VACATION MORNING ROUTINE – Summer Morning Routine at a Hotel – Surprise Present Opening
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VACATION MORNING ROUTINE – Summer Morning Routine at a Hotel – Surprise Present Opening

Hi guys, this is our summer
vacation morning routine. We are staying at the gorgeous
Waldorf Astoria in Dubai. Evelyn the sun is up wake up. Mmm, I’m so hungry.>>I’m so hungry too. Let’s order room service.>>Good morning. We would like to
order some breakfast. Okay, I would like a bowl
of rice crispy cereal please chocolate
and orange juice. Okay, um Evelyn,
what would you like?>>I would like um the same
thing please but just with a chocolate donut.>>Okay.>>Please.>>Um, make that two orange
juices and two bowls of rice crispy cereal and chocolate and also
a chocolate glazed doughnut with sprinkles please.>>Oh, and some fruit too please.>>Oh, and fresh
fruit too please. Okay, thank you. Okay, I’m gonna go
and brush my teeth now.>>Good morning.>>Good morning.>>Thank you. Thank you.>>Enjoy your meal.>>Thank you.>>Evelyn, I’m so full. What do you think
we should do today?>>Hmm, go to the pool?>>Yeah, that’s a great idea. Let’s go. Okay, we are all ready
to go to the pool. Let’s go.>>Yay!>>We go to the pool
almost every morning. Always remember to put
on your sunblock. Hi.>>Hi.>>Time to shower
and get dressed. Time to make our bed. One of the perks
of being on vacation is that our parents don’t have
to tell us to make our beds the housekeeping comes
in every day. They organize our plushies
and even change the sheets. Tada, our bed is made. Today we are going to taste
the famous monster shakes.>>Here they are.>>Thank you.>>It’s a pleasure.>>Looks so good.>>Whoa, they weren’t kidding when they made
the monster shakes. They’re ginormous. This was a delicious
mid morning snack. That’s Burj Khalifa the tallest
building in the world. We go back to
the hotel for lunch. They always have
an amazing selection of food. Wow, the cake. So this is basically what we do every morning
on our summer vacation and the video is not over yet because a few days ago we met up with are very
sweet YouTube friend. Kimyokitten and she gave us
these giant bags of presents. So now we’re going to open them on now we’re going
to open them on camera. So we are going to see
what we got from her.>>We can’t believe
how many presents she got us.>>And look at the size
of this ginormous bags. Okay, let’s open this one first. It says for two BFFs. Shopkins.>>Yay.>>And also BFF bracelets
and scented erasers. Wow, these are so cool. These are so cute too
four mini memo pads. And then also wow, look
at this giant Shopkin thing. Let’s see what it is
best friends forever. I heart Shopkins,
so it’s kind of like, I guess like a sticker book? Whoa, this is so cool. I never seen this before.>>And I got this. Oh my God, it’s so cute.>>Those are so cute. It’s a cake.>>I got cake cakes. Thank you so much.>>I got
this light thing that’s super cool. I got this.>>I got. Yay! I got a new little
stacky Beanie Boo.>>I got this welcome Dubai and it’s a camel so cute.>>Thank you. Thank you.>>It’s a pencil. And there’s picture frame>>I got this.>>and from the same camel.>>I got this little cute kitty. Oh, I love this.>>I got cupcakes erasers.>>Hey, you’re going to like this thing that I got. I got Hatchimals Collectibles. Yay!>>Yes, me too. Let’s open them
because they’re super cool. Rub rub rub,
mine is turning pink.>>Mine too.>>Squash. Okay, got it got it.>>Squash.>>Aww, so cute. I got a yellow giraffe. I don’t have this one yet.>>I got this pink.>>Oh, she got the pink giraffe and I got the yellow giraffe. That’s so cute I
don’t have this one yet. I got a Beanie Boo
too I got the Unicorn. I have the bigger unicorn one.>>Oh, I got>>Pusheen. Pusheen pen I have
a purple little Pusheen toy. Yay.>>Oh, I got like how she
has this white kitty pen. I have a teal one.>>Oh, I love teal.>>I got a Pusheen pen too. I love Pusheen.>>I got a little camel. Pop. I got a little camel.>>Mine too. It’s so cute. All right. This is my new
favorite pen everybody. Pusheen pen.>>I love Pusheen. I got the glow thing.>>That’s a glow light.>>Yeah, this one is pretty. I got the glow light. And I got a little camel pen. Camel, camel, camel. Wow, we got this huge box
too let’s see what’s inside.>>Okay.>>Whoa, what’s this? Pineapple doughnut. Oh, squishies!>>Emily!>>Oh my dog, look how cool
this pineapple doughnut is. I love this.>>Oh, this is scented. Oh, yay!>>A llama. Llama squishy that’s so cute.
