Van Camping Niagara Falls | Camper Van Life S1:E53
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Van Camping Niagara Falls | Camper Van Life S1:E53

Created at the end of the last ice age,
the Niagara Falls are one of the most iconic waterfalls in the world.
Surrounded by monuments, overlooks and attractions Niagara Falls draws people
in from all around the globe. This is Niagara Falls! our day began in Hamilton Ontario after
a short trip on the highway we decided to get off and take the scenic route
along the way we took a short ride through Niagara on the Lake. so we are
taking the scenic drive down to Niagara Falls this is the Niagara River saw the
scenic overlook thought we’d pull over and check it out
surround the Canadian side everyone says Niagara Falls is more beautiful in the
Canadian side and there’s New York beautiful Drive can’t wait to get to
Niagara Falls back out on the road Brock’s monument is a hundred and fifty
six foot column dedicated to Major General Sir Isaac Brock a Canadian hero
of the war of 1812 don’t quote me on this but I think I
read this is the largest floor or clock in the world or maybe in North America I
love all the tulips interesting it’s certainly beautiful
would you want to ride the Whirlpool car I’d rather do the boat that goes under
the falls a lot of people waiting in line feel how it’s gotten so much colder putting dinner together before we go see
the Niagara Falls it’s not a long day it is there is a lot to see before we
actually got to the Falls the nice thing is for the entrance fee into the parking
lot we can come and go all day so 20 Canadian dollars parking til midnight in
and out privileges it’s not a bad deal plus we get to have dinner what are you
making us I’m gonna make sweet rice hmm I’m gonna open the back door okay okay
let the breeze in ready camping at Niagara Falls well Dave
we’re not allowed to spend a night you found a great parking spot thank you
not a bad place to have dinner is one thing I missed quite a bit while we were
was making my own coffee did make coffee at the year
just wasn’t the same without all my dear Kate actually suggested I bring my stuff
with me but I didn’t want to have to try and
pack all that when we got back I did have a surprise waiting for me there is
a package of my favorite coffee the demitasse Costa Rican that smells so
good Cheers oh that’s good
coffee’s almost as good as the view of the falls that was a great dinner and now we’re
gonna go check out the falls you ready babe Manny let’s do this this is the rainbow we were admiring
from the man it’s pretty impressive I can’t wait to
see it all lit up at nighttime although there is no charge to view the
falls you can pay a fee to walk behind it if that’s not enough take a 20-minute
cruise to the heart of the Falls I have to admit when we first drove up
and I saw the American Falls I was slightly unimpressed but now that we’re
walking by it it is really beautiful it’s very different from the Canadian
Horseshoe Falls but I like the rock at the bottom and how the waterfall hits it
and the mist rising off of it just make sure you don’t jump over apparently it’s
dangerous it’s quite the fall at the Falls but it’s and of course we brought
Leo with us so we got some good pictures of him at the ball did you do the diet beer can look at it it’s taller than I am made in Canada a this is not what I expected
as kitschy this is it’s kind of fun to walk around and you I just take my Mimi off it was getting
hot the ferris wheel sure just be careful because cars have the right away
or so that sign says oh alright let’s go I’ve never heard of Boston pizza before
have you no is that like a mix of Chicago in New York I don’t know some
beans thrown on top boom why would there be beans on the Boston Boston baked
beans Oh interesting everyone’s asked if I’ve gotten Tim
Hortons coffee I have tried it that’s where I my statement ends oh my god thank you for the night late it’s
beautiful all right let’s make some tea
get back out got 90 let’s go see Niagara all lit up are you
excited all right
pack it up miss splattered one of our most recent purchases an air
popper for popcorn there you go my love thank you back to
the US here we go nervous
I really Oh Suzanne Arby’s that was easy
yeah I got through no problems so we had no problems going into Canada and none
coming out and we didn’t have to pay on this way no just it’s for 75 Canadian
when you’re crossing from the u.s. to Canada across the Rainbow Bridge love
them to New York you


  • go86go

    been there a few times on the way to toronto. the most impressive time was during a big freeze in the winter. I hope you'll visit thousand island next

  • Pat LaMonica

    I was doing just fine until you took out the pic of Leo! How could I miss a dog so much that wasn't mine? Guess we all felt like we owned him through you two. So glad he's traveling with you..he'll be with you forever! 🙂

  • Big Daddy & Bubbles - RV Life In The USA

    Awesome video, we plan to go there before leaving PA so thank you so much for showing us what's around and about.. Wishing y'all safe travels as always !

  • dmcbyerly

    I don't know that your closed captioning is helping the hearing impaired on these videos. The automated text is so far off from what you guys are actually saying that it is probably just leaving them scratching their head.

