Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26
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Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26

What do you want to do for the winter? Leo! Good boy! He’s ready to go. We
picked him up from my mom’s house and we are ready to head out of Southern
California we had a great time at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood
and the Pomona RV show but now it’s time to get going and I think we’re headed to
Arizona originally we were planning to go to Utah but it’s a little cold up
there and we love Sedona in that area so I think we’ll head that direction
you ready to go I’m ready all right let’s do this
Leo’s ready yeah are you ready yeah you are on the road again on the road again just
can’t wait to get back on that road again
you ready Bub? he’s always ready you bet your healthy
snack I do my roasted sweet potato we’ve been on the road for an hour and a
half two hours two hours well we stopped for gas and now we’re stops a joke you
made coffee yes I have a little bit of my demitasse coffee left that I’ve been
saving for the drive so that’s getting made this afternoon it’s a long drive
out to the…I think it’s 500 miles out to Sedona. 510 from my mom’s house I’m going a
little light on the coffee because I’m trying to stretch it out to two cups
figure if I don’t put as much water in she’ll be just fine I feel like once a
month we have to drive to California so you can get your coffee
hey I’ll try back up the organ I love to coffee there you’re telling me leo we’re not making dinner since we started feeding Leo the same
food we have aside from the fact that we might add chicken and things into his
food anytime we start making something on the stove like boiling water or Kate
brings out the instant pot Leo gets excited because he thinks he’s getting
fed love the turning radius and our clean windshield thank you for cleaning
the windshield you’re welcome and I took care of the solar panels under the birds
had quite the party up there we just passed the exit for Joshua Tree National
Park and we were actually thinking about spending a couple nights there but
it’s almost 6 o’clock and it’s still 87 degrees now so little too toasty for us
that’s why we’re gonna continue going up into Arizona and it’s a lot cooler in
Sedona right now so that’s what we’re headed but earlier in the year while we
were waiting to take delivery of the himer
we took our Jeep out we still had it and did some tent camping and Josh
check out the footage we got there Cheers we’re gonna get a fire started
soon it’s supposed to be in what the 40’s tonight low 40 low 40s
I like that you’re rocking the sandals of course can’t go camping without
sandals I hiked the Smoky Mountains with my sandals it was impressive people were
shocked we’re in the backcountry of Joshua Tree National Park we’re
currently on an 18 mile geology tour having fun I’m having a blast
I love taking the Jeep off-road what do you make it I am making a like a
pseudo chili fire is doing well good morning buddy
how was your first night of camping I’m sore are you sore what are you making now I’m just frying
up some ham and I’m gonna heat up some tortillas got the cast iron over the fire heating
it up I’ve actually never had a successful meal cooked over a camp fire
I think that’s gonna change tonight inquiring minds want to know yes how
many miles this one cup of coffee last year
that depends on traffic since I had this little tumbler the coffee will stay hot
for a couple hours usually I can milk a cup for about an hour
so I would say about a hundred miles or so if I really kind of push it I’m getting hungry how are you doing I saw a billboard back there for
Chipotle and I think it’s coming up so I’m going to get off and go you do like your triple we do I love to
I didn’t even see the billboard I’m hungry my English right on the corner fix the mattress
room Oh you didn’t want to park right up front
yeah I like having a little separation all
right okay there’s a smaller place the cockroach oh can I do two scoops in
the ground just scoops up the ground yeah scoop of each of the beam your
choice of meat today I’m gonna go veggie and but can I get some though yeah she
scoops to the mile one medium on there and I also get a
medium on each side can I get out perfect kinky Leo is very excited it’s all stuck to
the top there we go I know I’ve said we don’t need dairy
it’s really Kate who doesn’t eat dairy I’ll eat it every now and again
especially at Chipotle Cheers it is time to get back on the
road and the great thing about having a campervan we have no problems driving at
night driving a Class A at night was a little sketchy because if you drove down
streets with low-hanging branches or things you might never see them and lose
an air-conditioning unit this thing it’s fine and we can drive all night so let’s
get back on the road and head towards the done’ sounds good see how far we get
all right come on okay you know what I do want for my drive it’s very dark yes
it’s nighttime what do you want drive I’m gonna grab some Ricola I’m addicted
to Ricola nobody knows that but you know now are we ready yes you’re well-fed and you’ve got your
driving snack I do and I’m caffeinated from earlier do we have enough gas to
make it to Arizona you said 130 miles it’s about 140 miles
to quartzite and the gas is significantly cheaper over there I think
we should be fine sign there oh here we go you miss having someone pump your gas I
do it’s kind of nice but I like getting out and standing for a few minutes
gas is 2:38 here it was 375 on the other side of the
California Arizona border think tonight we’re gonna try and push to make it just
outside of Phoenix stay at a truck stop and then in the morning make our way to
Sedona who knows we might end up this is true we do wake up from time to time
we’re like yeah let’s just go in this direction because yesterday we were
talking about going to Utah and then today we said why don’t we go to Sedona
instead ready to get back on the road let’s do it
all right let’s go my favorite nighttime snack recall I’m spot it’s 10 p.m. I’m pretty tired and we
