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Nobody can ignore this current called vanlife which consists to value travel and life in van a fashion effect? is there a difference between traveling by van and traveling by motorhome? on our side we wanted to see what brings us together rather than what separates us last week we walked the aisles of the VDL show in Paris to give you as much information as possible about market trends and we went directly to meet brands but before continuing this process and introduce you to other interesting brands of recreational vehicles we will share with you our vanlife in motorhome! do not forget to subscribe click on the bell to miss nothing benefit of small benefits in preview and stay well until the end of this video you’re going to see it always keep the best for the end As you know now we are working and camping trips it is very useful in our business which requires us to be very mobile but you have to accept a life a bit off-beat, you have to arrive often the day before a shoot, at night, before the show vdl de paris we had a service video realized in Lille then in Brussels that falls well we love Brussels We discovered that vanlife can cover many aspects you know the “food trucks” and well in Belgium we also have the “drinks trucks” a mobile bar that offers delicious caipirinha and suddenly we feel free, alive and happy we also found this excellent Asian restaurant that we can recommend you here we are on a small family address family is a little the address that everyone exchange there is a room upstairs, it’s called “At the good bowl” is street Devos and really close to the Grand Place and a bit of no place Sainte Catherine it’s a place where they make the noodles themselves we see the mother who prepares the noodles it happens in big bowls like that here it’s a mix that we took with all kinds of meat there is duck, pork and shrimp, frankly it’s cooked in a broth it’s full of flavors it’s really a good address and this delicious! tonight Angela gives a free concert on the big square thousands of young people are on the streets the atmosphere is happy and pleasant a special atmosphere reigns over the city ok we could not access the main square but we still enjoyed this concert concert broadcast on giant screen place de Brouckère and it was very nice the next day we are caught for a day shooting at the Autoworld, The Autoworld is the museum of the automobile and we are also ready for a few hours of work in our motorhome So is not vanlife a philosophy of life? rather than a type of vehicle? the president of the recreational vehicle syndicate was asked about this to gather his analysis The van is a product that has made considerable progress in recent years and that is quite positive for our industry since it brings us both new customers young couples who do not yet have significant of the presence of children of housewives and then the very old ones who once abandoned the camper because it was too big, too difficult to park possibly susceptible to sidewind on the road and who ultimately found a very interesting solution comfortable for a couple and that gives them benefits they did not find in the campervan Now that we have a global vision of the progression of the van market let’s see together the builders So its history is a company that was created more than 40 years ago exclusively on a van so today we work on different bases whether it’s Fiat or Ford also Renault, we talk about small models of 4 meters 99 on two meters high up to much larger vehicle May 6 36 up to 2 m 90 in bed like that, so we had 4 beds up to 6 beds gray card of 4 people up to 5 we now have a production tool of course which has been significantly enlarged compared to the creation today we could up to 3000 vehicles a year our product corresponds to different types of customers as well so the first-time buyer young people with roof lift products up to classic motorhomes who today for parking issues for questions of two places and manipulations prefer to go on vehicles a little smaller and that corresponds to the van, and we came out new this year so a Ford 4 x4 called Fourthy van-based van transit and who is exposed right at the entrance of the stand as the novelty of this show 2020 actually that will match both the real adventurer but that also corresponds to people who want for example to fishing around of a pond for example and be sure of being able to get by, to make the track without necessarily going to the 4×4 to go to the snow without any worries and be safe on all wet or icy roads etc … So there we end up with a product that corresponds to an offer It will meet a maximum of customers So here you are at Hobby camping-car yes we have two main axes today so we have a van first, which is progressing on the French market which continues its progression since a few years with a special series from elsewhere which is called “French Edition” which is aptly named and especially a very interesting novelty that we are the only ones to do in Europe that is inserted between van just small compact model and the big camper van motorhomes so we have behind me so you have a what is called a van