  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    Someone made the comment that the RVers show thing over & over…this is truly an example of how that is NOT true. Yes, I have seen Niagara Falls several times with different RVers, but each one of them (you) have shown something different. This has been a great tour! I have NEVER been shown the Falls lighted at night! I have NEVER been shown NY in the background! I have never been shown the drive to NY! I have never been shown the parking right there by the falls! And above all…I have never seen a pic. of LEO at the falls! The best of all. Thank you WTR that was a very good video!!!! xxxoooo Judie

  • Cure Meister

    While Tim's may be the volume leader in coffee sales both in Canada and western New York, they are by far one of the worst coffees you can buy, very acidic. Try McDonald's while your're in the Buffalo area, they are superior. I can tell you and Kait are not from around here, only tourists from out of town wear their jackets in this weather. This is short and tee shirt weather, yes, even I the evenings. Good luck on your travels. Great to see you guys back in the van.

  • Kyle Higgins

    WOW! I must go there… you hug a moose and Joe sits next to a hippie… LOVE my Air Popper! Happy Travels!

  • Howard Scott

    Never paid b4 to cross into Canada. Must be new way to get Americans money. Love your videos. If ever come to Maryland would like to introduce you to Maryland Crabs We have a motor home and house is for sale. Safe travels

  • DnSAdventures

    Lived in NY for a year and still haven't made it over to Niagara Falls yet haha. On the to-do list. Thanks for sharing guys! – Shane

  • Cindy Van'tVoort

    We have been wondering about crossing the border with our travel trailer. We thought maybe you needed to be careful about what food you take along? We are Canadians, btw. I loved the video even though I have been there many times! 🙂 Great to see how you are honouring Leo.

  • Akos Tozser

    Wish I would have known u guys were in Niagara would have been nice to meet you guys and chat .
    Hope u enjoyed our Canadian side of the falls .
    Cheers Toz

  • manjalara ddd

    hi again.. we forgot to introduce our selves. we are ida and amer from MALAYSIA. we enjoy watching your videos and we also miss leo.. we hope someday you will come to MALAYSIA for a visit.. have a nice day..

  • lbird

    That's a lot of water 🙂 Not many people could say they they had such a great view while eating their dinner.. I was there with my family when I was 10 yrs old. It sure has become commercialized since then.. but like you said, it'd still be fun to walk around.

  • Dee Stephenson

    Thanks for the ride. Its been 20 years since I was there. Lots of changes to the town! If you get a chance to come west Alberta lovely in summer! Cheers

  • Dan Markis

    I live in Ca but am from upstate NY . Cross over to NY and go up to the 1000 islands area on the St Lawrence Seaway. It is beautiful. Also check out the finger lakes which is NY wine country.

  • Sherry Komorek

    I live in Erie pa about 2 hours away from Canada. Iam am also one of your subscribers. A couple of tips for you. The Canadian side is very touristy..The American side is more natural ,two totally different experiences. You should know that Tim Hortons is not your kinda coffee,but here in the north whether in Canada or the states we love ourTim Hortons see the north is hockey country and Tim Horton was a famous hockey player in the sixths who started that business. When your waking up at the crack of dawn to take your child to hockey practice Timmy Hortons saves your butt many of times. In the north we are very serious about ourTim Horton and our hockey. Have good travels.

  • Andrew Bergeron

    Man, I wish I were you guys. You guys are so lucky. Hey you should come to Redding, California sometime. I would like to meet you but I broke my leg

  • Gina Brown

    Just curious….. if Cait keeps shaving her head…..did not notice her hair growing…..
    She looks so much pretier with her hair at regular length.

  • campingboy

    Tim Horton's and Starbucks both under perform if you know your coffee. Looks like you had great weather.
    Safe travels.

  • LisaMarli

    Beautiful. We did 3 nights on the Canadian side in a hotel that overlooked the Horseshoe Falls. They double pane the windows for sound control. When you stand on the outside patio those falls are LOUD. And they don't turn off at night. But the lights do turn off at midnight. The moonlight playing off the falls late at night was lovely.
    We did the overhead tram on the Whirlpool, and the boat that goes up to the falls. And walked along the river.
    US side got 2 nights. The full day we went to the US falls. You can walk right up to the base of the falls and stand on some platforms to get the full effect of the falls. My camera got mildly wet. Luckily a day in some rice dried it out.

  • Leighton Samms

    Jim&Kait, sure glad you had a great, was there last in Nov1999, after shopping at Niagra on the lake (raining) then to lunch at the falls, some restaurant there, 2 bus loads, we could hear the roar of the falls, but it was really socked in 00 viz, needless to say, we did Not go to the other falls, we were based in ROTCHESTER, for a convention.

