Vacation Rental Potential Episode 10 | Above and beyond
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Vacation Rental Potential Episode 10 | Above and beyond

Anyone with a pet knows our furry
companions are part of the family. So consider making your rental property pet friendly, by going above and beyond with this pet friendly welcome kit, both your two-legged and four-legged guests will feel right at home. I’m starting with this comfy pet bed I found at a discount store. With a bed at their disposal, pets
are less likely to sleep on the furniture. Some pet beds come with washable covers, or you can cover the bed with a small blanket that can be washed. Next, place a bottle of spray cleaner and pet stain remover in the bed. Accidents happen, so it’s important that your guests have what they need to make cleanup stress-free. Include a lint brush to clean pet fur off furniture and clothes. I’m adding two bowls for food and water so guests don’t have to use dishes out of the kitchen. Don’t forget to add a roll of doggie clean-up bags and leave a note encouraging your guests to clean up any messes their pet might
leave outside. I’m also including a card that clearly states rules for four-legged guests. Rules are important to avoid damage to your property and conflicts with neighbors. I also like to include a map with locations of local parks, dog beaches, leash free areas and an emergency vet clinic. Finally, place a little gift bag full of pet treats in the bed. I’m including a bag of dog biscuits, meat flavored treats and a rawhide chew toy to encourage your furry guests to chew on the toy and not your furniture. With this pet friendly welcome
kit, your guests and their pets can enjoy a worry-free vacation together.

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