profile, so a vehicle that is interesting because it is compact externally but internally you will find comfort of a motorhome so it’s ideal for people who come from the van and who want, they’re looking for something a little bigger more comfort with big fridge and all that conversely people who want to go down a little in range leave the member of the integral or the profile, without going that on something of really very compact inside which is so a van and well they go recognize yourself in the profile van “optima on tour” series “special edition” that we launch for the show. The DNA of the brand it’s its tuning isolation especially its manufacturing quality are the insulation what for 50 years hobby is located all the north of Germany 60 km from Denmark often temperatures drop to -20 ° for example so hobby products have always been caravans at campers are particularly well insulated it’s pretty funny this new trend is emerging that is both between the camper van and the van in fact it is or big van or a small camper compact we do not know well, but it’s interesting for several reasons firstly because people who will want to get closer to the motorhome and find an intermediary but who are still a bit afraid to go ben are going to be able to have this kind of vehicle, one can settle there at four there is what you need to cook, there is a big shower of nothing for a vehicle of this size, with the toilet and with the bathroom and then in the back we will find all the comfort with a real big bed very interesting amenities and interesting concept! So the dna of this brand actually makes it for a slightly younger audience in our production plant and more particularly to fighter profiles in fact we have a product called the R 560 4×4 and this is intended particularly to ride in all the paths and make the track it’s a brand that has three years of existence this is its third year so Randger was born firstly for a willingness to go internationally on a development side Europe and then for a creation a complement of range of the Font Vendôme brand I already have a pretty adventurer profile so it’s true that I recognize myself in this brand and in his desires we are on profiles of people who have a want freedom, a desire for independence and to go everywhere, discreetly with perfect autonomy and it’s true that for that you had to create vehicles that would allow you to do that. The market trend at Randger she’s particularly on the 4WD side here here, and then after actually on the van part with the liftable roofs it’s true that on the interior configuration and on the choices we have developed a new shower cabin this year a new concept called the concept TB here and that allows to have a shower in which one you have room and in which you can both have your things to change you in the shower take a shower and come out – you mean we can go kitesurfing and change the suit? – exactly! – Can we see that? – go with pleasure! Look at Randger what we found as a little tips that will make your life easier we know life in a van or in a van is something that can be sometimes a bit complicated because you’re always cramped but look what’s going on we’re able to remove the table that’s inside to come to position it outside to be able to take the time to have lunch quietly in the open when the weather is nice you’ll see there are more tips I’ll show you a little trick in the shower which is a novelty I remember that we are here in a van not in a campsite because we have a shower enclosure that is 70 cm that we will be able to close in which we can go back to change and once we have folded the sink the toilet we have all the available space we can put his things dry here his towel his things to change and look at it closes the door there and we are quiet to be able to shower without getting wet, is not it comfortable? We’re still a van I’ll call you back look at one is on a 150L fridge we have two small plates as we usually find in vans and we have big drawers that will allow a lot of storage it makes you want to leave in a relationship? So RIMOR could categorize Rimor under a mark price call first time buyers, for 2020 we have adopted a new carrier who is the Ford carrier, by its price which is interesting, its engine, its automatic transmission we still arrive a vehicle at reasonable prices on 170 horses so this is what allows to have a stronger motorization less consumption, at the implementation level we have roughly all locations we have a lot of vehicles for the family we are at Rimor and we will talk about a vehicle that is quite original original since it is intended for families with more than two children this originality it comes from the fact that on this vehicle you have in the back two bunk beds on each side of the vehicle and a shower stall the back with the toilet suddenly we recover a lot of space there is a very large wardrobe here a large fridge of 160 liters the kitchen area and a square that and which is a big square with a table that will unfold and be able to move in all directions. It is a vehicle that is very bright with nice volumes and in a price range that we would not even imagine I think this one is