Vacation Rental Potential Episode 2 | 5 to Know
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Vacation Rental Potential Episode 2 | 5 to Know

Great listing photos don’t just happen –
they take planning, patience and a bit of elbow grease. Here are a few quick tips on how to stage your photos so that travellers will click and book. When planning your photos, consider the experience that you want guests to have as they click through your listing. There needs to be flow as if guests are on a walking tour through the home. To help with this flow, I suggest picking an accent colour and adding pops of it throughout the home. This lets guests know that they’re looking at a unified design. When we walk through our homes, our brains are great at filtering out things like cluttered coffee tables. However, the camera isn’t as forgiving. I suggest that you start by setting up a camera with the framing you want, and then start staging. Start with a blank slate and add items until the shot is exactly what you’re looking for. The goal of these photos is for potential renters to dream of the experiences they would have in your home. To help them along, try creating little scenes, such as glasses of wine beside a roaring fire or a hot cup of coffee next to a luxurious bed – simple scenes that look like someone has just stepped away, will help guests imagine themselves in your home. Bear in mind the focus of the photo you’re taking. A moving ceiling fan, a flickering TV or a wandering pet are all things you don’t always notice when
you’re setting up the shot, but create unwanted visual distractions in your
final frames. Don’t leave anything to the imagination –
pull hidden extras out of cupboards and take fabulous accent shots. You never know when the extra amenities you provide will connect with future guests.


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