Van Camping Crater Lake National Park | Camper Van Life S1:E19
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Van Camping Crater Lake National Park | Camper Van Life S1:E19

This week…join us for Crater Lake camping, our first hail storm in the camper van and breath taking views along the rim drive. [Kait] Boat tours are canceled for the day. [Ranger] Here you go.
[Joe] Thank you. [Ranger] Have a great visit and enjoy your trip. For you…for me… [Kait] Are we going to check out the campground? Yeah We were able to purchase a tent site because we have a little camper van. So all we have to do is drive through the campground and find a blue site. There were only two tents sites left and Marshall was saying that they usually sell out by 11 a.m. It’s 3 p.m., we got lucky. It’s a Monday, we have a site, let’s go find it. [Kait] Pretty good site!
Yeah [Kait] All set?
All set. Do you think Leo wants to sit outside? [Kait] He always wants to sit outside, don’t you bud? This is where we keep the instant pot. Today, we are going to have wheat berry and rice. The wonderful thing about making your own bowl is I don’t like to season in the Instant Pot and then Joe and I can season it however we want. Sometimes, we have the same base and completely different flavor profile. [Joe] Well like this morning, I made my tahini oats and you made..
Peanut butter oats. Okay, thirty minutes. [Joe] Everything is already in there?
[Kait] Yeah, everything is already in there. So all I have to do is cook it. Are you going to go get a shower in? [Joe] I am but the sign said that there was cold water. Well it’s nice and warm out, a cold shower sounds really good. [Joe] Alright, I’m going to go grab my shower then. Enjoy your coin operated shower, let me know how it is. What was it? 75 cents for four minutes? [Kait] Oh, I have quarters.
[Joe] I don’t know if I can get through in four minutes. Well…live a little. [Joe] Why don’t you give me six quarters. [Kait] There you go. [Joe] Perfect. [Joe singing] I’m off to take a shower, what a wonderful shower it will be. Well I guess you can fit big RVs in this park because that guy is pretty big. Look at that thing. [Kait] How was your shower? Good news is that I didn’t pay anything. So you would turn the water on, get a little warm water and then it would go ice cold. Then you shut it off, go back get a little bit of warm water then ice cold. But there was a line of four people. [Kait] In front of you?
[Joe] In front of me. And three shower stalls. So it took a little while for me to get into the shower. [Kait] They didn’t charge though? Well…so the person before me…I don’t know if I just had a faulty shower they pushed the thing in but the quarters never dropped. [Kait] huh
And their water worked. So when I went in, I pushed the thing all the way in and the quarters dropped so I was like, I should try the water. I turned it on and it worked. Putting in extra quarters isn’t going to do me any good. So I got a free shower. [Kait] Free cold shower. Do you feel goo through? I feel so much better and I’m not complaining about the shower. Plus, I got a nice shave. So I feel more like a human being again.
[Kait] Great. [Kait] Well dinner is ready.
I’m starving. [Joe] Let me just put my shower stuff away. Here you go, enjoy! [Kait] I’m loving this random thunderstorm rolling through. It’s pretty nice. That’s the one thing we noticed when we moved from a house into an RV…the last RV, the van is a rainstorm becomes very noisy. [Kait] The van seems to have survived. [Kait] That was a short but intense hail storm. [Joe] Good morning.
Good morning. Well I got us another tent site, we can stay in this exact spot. [Joe] Great. And I checked out the showers this morning, pipping hot water. [Joe] Really?
Yeah. And there’s only one person using the shower.
[Joe] I should have waited till morning. Watch your step. [Joe] Thank you! I’m so happy we got a tent site at Mazama Campground. [Joe] I really enjoy it there. Well and it’s nice that we can spend two nights at Crater Lake National Park. Otherwise we have to drive back down to that free spot we found. So I’m thinking we can do the rim drive today. [Kait] So we’re right here. At the Visitor Center. And we can do the East Rim Drive. I figure we can just pull over into all the overlooks. And if there are any cool trails we want to do, we can check them out. [Joe] Sounds good. [Kait] Pretty waterfall.
Yes but lots of mosquitos. [Kait] Alright, let’s get back to the camper van. We made it to Crater Lake. [Kait] Do you see the Phantom Ship?
Yeah it’s over here. This video isn’t going to do Crater Lake any justice. [Kait] It is absolutely incredible here. Leo’s natural habitat. [Kait] Be careful! [Kait] The storm is coming in. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Over two million gallons of water get seeped through [Joe] An hour.
An hour, and they have no idea where it goes. [Kait] It just disappears! [Kait] Good shake! That was a great day. I really enjoyed going around the rim. I have to say, I’m always in awe when we come to places like this and you see all that natural beauty. Alright, I’m sleepy. It’s been a long day. [Kait] Thank you for driving. That was a really fun way to spend the day. I agree, I really enjoyed it. [Kait] And what’s amazing to me was that the lake was so clear in the morning and then the rainstorm rolled it and it was just dark. Yeah, it completely changed colors. [Kait] Looks like we’ll have rain for probably most of the night. The thunderstorms stopped but we’re still getting some rain. Alright, I’m ready for dinner. It was so beautiful driving out of Crater Lake today. We decided to pull over and have lunch and that is not a bad view. [Joe] Leo what are we having? I’m making sprouted brown rice with shredded coconuts and carrots. I’m going to make it in the Instant Pot. And then we’ll put the Thai Curry mix in. And maybe some avocado?
[Joe] Oh, I like it. Let me see. [Joe] Oh, that looks good, especially with all the coconut. A lot of people have been asking about the Instant Pot. I run it off the inverter. We have 400 amp hours of lithium ion batteries. And 320 watts of solar on the roof. There it goes. I turn the inverter on, plug the Instant Pot in and I’ll cook this for 20 minutes. And we’ll have lunch. We made it to Bend Oregon last night. Found a nice little BLM spot right off the road. Great nights sleep. But we’ve been working really hard. Shooting and editing these videos takes a lot of time and it’s one of the reasons we’re backlogged with content. So we figured we’re going to take the week off, relax, enjoy Bend and have a couple beers because that’s what they’re really know for. And while we’re here, we’re going to check out Earth Cruiser. Alright, I’m ready for my week off. [Kait] Me too!
Let’s enjoy it. [Kait] And I here Bend is supposed to be very dog friendly. That’s right, Leo’s excited. Hope you guys understand and the Earth Cruiser video should be up next week, so look for it. Hey folks, my name is Skipper and I ran into these folks in Ben Oregon at the beginning of the week. I’ve been watching them on YouTube for several months now and I enjoy their videos. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up! If you’d like to look at past videos, click the button above. [Joe] Thank you and great meeting you!
Thank you!


