Van Camping Yosemite National Park | Camper Van Life S1:E9

This week, we take our Class B Camper van to Yosemite National Park, meet a couple vandwellers, and enjoy camper van life in Yosemite valley. [Kait] I’m so excited to camp in Yosemite Valley in our Class B Camper Van. [Kait] What was the max length for this campsite? [Joe] 25 feet. So van life is really good for us these days. [Kait] Let’s see, what does that say? Got to break out our America the Beautiful Pass so we can get in. [Kait] Well worth the 80 dollars. [Kait] King’s Canyon was $30 per vehicle and I think Yosemite is $30 per vehicle. [Kait] Leo is excited. [Ranger] Welcome to Yosemite. [Joe] Thank you. [Ranger] Would you like a map and a guide?
[Joe] Please. [Kait] We’re in! Welcome to Yosemite!
[Joe] Thank you! This place is pretty incredible. I feel like you could spend months here and not see the whole place. So what do you think about this Mist Trail thing? [Kait] I would love for both of us to do it together but unfortunately it’s not something we can’t do with Leo. [Kait] I’ll do the first portion of it with you and if you want to go all the way to the top I could always do the hike again myself the next day. Seems like a pretty gnarly hike but I’m up for it. What’s this? Glacier Point? [Kait] Oh, you want to stop? Let’s stop at Glacier Point. So you telling me you want me to hike from the river down there up those falls, up there and then up to the top of the other one? [Kait] To the top of Nevada Falls. [Kait] You can do it, I believe in you. I’m not as confident as I was last night when you first told me about the hike. That’s impressive. [Kait] Can you believe that people climb Half Dome?
Absolutely not. [Kait] Good luck. [Kait] What are the chances he’ll go up there? Let’s see. I can see our campground from here. [Kait] There it is. [Kait] And there’s Half Dome, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls. [Joe] Come on Leo. Besides family, you guys are our first passengers. [Annie] Is it two months, did you say, that you’ve had the camper van? [Kait] We’re going on two months. [Kait] Are you ready…WOW! This is Annie, that’s Pat. They’re from Australia. And we picked them up! They’re hitchhiking with us in the camper van. Our first hitchhikers. And they’re totally awesome! Very cool, very cool. And these are the first people who gave us a lift, we didn’t even have our hands out they just offered one. Those guys look like they need a ride! [Joe] You looked a little rough. Couldn’t have been happier, just the best end to a good day. So we hiked to the panorama trail today in Yosemite It was a sporadic decision, then we got to the top and we had no way down. [Joe] I think the cool thing is you guys are also in a van. We’re headed to Grand Canyon next. We’re going to go to Sequoia National Park, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Rocky Mountain, Arches As many as we can. I’m hopefully going to end the trip in a month and a half in Vancouver. Yeah, first time doing the van life. In your Dodge Van Yes, a small Dodge van, a standard Dodge van. We’ve been pretty impressed with it. It’s amazing what you can buy with $1,500. [Joe] Except when all the gauges go out! Yeah I know, those little problems! It’s been pretty good. It’s been good fun. To the Valley! This is our van. Picked it up in British Columbia which, if you’re doing a short road trip is convenient but expensive. For buying a van, it’s pretty hassle free. Yeah, it does the job. It’s reasonably stealth. I wouldn’t want to be in it for too long, for too many months. It’s good for shorter road trips, I think. It’s got quite a high bed. Quite a high bed frame because we put the bed frame on top of the struts. So lot’s of storage, not much headroom. Good storage space. We’re hopefully going to perfect a folding system so we have a second seat and all of that. But really, it’s done the job, it’s low profile, it can fit in underground parking and things like that if you have to. In Australia, we’re not used to big American cars. So this is big for us! This is a big option. It’s been good and I think we’re going to get some mechanical work done. Iron out some glitches We’ll figure it out as we go. [Kait] Perfect! Safe travels! [Kait] So great to meet you guys. Thank you! [Kait] Whatca doing bud? I’m worn out. That was a long drive coming out of the mountains and then back in. But wow, I am just awestruck with this place. [Kait] Highlight for me was seeing the falls and just Yosemite with you [Kait] But then meeting Annie and Pat. They really made my day. That was awesome. I think we have one of the best campsites because it’s right along the edge, it backs into the woods. It is gorgeous. It is. I’m happy. I’ll take a few more nights. This is more than I ever expected. To wake up and have a view like that. Being able to see the granite cliffs all around us, the trees and just the general feeling of all the people around here. It’s fantastic. I’m still astonished by the fact that I lived, or grew up maybe like 8, 9 hours from here and this is the first time I’ve ever been here. Time to get the day started! You can feel the cold air coming off of that river from all the snow melt. Man it is absolutely beautiful but that is one dangerous river. A lot of you have asked what we do with Leo when we get to places like this that don’t allow dogs. We just take turns. So Joe did the Mirror Lake Trail first, and then I went. We both got to see it. Not together but we both got to see it and we made it as far as we could. [Joe] Don’t go past that point buddy. Everywhere I look, it’s just so beautiful. I feel like every five feet I stop and I have to take in the sights. Yosemite is absolutely incredible. I think it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Next time…I manage to get us an extra night at Upper Pines in Yosemite, we hike Mist Trail and Kait takes a shower. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. And if you haven’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. And if you’re new to the series check out the video playlist..uhhh Edit. If you’re new to the series, check out the video playlist and start from the beginning, it will be awesome. See you on the road!

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