation. – [Tyler] You gotta go like
this for three hours, there. – Yeah, you’re right. (bright music) – Guess what, guess what? Guess what I have in my pocket? It rhymes with dive and goomy. – [Mrs. Davis] What’s the first… – [Mrs. Davis] I have
no idea, but what is it? – Five gum. Goom definitely rhymes with gum. – [Mr. Davis] Tyler that’s your one goober moment of the day. You’re not allowed to have any more, okay? – You’re allowed to have
all the ones you want. – Okay you can have like 10 more. 10 more goober moments, that’s number two! (bright music) – Can you guys see all the little hairs coming off the top of my head? I hate it. Jennifer Aniston I
always noticed had that, and she never did anything with it, and she always had big hairs sticking off her head everywhere she went. I, like, use this stuff called got2b, and it’s a spiking wax, but I don’t spike my hair obviously. Kayla uses it too, but I use
it just to touch down the top so it looks perfectly
silky smooth and beautiful. – [Kayla] I used to use it
before I started straightening. – [Mr. Davis] No more wispy hairs, wow! – It’s magic. – Hair hacks! – [Mr. Davis] Hair hacks? – Yeah, it’s a hack. But I like kind of dry inducing
and then I do the fluff. The throw back. – [Mr. Davis] And then it’s perfect. – But we still gotta curl our hair, so that’s step number two. (bright music) – I wonder if the food on the ship is going to be American or European? – [Mr. Davis] They probably gotta get food from the local kinda merchants and stuff. – I’m hoping that they get it from here, because I want to continue
having my stomach feel good. – [Tyler] I don’t, I want
to eat ice cream all day. – That would make you throw up a lot. – [Mr. Davis] See, I’m
on the ice cream diet. I eat it for breakfast, lunch,
dinner and then after dinner. – [Tyler] Second dinner. – [Mr. Davis] morning snack, brunch. – Midnight snack. – [Mr. Davis] Midnight snack. – [Tyler] Second lunch, third lunch. – [Mr. Davis] Second lunch, supper. – Second lunch, third lunch. – Done with me? – [Tyler] Fifth dinner. – I think you’re done. – [Mr. Davis] Okay, if you’re
done it only took 15 minutes. Man, that’s crazy, that is crazy. – It took 15 minutes to do her hair? – [Mr. Davis] Yeah. And
we’re running out of time, so we gots to jam-boogy, so I got to finish cleaning up this room. Is there anything else you wanna video? – Yes this is typical. Everyone else is ready so mom’s shafted and then everybody’s yelling
at her, “Why aren’t you ready?” “I’m hungry, blah, blah, blah.” – [Mr. Davis] How long would
it take you to do my hair? – Well I was too busy
answering all your questions, – [Mr. Davis] To do my hair? – Where is my soap? Where is my hair brush? Oh, actually nevermind. – [Mr. Davis] Where’s my hairbrush. – You don’t need a hairbrush. – Where’s my towel? Where’s my phone? Where’s the suitcase? Where’s the front door? – Yeah, she’s trying
to be funny right now, but there’s a lot of
truth to what she said. I’d probably be totally
lost if it wasn’t for her. In fact, I’m walking backwards right now, and I don’t know where I’m going. So I need, Connie where am I going? – [Mrs. Davis] You gotta
find the front door, go to the light. Actually, that’s the window. – Yeah the light’s in front of me so I can just walk forward forever, because the light on the camera’s on. – And you know what? This is the first time I’ve been able to actually get my hair done in like, three days, because we’re so busy. So my hair feels so clean. – [Mr. Davis] It’s so pretty. – How often do you guys wash your hair? I want to know. I want another poll. – [Mr. Davis] I wash mine everyday. – Do you wash yours every
day, every other day, or every third day,
because I know some of you, you dye your hair, and
you just can’t wash it every single day or your dye’s gone. Especially you fashion color girls. – [Mr. Davis] Is that why
my hair’s gray all the time? – You washed all the color out. – [Mr. Davis] I washed like,
even the natural color out? – Yup. – [Mr. Davis] Yeah. – I can’t do it. I’m mute. (popping) – Now while everybody’s
out there doing that, I’m going through the hotel room and making sure we did
not leave anything behind. – You know what’s funny is like while she was doing her hair, I walked
through the hotel room to make sure we didn’t
leave anything behind, and we almost left something behind. So, it’s like kind of why do I even bother because I can’t do it right
the first time anyway, so I might as well just go like this. (popping) – [Tyler] Kayla can’t do it, ha ha! – Alright, do we need anything else? I’m shutting the door. – I grabbed Tyler’s phone,
I got Kayla’s phone, I got my phone, do you got your phone? – I hope so. – [Mr. Davis] Where would
it be if you didn’t have it? – It’s in my purse. – [Mr. Davis] You sure, okay. – And I don’t know were
the video camera is. Has anybody seen that? – Yeah, where’s the video camera at? I don’t know. – [Tyler] I don’t know! – Better go back in there. – Alright, here we go. We’re gonna go down
and get some breakfast. Your what? – [Kayla] Where’s my backpack? – It’s in a suitcase. – [Kayla] Oh. – We’re heading down for breakfast and then we’re gonna get on the ship. Yay, party, it’s gonna be so much fun. – Bye. – Bye. – Buh-bye. – See you in a little bit. Bye Spain, bye world, I’m
dying of some awesome. (bright music)

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