  • Classics Customs and Hot Rods of Perth

    Nice Video. My sister tried to see the Falls after attending a wedding in the Arctic Circle but it was really packed.

    I have a question about American Lingo. Why do you guys, meaning most Americans say “off of”? Eg: Get off of the chair! We just say get off the chair. Just wondering.

  • Smiling Lacy

    While at Niagara on the lake, on a nice clear day at the beach you can see Toronto. The brock monument is part of American and Canadian history. You can also go to the top of the Brock monument. There is so much to do at Niagara Falls. My daughter loves the butterfly museum and my son loves the Maid of the Mist boat ride.

  • Regena Groen

    Niagara Falls is Beautiful even at Night!!! Never been there Love to go!!! Thanks for the tour!! On my bucket list… How come you didn't ride the boat? I want to!!!

  • Ivan Albright

    You missed some great views and experiences on the US side. . . . Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds. For coffee there is a great small batch roaster “New DayCoffee” just outside of Niagara Falls.

  • CP Walsh

    It's been a while since I've watched an episode so like many other Canadians, I was delighted to see you paying us a visit! Thank you and like the others, I apologise for the Tim's!

  • EDH_Dave_MTB

    Upstate NY is beautiful in the Spring & Summer. If you are going near Rochester checkout Letchworth State Park. It’s the Grand Canyon of the EAST.

  • Cliff P.

    Welcome to my hometown, Niagara Falls NY. I've seen the Falls a 1,000 times if I've seen it once and I always enjoy its beauty.

  • Larry Bisbee

    Where do you buy your Demitasse Coffee Beans? Always looking to try something different & better. I'm sorry for your loss of Leo. He will be missed by all of us that watch your videos.

  • Heather N

    You aren’t too far from here! (Lancaster, Pennsylvania). We would love to meet you if you’re ever in the area!

  • Rocki5pr

    Curious (since I seem to have a few IP videos stacked up) if you ever cook a meal in the Instant Pot while driving to your next destination so everything's ready immediately when you get there (or if it's even possible for you, space-wise, in the Hymer)?

  • Pam Murphy

    Yay! Canadian visit! If you are wine lovers, you must travel back here in the fall to check out the wineries in Niagara-On-the-Lake! One of our wonderful treasures and a beautiful area I must say, having visited during the early fall, one year. I'm so proud of our country! You should check out these east coast provinces in the summer months (PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed! And our west coast is pretty spectacular, too!

  • joanne d

    I'm positive that Leo is with you both every step of the way, but thank you for including his picture at the falls …if you're ever passing through Albany, please let me know! I'd love to meet you guys.. take care 🙂

  • Adi Pete

    – Nervous?
    – Not really!
    Why people get always nervous when they are about to cross a country border? I mean, if you have nothing to hide…😀😀😀

  • Trina Palmer

    Your right joe Timmy hoes( Tim Hortons) used to be so much better until Burger King took over 🙁 I think it tastes like gasoline

  • Oldesouth

    Went there as a kid with girl scouts back when the Canadian Border was open. Great place and need to go visit it again!

  • Keith Wood

    Joe, I've tried Tim Horton's coffee, too. That is where MY statement ends, too. LOL! Kindred coffee snob spirits.

  • nightengale14072

    Now you are in my neck of the woods. I live on the American side of the east branch of the Niagara River. Although the Canadian side is beautiful, I'm a bit patriotic favoring the American side. The NY State Park at the Falls is breathtaking. Love your channel.

  • Jack Andrews

    Tim Hortons coffee used to be good until it was bought out by that american company that owns Burger King. Everthing went downhill after that 🙁

  • Kyle Faulhafer

    Love your comment about Tim Hortons. I know what you wanted to say. I couldn’t agree more. Very polite of you.
    Great videos as usual.

  • Roads of Life

    Did you go behind the floral clock? You can go in and see the mechanics! We went there on our 20th anniversary, to Niagara on the Lake to renew our wedding vows, and got to see fireworks every night at Niagara Falls (it was July 1 and July 4 when we were there!

  • Ellie R from the Bronx

    I'm a New Yorker born and raised…our side of the falls may not be as beautiful as the Canadian side, but its ours and we love it just the same! Now if I could only get to visit it!

  • Lisha Yost

    To everyone who hears it's better on the Canada side, that does not mean you should miss out on all the awesomeness you can explore on the New York side. It is full of nature's beauty! You drove all that way, you might as well see what else you can see there! It can definitely be more than just a one day outing around Niagara Falls, even just on the New York side. I live in Niagara Falls NY currently and I love exploring all along the river, the rapids, the state parks. It is so beautiful!

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