approximately one around 46000 euros We are positioned rather on entry-level access for customers who want to arrive in the camping car there is a lot of news at CI this year there are new locations, new woods, new colors we tend to have slightly shorter vehicles a little more compact we are on profiles and on the 6 m and we also have family vehicles in 6-seater profile gray card 6 sleeps and full 6 seater gray card 6 sleeps so the novelties are there, as well as on the standard car box on some models in central beds, we have an offer of vans which is interesting enough different models different plans and then interiors that are very trendy enough modern and 2 possibilities of finishes in the vans. We are a brand that is part of the Trigano group which is made in Italy so there is always that little Italian touch a lot of clarity, a lot of brightness we say in French, many leds etc, and aesthetics that are very popular! Bavaria is really a family and when I say I really like this brand beyond that I love the Bavaria family that’s a little aside, so what is the trend then? good ben the central bed everyone knows him but we will try to go somewhere else a little bit without a bed in the back they came out including a 7 m in profiles bed pavilion, large rear dressing, so that you leave a beautiful living room a beautiful dressing room in the back and the license the bed pavilion that goes down to the bottom so it’s pretty good but it is an implantation that already existed at chez chausson, Challenger, Burstner but here, this model there the T 696 D in style it is pretty well done he is better than others? Ha is your heart mark (laugh)! It is pretty well done! Fleurette also does it but it is pretty well done here on a profile and then in full they also released the 7 m 20 with a double partition so, independent bathroom in 7 m 20 a central bed, beds pavilions it’s pretty sturdy it was the first to do a double partition on a 7 m 20 so in profiles there they declined in integral ok the tendency of Vans and Vans you are sensitive? how are things at your place ? by force of circumstances ! by the force of things so last year in fact the vans they were really on a stand apart on the Bourget so we did not show them at all and considering the increase and craze that there is on the vans of course they put the vans on our stand this year so we present them we sell them they are also very well made they are very well done with large showers, a very large shower -yes but er! – I sell them every day so I say what I want! – what’s important to you? – big and wide, which is important for him! so yeah the vans yeah it really has the wind we see it people really go on vans more and more so we sell and we will sell more and more yes! particularity of Bavaria on the vans they came out of the roofs so the roofs the tent type roofs and you can really go to 4 after you have the system of classic bunk beds or two plus two but in bunk beds if you really want an independent space in your room independent in your room at the top and the independent space in your room behind you have the roof lift option, so that too is pretty big at Bavaria! First thing I think we’re looking for the effect uh … when you get home in a Bavaria is the effect wow! really very clearly and that makes it it’s been a few years that it persists on it and you enter a Bavaria the customers we see it huh! it’s wow! already one! out of pretty aesthetic appearance and all that you have the technical aspect where there too are very very sturdy with their new double floor system on the profile and on the integral without chassis Alco have a real double floor the entire length of the vehicle, it’s the only way to do it with the Pilote group 13 cm of real floor is technically strong they are strong – on a Fiat chassis! – on a Fiat chassis without having an alco chassis so it’s rather balèze, so we really have weapons on Bavaria! aesthetically technically the tariff frankly it is really placed that’s why I’m lucky to be on this brand in fact in the end! there are many arguments, already a lot of arguments We are at the motorhome builder in Germany, our production is in western Germany and we are builder of high quality motorhome, premium and we have a great range of products which starts with the integrals, the profiles and also nasturtiums, also this year we have a product right behind me who is new this salon is a light compact vehicle with a lounge, a new salon at the back of the camper, it was a fashion a few years ago but it’s back now yes it’s a panoramic view everywhere the windows at the back and also this seating arrangement is very comfortable you can try together with friends around the table it’s comfortable and it’s cozy inside we have a great range of vans also in our society in our range of products we have vans under the brand Karman Mobil the tradition at Eura Mobile was always the body of high quality we are the builder who invented more than twelve years ago a fully glued body we do not use screws to assemble our bodywork it was a technology planes that we applied in the motorhome Apart from that Eura Mobile is a manufacturer with a long tradition