Vacations: Expectations Vs Reality
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Vacations: Expectations Vs Reality

– Oh my God, babe, this
place is beautiful! – It smells so good. – Look at this bed it’s so comfy. – What? – I love it here. – Oh my God. – Wow, this is a lot
smaller than the pictures. – This place smells disgusting. – Oh my God, babe, this bed is rock hard. – Is this TV even real? Wow, it’s fake. – Oo it’s a dirty sock! There’s a dirty sock in the room! (scary music) Toothbrushes.
– Got it. – Toothpaste.
– Packed it. – Socks.
– Done. – Underwear. – I forgot the underwear. – Go get the underwear.
– I’ll be back. – Hey make sure they’re clean? – Okay! – Okay, and we’re ready to go. Uh, babe, did you pack the sunscreen? – I thought you were
gonna pack the sunscreen. – Did you pack the underwear? – No, because you told me
you were gonna pack it. – I told you to pack everything. – Why would I pack everything
if it’s our suitcase, Jaz? – Because it was your job. – Why would it be my job? That makes no sense. (happy music) (ominous music) (thundering) (lightning crashes) – Huh, babe, this hotel
is frickin’ amazing, food and booze on the
house, you can get massages for free, there’s a arcade,
and there’s a movie theater on the top floor, any movie
you want, all day long. Okay, water. (scary music) – Babe, we’re all about to
go snorkeling, are you down? – No way, I am chillin’
here, I’m relaxin’, I’m good. – All right, have fun. (sighing) – Peace and quiet. Finally, some peace and quiet. (traffic honking) You have got to be kidding me right now! Come on! Seriously? Why do you have to honk
your horn right now? Can you just be quiet? Oh, oh great. Oh great,
yeah, go honk, go honk. (groaning) Okay, it’s fine, it’s fine. La la la la la, I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you, I’m drowning you out! Peace and quiet!
(traffic honking) Hi, can I order two veggie burgers, two french fries, two Caesar salads, – Spaghetti and flat bread. – spaghetti and flat bread. And what do you have for dessert? Okay, I’ll take two
cupcakes, and two apple pies. All right, thank you. They said they’ll be here in five minutes. – Aaaay! (laughing) – I forgot to order drinks. – Call them right now, all them right now! – Hi can I order two glasses of water? 40 minutes, for water? Okay, whatever. $20, are you serious? (happy music) (silence with occasional thwoks) (happy music) (ominous music) Okay, so I’m thinking Universal
Studios, Disney World, and then we have to go
on the hot air balloon. – Duh, and then we can
go to the Hard Rock Cafe, chill out for a bit, and
then to top it all off, – [Harjit & Jaz] Harry Potter World! (laughing) – I’m so excited. Two, three, four, $74. – And 67 cents. – Okay, um, that could pay
for our Uber to Disney World. – And we can pray that Mickey
Mouse goes on a smoke break and get a picture with him. – Yeah, maybe we can get a
picture with his son, too. – And then we’ll have $6 left. – Actually, you spent that $6 when you opened that water bottle earlier. – Okay, water. Oh, true. – It’s cool, we just won’t eat. – I’m not even hungry, so it’s fine. – Yeah, just,
– Right? (beeps) – What’s up, homeys?
– Wassup? – Thank you guys so much
for watching today’s video. – Hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you did make sure
you subscribe, okay? – Hit that subscribe button, and make sure you follow us on Instagram. Harj’s Instagram is right here. Mine is right here. – And that’s pretty much all
we have to say, right Jaz? – Yep, we’ll see you guys the next time. – [Harjit & Jaz] Peace. (“I Wanna Know” by Sickick)


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