Vacation Rental Potential Episode 1 | Above and beyond
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Vacation Rental Potential Episode 1 | Above and beyond

A beach vacation is at the top of most people’s wishlist. But there’s nothing worse than hiking all
the way to the beach, setting up the perfect spot only to discover you’ve forgotten
something. Help your guests never forget a thing, by going above and beyond with a thoughtful beach bag they can take and go. I start with affordable canvas beach bag I
bought at a local discount store. Make sure it has long handles so it can easily be carried over a shoulder. The first thing I add to the bag is a brightly
colored beach towel. Try to get a discount by buying them in bulk. Next, add two bottles of water or sport drinks. A day at the beach will be cut short without
water. I like to add a few small toys like an inflatable
beach ball, a frisbee, and some sand toys I found at a local dollar store. They don’t need to be expensive. While the kids are playing, add a couple of
magazines for the adults to flick through. Don’t forget a few snacks. I include a couple of small bags of chips
and some healthy options like nuts and dried fruit. Stay away from chocolate and candy that will melt in the heat, causing a mess in the bottom of your bag. It’s important to add sunscreen, a necessity for a day at the beach. I like to add some zinc block as well. And finally, I include an empty jar with
a lid. Perfect for collecting and displaying the
shells your guests might collect on the beach. Add a personalized label with the destination and the date of their vacation. Once your bag is filled, hang it on a hook
inside the door with a card inviting your guests to take it with them. Be sure to include a small map with directions to the nearest beach. Your guests will appreciate how easy you’ve made their beach trip and will hopefully thank you with a five star review.

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