VCAM(브이캠) EP.93_VAV Healing Picnic at Hangang

-Today’s VCAM! VAV Healing Picnic at Hangang-
-今天的VCAM! VAV在汉江的治愈野餐- Ayno – Where are we?
我们在哪儿啊? Ace – Here is Hangang!
这里是汉江! Ace – It’s been a while since we came to Hangang~
I came for VCAM before, and today we are here for picnic! 
很久没来汉江了~ 上次我来这里拍VCAM, 今天来野餐~ Ziu – I always came here with St.Van.
我很常跟St.Van来呢. St.Van – Ya. We are here for swing.
是的. 我们来荡秋千. Ace – We have a special guest today, which is Cash!
今天除了我们, 还有Cash! -VAV first Hangang trip with Cash!-
-第一次带Cash来到汉江的VAV!- Ace – Recently Cash is a celebrity.
最近Cash是个网红哦. Ayno – She have many Instagram followers~
她有很多粉丝~ Ace – And average 300+ comments for each post~
每发一个贴就有平均300个留言哦~ Lou – Today one of us need to in-charge of Cash’s poop.
今天我们之中要有一个人专门负责清理Cash的便便哦. St.Van – How about play a game and decide 3 persons to buy snacks,
and one need to clean Cash’s poop.
不如玩个游戏, 定下3个人去跑腿买零食, 还有一个人专门清理Cash的便便. Jacob – Only if Cash poop?
如果Cash便便的话才需要清理吧? St.Van – Yes
是的 Jacob – Cash, no pooping~~!
Cash, 不能便便哦~~! -VAV is deciding who to buy the food-
-在决定谁去跑腿买零食的VAV- -So Jacob got the punishment?-
-所以是Jacob?- Jacob – No! Lou got it wrong!
不是我! 是Lou错了! St.Van – Is it?! Lou, here you go!!!
也是, Lou是你了!!! -Congratulation, Lou!!-
-恭喜Lou当选!!- -2nd round of game to decide the food buyer!-
-继续选出去跑腿买零食的成员- -Congratulation, Jacob!-
-恭喜Jacob当选!!- Ziu – But I want to go!
我想去呢! -So Jacob, Lou and Ziu will go and grab the snacks!-
-最后由Jacob, Lou和Ziu去跑腿买零食!- -Jacob, Lou and Ziu in convenient store!-
-来到便利商店的Jacob, Lou和Ziu!- Lou – 2 instant noodles!
2个快熟面! Jacob – Can we buy cup noodle?
不可以买杯面吗? Lou – It’s tastier if we cook right away!
现场煮会更好吃啦! Jacob – Then you have to cook it~
那你负责煮吧~ Lou – Few chips? How much is “few”?
几包零食? “几包”是多少啊? Jacob – Few means 20!!
“几包”就是20包!! Lou – How many means “few”?
到底“几包”是要买多少啊? Jacob – 20!! How about two per person, so total 14 chips?
20包!! 不如每个人吃两包, 那么一共买14包就好啦? -Jacob want to buy 14 pack of chips…!!-
-想买14包零食的Jacob…!!- Lou – Jacob, are you sure we can buy that?
Jacob, 你确定真的要买14包吗? Jacob – It’s normal to eat 2 packs per person, so total is 14 packs!
每个人吃两包, 那么一共是14包啊? Lou – Two per person??!! No, I wouldn’t eat that much…
每个人吃两包??!! 哪有, 我才不吃呢… Jacob – Then 12 packs!
那么就12包! Lou – I hope I wouldn’t get a son like you in future…
希望我以后不会有像你这样的儿子… -Other members are taking a rest at the same time-
-同一时间在休息的成员们- -Cash is looking at the pigeon!-
-突然注视着鸽子的Cash!- -So Daddy St.Van bring Cash out for a walk!-
-结果St.Van爸爸带Cash去散步!- St.Van – Cash, run!!!