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    I know you have in the past, but can you do another video on some of your dishes and the recipes? I love everything you make, and don't want to wait until the end of this year for your book. 🙂 Thank you!!

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    Oh my what an incredible video-Crater Lake looks awesome!! Another place I must visit! Great editing as always! Are the solar panels OK in a hail storm or do u have to cover them? You guys deserve a week off. Enjoy!

  • Bill Sprague

    I wish we had YouTube smell-a-vision. The aroma of the forest in the rain is heavenly! I traveled there with my parents in about 1958. We stayed in a really old lodge right on the rim. They had to climb over my cot to get into the bathroom. Cater Lake is amazing! Relax and enjoy Bend. Lance will give you a great "yard" on his Earthcruiser, I'm sure. I always enjoy his videos. The Earthcruiser is my dream machine and I'll be looking forward to your take. In the meantime, throw a couple back for me.

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    Could you talk about what a sick day is like in camper van life? During your past two years while traveling would you say you are sick more or less often than when you were working in an office building? I am sick today at home, but this morning has been a great opportunity to catch up on all your great videos. Looking forward to the book.



  • Stephen Stringer

    When you stay at these parks do you dump your cassette at a dump station or just at the toilets?  If toilets, do you get any complaints from other campers?  Are you still liking the cassette vs black tank?

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    Nice, I was there during the fire in early Aug so I missed the perfect views of the lake but it was still incredible in its own way with the smoke.

    Enjoy your vacation time in Bend. If you're headed north take a look at Kah-Nee-Ta near Warm springs Oregon.

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