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All right before we start this episode we just want to say that we’ve aired the first five episodes of our unreleased travel series We filmed in the Carribean last year, and you can watch the remaining 25 episodes on our Instagram stories from Monday to Friday Yes our Instagram story There is a recap of the first five episodes up right now on Instagram because the first five are gone forever and the sixth episode is coming out tomorrow so if you haven’t already go follow yes theory but Instagram has tuned into the rest of this very special travel series that were very Excited to be sharing with you. For now, enjoy episode 3 of our travel series in Egypt Shall we explain to- Thomas’s… uh… (Laughing) Thomas’s dreams are coming true! What? We are going to head to the airport at 3 A.M. We’re gonna go to the red sea I’ve never been through the red sea yet It’s apparently considered one of the best diving spots in the world We actually got invited there by this resort called Sahl Hasheesh So they’re flying out along with Some dope dudes! YEAH! Yeah. I gave him the brownie (Laughing) It’s a regular brownie. Okay I found this in Perry’s bag (Laughing) The **** Dude? That’s kinda weird, dude. Put that ****in’ thing down Why do you have that? Don’t worry about it… Hey, get that outta here (Laughing) So my friends Kareem and Yasser Show Thomas a bunch of Egyptian Influencers because they had seen the “Thomas Meeting His Instagram Crush” episode So Thomas, like, found one of them really, really cute- (Camera Click) (Camera Click) (Camera Click) (DING!) He doesn’t know is that she’s gonna come with us tomorrow to the Red Sea to the reserve that we’re going to and Thomas has no idea First one to crash Nighty Night Cutie! Are you guys not gonna sleep? No. What? We’re getting up at 2:30 A.M. … In less than two hours. Yeah, that’s two hours of sleep. That’s great! All right, enjoy. It’s gonna be a busy day for you tomorrow Why? (Whispering) Do you remember how we had those two- Alright, so That Egyptian- Oh my God. What are you guys doing here? Go! before someone else comes in. Is that a slow mo? Yep. We have a ticket for Carl. Do we have a Carl on the Team? Bye Carl! You get three first names in Sweden. Your last one is the one That you actually use It’s 3:08 A.M. T-Boogie’s feeling wide awake! Yeah, which is- Which- The human body is really interesting how you can sleep eight hours and be tired, and I guess that’s one hour and I’m not tired Woah Dude, wait a second. We should give like a speech on this Around the world and you should talk about your experience of waking up at 3 A.M. And feeling more wide awake, then you would when you wake up and like, 9 A.M. Okay the girls are here T-Boogie What girls? What!? Why did no one tell me until now? I’m not even wearing a good shirt. Don’t know I can talk about only guys, alright? Hi, I’m Thomas. We’re all laughin’ here (Laughing) **** you! (Introducing) (Inaudible) She’s actually a famous Actress from Egypt That’s what Thomas doesn’t know. (Inaudible) We’re cutting it so close right now. It’s 4:20 and the flight is that 4:45 and it’s not even boarding. The flight leaves in 25 minutes So they allow water. Fun Fact I’m so sweaty. I need to change this, like So yes, I’ve like organized half this trip yeah, missed a flight, I forgot their suitcase We have the bag that he has that has all this money So if he doesn’t show up in like a couple of hours I’m buying clothes I’m buying you guys stuff. Drinks on me! I’m eating fiber gums. It’s good for you. That’s all you have to say. Yeah. Also. It’s really beautiful here Yeah Baby! Get it, get it, get it, get it! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Ohhhhhhhh! Yeah Boi! Ha Ha! The First sign at an airport Yeah, this is the first time it has ever happened I feel SO COOL! Wow. Is this orange juice? It’s natural. Cheers! Best orange juice I’ve ever had, dude. The city of Salish actually hooked us up with this place They heard that we’re coming through our friends Kareem and Yasser, and they just flew us out here. Got us this place, and we’re gonna be experiencing what the Red Sea is like for the next two days. It’s a freaking palace! The water’s right there! We’ve never been hooked up this way, so we’re very thankful it’s gonna be the next best like three days Ever. Woo! Perry, this is our honeymoon suite! Ooo! Just look at that! Macaroons!


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