Cash, 快跑!!! Ayno – Scenery, Wind… I can feel it…
美景, 风… 我都感受到… Ayno -I think I looks stylist today, with sunglasses~ 
你是不是也觉得我今天穿得很帅呢, 还戴了墨镜~ I am a fashionista star!!
我就是个时尚达人!! Ayno – No photo please~
别拍照哦~ -Ayno who pretends to be a Super Star!-
-装作自己是宇宙大明星的Ayno!- Ayno – It did feel better coming out here!
能出来走走, 感觉心情好多了! Ziu – Instant noodle tastes the best at Hangang!
来到汉江就是要吃快熟面! Ziu – We are cooking the noodle now, I bet our members will love this right?
我们在煮拉面中, 哥哥们应该会喜欢吧? Lou – Did you record that?
你有拍到吗? -Ziu who made a mistake!-
-把鸡蛋打在外面的Ziu!- Jacob – Oh you are good~
哦你很会嘛~ Lou – Feel like came here for movie~
好像来看电影似的~ Ziu – Baby~ Are you excited for the movie later?
亲爱的~ 有没有很期待今天的电影? Lou – Yes! But normally couples wouldn’t order two popcorns like us,
we have two noodles…
当然! 但是普通的情侣不会像我们一样吃两个吧… Ziu – Let’s eat!!
开动吧!! Lou – Yes!
当然! Jacob – All our members are lying there!
成员们都在躺着呢! Lou – They looks so relax though…
看起来真悠闲… Ziu – Guys! The foods are here~
各位! 食物来了~ Jacob – Cash, come and eat!
Cash, 来吃零食咯! BaRon – Our food is here!! I will finish all noodles
食物来了!! 拉面都是我的 -VAV’s happy eating time!-
-VAV开心的野餐时间!- Ziu – Let’s eat~!
开动咯~! -VAV is enjoying the food!-
-吃得很开心的VAV!- BaRon – So yummy~
真好吃~ Ziu – Instant noodle and chicken is the best at Hangang~
果然在汉江就是要吃拉面和炸鸡~ Ziu – It always taste more delicious here!
总是特别好吃! Lou – Hangang is the best!
汉江是最棒的! Ace – Enjoyable picnic moment after a long time~ 
It’s a good resting time, after recent busy schedule~
久违的野餐~ 好治愈啊~ Ayno – Ya, feeling good to have a picnic like this…
就是说啊, 能这样野餐感觉真好… Ace – Not only shooting, but I wish to came here more often! 
希望可以多来汉江野餐! 不是拍摄! Jacob – Are we coming here again tomorrow?
我们明天不可以再来吗? St.Van – It’s good to came here with members.
Feel like taking a nap after a good meal~
能跟成员们一起来真好. 吃饱了就想睡一觉呢~ Ziu – Can we take a nap here?
可以睡一觉再走吗? BaRon – Those who have no schedule, take a nap here!
接下来没有行程的成员, 就睡一觉再走吧! Ayno – Peoples always relax and lying at the park, while go for overseas vacation.
Even here is Hangang, but it feels like overseas!
在国外很长看到大家躺在公园休息. 虽然这里是汉江, 但是就有种在国外的感觉! BaRon – We might too familiar with Hangang,
but it’s a beautiful park for foreigner though~
汉江也许对我们来说是很熟悉的一个地方, 但是对外国朋友来说就是个很美的场所呢~ St.Van – We will continue to prepare for new album,
and start overseas tour to see our international VAMPZ.
我们接下来会继续准备新专辑, 再开始巡演去看各国的VAMPZ. St.Van – The next album will release faster than you guys can expect,
so keep your eyes on us!
下一个回归会比你们想象中的快哦, 记得继续关注我们! Ace – We will come back soon!
我们会再回来的! -The end of VAV’s healing picnic at Hangang!-
-VAV在汉江的治愈野餐完美结束!- -Keep your eyes for VCAM next week:)-

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