Vacation Rental Potential Episode 1 | Vacations by design

An outdated border can be tricky to take
down. One way to work around it is to simply tape and paint a border right over it. Sometimes the biggest eyesores make the best statement pieces. A fresh coat of paint, some new hardware and vinyl paper… make a dramatic transformation. To keep a non-functioning fireplace as the star of the room, add a grouping of candles. It creates a dramatic effect and makes the room warm and inviting for guests. A quick and easy kitchen update is to simply swap out old hardware for new hardware. A quick and inexpensive way to
make a great outdoor space is to do a painted outdoor rug. A final wallpaper headboard is an easy
and effective update to any room. Vinyl wallpaper is not only cheap, but it is
easy to apply. All you need are a few simple tools to make it happen. Not only will it make a huge improvement in the room, but it can make a dramatic improvement in your listing photos.

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