decided that the rest area is going to be a better place for us to spend the
night than a truck stop probably a lot quieter and it was a few
miles closer so I don’t have to be on the road anymore I’m ready to hit the
sack and go to bed Leo’s already passed out and it’s cooled
down quite a bit so I think we’ll sleep all the night and get up early and make
our way to Sedona morning I slept really well last night
you very well it was glad we picked this over the
truck stop last night usually truck stops people are coming and going
this was really Pleasant good morning leo did you sleep well yo he always sings
well but it’s so funny after his bath it’s
like non-stop here he’s so white he needs a great brushing and I brushed him
yesterday so I was thinking we could go to
Flagstaff instead of Sedona sounds good to me we like it up there it looks like
the weather is a little bit warmer the next few days so maybe we can head up
there and then head down to Sedona once it gets cold Leah loves like that does
all right to the van pree coffee coffee pre coffee coffee
so what I do is in the morning I take some water and with my coffee cup from
yesterday there’s still a little bit of coffee at the bottom pour the water in
there swish it around I rinse it and they get a little caffeine jolt before I
make my coffee it’s your coffee water that’s when you
know you truly have a problem I’m the coffee drinker Kate is the tea drinker
babe here is your Jasmine green tea thank you
I’m also the barista you are except I didn’t make enough water for both I did
took care of you first really excited to head back to Flagstaff the last time we
were there was on our way to Los Angeles last year when my mom was having her
cancer surgery mm-hmm and the very first time we went there was when we first got
on the road in the Class A yeah and you got me right in the face with that
snowball that was pretty awesome to Flagstaff looking at the weather and Flagstaff I
just made me think about what do you want to do for the winter I’m open I’ll get this game Arizona for
a couple let me wall and he really have you
morning like stop hex for days it should be good or these are so at night today in the high of 67
33 Wednesday Thursday is a high of low 17
and at low high 30 and we can survive that would we get it
where we get into trouble is overnight if it drops below freezing
tank and all the lines back there are extra
they could freeze on us so we don’t want to have that happen
so I would say let’s spend the next few days and flags now
we come South you know but I think there are enough
there’s enough BLM land and that if we want to spend it extend an amount of
time right now that’ll be
there’s nobody dog friendly never been yeah it’s a pleasure way
so like that every mommy
great grocery stories great beer plenty of free camping and freedoms and playful
we’re good I love just fastest flagstaff city limits and
it is 65 degree now it’s gorgeous here and our fuel gauge just
yeah we’re almost on the empty line we’re almost there founded in 1882 elevation 7,000 I feel like our mpg is
going to be really bad on that tank yeah most of that drive today was
we’ve done 262 miles almost and we did 280 yesterday without even yep yeah I think we were still in a just
below a quarter tank we had to eat this thing does not like mountainous
terrain whatsoever while here’s to helping we make it to
the gas station coming up the hill on the 17 we got just
under 12 miles per pretty bad not as bad as Tahoe no Tahoe is what nine nine and gas is cheaper out here much cheaper
it’s even cheaper in Phoenix it was only I think to 24 gallon yeah all right off
to find some dispersed camping mm-hmm you got to tell me where we’re going
first oh yes Leo we’re in Flagstaff we’re back buddy it’s excited yeah how’s the road not too bad
and is handling it well there are some people camped back in
there we go down that way No Oh up to you looks like there’s a
spot right here 5:06 yeah that looks pretty rented out
though there’s a tech camper over there vintage trailer over there I think this spot looks pretty good okay
let’s check it out I leave it up to you I like the fact
that we get more Sun out here but I’d prefer to be further away from the road
okay do you want me to guide your do you want to go around right uh why don’t you
get out there just make sure I don’t clip any of these branches I love this spot that’s a good spot what
do you think Leo do you love it he likes it
Leo loves the weather the weather it’s so chilly I’m gonna have to grab my
jacket it’s supposed to be pretty cold tonight
you better put some pants on to yourself shorts on thank you it’s very secluded homely Park it
that it is all right dinnertime dinnertime I think I’m gonna have a
glass of wine okay we’re set up wait wait hold on hold on we’re set up now
this is what I love about being in a Class B versus a Class A the Class A
would take us about a half hour to set up put the slides out the carpets down
get our things out flip a chair and we’re ready to go
we don’t even bother putting blocks down anymore no it doesn’t really bother us
as long as so what I did here is there is a downward slope and what I’ve
noticed with this van is it’s it’s a little lower in the front so what I do
is downward slope in front of the van park it this way so we’re not as off
level and if we’re off level side to side I try to get it so that the
driver’s side is a bit higher because our heads are on this side and it’s nice
to be either level or just higher on the drivers side because we sleep better
that way it’s a little weird though if the
drivers side is low and we’re laying backwards we never do that no and we’ve
actually switched we will move our pillows to the other side of the bed so
we have our heads elevated ilio doesn’t care no II don’t know sleep
any direction won’t you buy even upside down well we made it to Flagstaff we
found our dispersed camping spot thank you everyone so much for watching we
will see you next week if you guys enjoyed this video please
give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and click up here to
check out our campervan series from the beginning bye


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