Vacation Simulator – Destination Reveal | PS VR
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Vacation Simulator – Destination Reveal | PS VR

Hey human, want to escape the
monotony of infinite overtime? Sounds like you’re ready for: Vacation. Our carefully crafted, very
untypical vacation destinations are the ultimate human leisure
experience. Come on, let’s start relaxing. Sand castles, sports, seashells. Wondrous Vacation Beach
has it all. Snap some shots of your
evolutionary ancestors and cool that overclogged
neural processor. Dry off and spend those
seashells by the seashore! Marvel at the rustic grandeur in
unforgettable Vacation Forest. Become ones and zeroes
with simulated nature as you get back
to your digital roots. Missing that spark
in your surge protector? There’s plenty of fish
in our stream. Scale your way up
Vacation Mountain for a transformative
winter experience. Rotating office temperature
killing your thermal sensors? Let it go and enjoy all this
winter wonderland has to offer. Don’t hold yourself back
anymore! [CRUNCHING] You’ll enjoy all of these
beautiful destinations while lodging in style at our
six-star vacation island resort. Plug in and soak up
all the virtual splendor. We can’t wait for you to visit. Vacation Island:
it sure is a place. No worries, human,
this is an all-inclusive resort. That means we include these
purchases in your final bill. [BUBBLING]


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