of furniture manufacturing We have carpentry in our factory where we produce our own furniture ourselves a lot of the furniture and the quality of the furniture is something of great tradition, in addition the last ten years we invested a lot in design the exterior design is also inside we have created a modern “modern chic” because today’s customer decision is much more emotional than it was years ago – it is quite surprising as implantation we are on a vehicle of 6 m 60 that is to say that we are widely below 7 m and we have this square we believe in the square of a boat and with really a very airy side on the right side since one to the kitchen that leaves who scrolls behind and all the party that touches the bathroom toilets etc … which is on the left side so it gives something really very airy very very nice more with the light wood visibly beautiful qualities of beautifully made the seats also we sit in there we have the feeling of being at home! Finally we could not help but visit Concorde the German leader of luxury motorhomes There are some points that are very specific at Concorde Concorde is a German manufacturer who only makes heavy-duty motorhomes with a range that splits into two segments you have on one side vehicles that are behind you that are the built on heavyweight chassis so we will have a PTAC for example the liner which is at 12 tons for the centurion and that is at 15 tons is the opposite we have vehicles which are still built in heavy weight but which are on VL chassis where we have a GVWR which is limited to 7 tonnes 5 the great particularity if you can follow me there is a Carver that is really equipped for two people so we have 2 people on the map with all the space that is dedicated to living areas so we find a bed pavilion that will not take place in the day that can be reassembled electrically and at the back a very large living room with a kitchen open to the living room surely has a vehicle for two people who travel alone in very good conditions who can receive their friends in the evening very pleasant to live! the opposite is the Charisma which is right there who this one is an anniversary model let’s have a model which is more typical family with a nice pavilion at the front and back of the twin beds so four people really the family vehicle on the Charisma also when we increase a little bit the template we have the Charisma who is here who, this one, will be equipped with a garage car really depending on the location chosen it has a big impact on the habitability and dimensions of the vehicle with us in fact each garage corresponds to a vehicle model in a garage Smart you will not be able to put a Fiat 500 because we really use all the space around the vehicle for the room which is at the top which is in central bed to be able to really circulate around the bed This year on the vehicles that are on display here we really feel a lot of comfort when getting inside a vehicle we have a level of finishing very high-end which is very high and it feels just when we pass the door, even at the level of acoustics when you get in the vehicle you really feel like a little cocoon we are really on the place of life the well-being inside the vehicle the big trend there on the Carver as I mentioned earlier with the rear salon and a vehicle that has tremendous success because we want to live there when we see the living room I invite you to visit it if you wish – it’s pretty amazing as a configuration in this vehicle since it is a vehicle of 9 m dedicated to two people that is to say that there is really on an implementation dedicated to people who have no more children who decided to leave or to leave on the adventure to travel in very beautiful conditions with a large lounge in the back we can receive friends we can watch TV is a big screen TV that will retract inside the furniture and then we have this panoramic space that will bring a lot of light in the day really nice place to spend time well there we are in another atmosphere we are really on the big mythical vehicle of Concorde we are on the Centurion and when we get inside you really feel like you’re already somewhere else traveling but to go far, long, when one enters this Centurion you really feel like you’re in a house, you know it’s a vehicle we know that it will be able to roll but the comfort is such, it is so big it’s so spacious that you really feel at home oh that’s a real nice kitchen working space want to start cooking … – I believe that regardless of the vehicle Alain wants to cook and that’s good the VDL show was a marathon to collect all his interviews so of course we could not be exhaustive there are more than 80 brands of motorhomes on the market but we hope to have given you a nice overview of the 2020 trends we saw the trip in recreational vehicles takes many forms, whether you are traveling in new or used vehicles by motorhome or van, for your holidays or during weekends or to work what brings us together is not above all the spirit of the trip the desire for discovery, exchange, so stay tuned and find us next week in motorhome destination! Have a nice week!


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