And a sushi.>>I got a little ice cream panda.>>Ice cream panda. I you a got panda ones?>>I got this sushi. Isn’t so cute.>>What is this. Oh, did you see
that little eyes.>>Oh, that’s like a sheep. That’s so cute. Look at this kitty. There’s unicorn squishy.>>Oh my God, I want that. What is this?>>It’s a sushi.>>Aww, that’s so cute. And a corn adorable. We can’t believe that Kimyokitten gave
us all these squishy. She is so sweet. So don’t forget to go
and subscribe to her because she makes awesome videos
and she gives awesome gifts. Okay, more present. Oh, I rip the bag. I’m so sorry. Hello Kitty. Ah, the bag it’s so pretty. Hello kitty! There’s like eggs
and I guess they have um oh it’s like you put
them into the water and then they open and they have like
a erasers in them. I mean they turn into a erasers
that’s so cool. Okay, so this is for mom and dad
so we’re gonna give it to them and there’s a card. So let’s read it. It’s Fluttershy. It says to Emily and Evelyn
in pretty handwriting.>>Kitty!>>Kitty!>>Okay, let’s read it. Welcome to Dubai Emily,
Evelyn, mom and dad. I hope you’re
enjoying your time. I’m so happy that we finally met
your amazing little girls and I wish you only
the best in your future. Now, let’s go
and enjoy the sunshine. It’s time for a giant milkshake. Thank you for being
a wonderful friend. The puppies send their love. PS. I hope you come back again. Thank you so much Kimyokitten. This card is adorable
and the second bag looks like it’s full
of treats from Dubai. And there’s a bag in here. Please enjoy. So I will enjoy. Whoa, what are these magic
pops popping candy. So these are like
pop rocks from Dubai. That’s so cool there’s four
for the whole family. And there’s chocolate eggs. There’s one from trolls.>>And one from um Frozen.>>Frozen. Okay. Kit kat. Mini moments that’s so cool. Assorted chocolate
simply delicious. Wow, these are so cool they’re
like chocolate dates and almond. Smurfs gummy that’s so
cool, right Evelyn?>>It’s smurfs.
>>Oh, these are marshmallows I think.>>Okay.
>>That’s so cool. We love marshmallows. We’re gummy and
marshmallow people. Speaking of gummies
there’s more gummy bears.>>It’s a tropical.
>>Yeah, this is tropical fruits. Oh, they have peach. Those are licorice. It says pick n mix pencils. They’re like licorice
and I love licorice. It’s super yummy. We have more of the dark chocolate
um chocolate date and almond. Whoa, look at this giant camel
chocolate.>>Aww, that’s so cute.>>I’m a camel. Kinder Joy! Yum! We love Kinder Joy these are
the Dora the Explorer ones. We can’t believe how many gifts
Kimyokitten gave us. We’re gonna love
eating the treats and playing with the toys. So thank you so
much to Kimyokitten. And don’t forget
to subscribe to her channel because she is super awesome. And we hope you enjoyed
our morning routine. So thanks for watching.>>See you next time.>>Please subscribe and>>bye.>>Now, we’re gonna
have a Kinder Joy.>>Thanks for watching
this video. We hope you liked it>>Don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel. It’s free>>Click on one of the pictures
to see more fun videos.>>Remember to like and share.

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