Vacation Rental Potential Episode 3 | Vacations by design
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Vacation Rental Potential Episode 3 | Vacations by design

The entry is the first impression your home makes. Keep the layout open by having large enough rugs that all guests can enter comfortably . Having storage with bins to tuck hats and mitts into is also important, and I like having a bench where guests can get ready comfortably. Large sectionals are a great addition to any rental property. Not only do they ensure everyone has a place to sit, but they offer an extra place to sleep for
additional guests. A bold wall mural adds instant drama to any space. This peel-and-stick alternative to wallpaper is inexpensive and easy to install, allowing you to transform the feel of your room instantly. The best way to keep a great group dynamic is to give your guests spaces they can break off to
relax and recharge. I like to create little areas around the house where guests can curl up with a good book, look out the window or enjoy a board game. Maximize every space on your property. An unused corner could become a cozy hideaway.

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