VLOG 012 – Camping Alone in The Forest, The Health Benefits of Being Outside
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VLOG 012 – Camping Alone in The Forest, The Health Benefits of Being Outside

All right… You gotta admit, even from seeing me sit here in the forest, in nature. It’s pretty relaxing right to just see those images. You know I could recommend more people to just make a regular habit of going once in a month, like for a weekend, just go through the forest camp somewhere and just be surrounded with nature. I am going to eat my…. delicious noodles. Which… should, the water should almost be done. I’m reading a book which is actually a book that I’ve read before. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. I have read this before but I actually bought it for a friend. I still had it in my car and I thought… like well, this is like one of those books that never hurts to read again. The one thing… Let me see if I don’t… This happenend once that I…. you know it was almost finished, my food, this was in Iceland. And than I kicked it over. But the book is about a force that actually creates all of the suffering in someone’s life. Your thoughts. If I would say to you in person, you suck. It is not me who is making you unhappy with that actually I might make you unhappy in that moment when I said that, but it is you who is keeping that alive. It is you who’s keeping those words alive in your head true thoughts, right. And this is just a very simple example but it goes for everything and many people hold on to these thoughts that created pain from a certain event and they just repeated in their head all the time over and over again. And some people hold on to it for a day but others for a week, a month, to years to even a lifetime. And… Out of my own, you know, experience like when I lost my dad. It is… Like that is a traumatic event. Not a pleasant one by far. But, it is me who is actually keeping that event alive, right. And for many years I did. I just repeated that event in my head… You know, losing him which was painful… But I kept that alive through my own thoughts. But alright I’m not gonna keep talking about that I’ll link the book down in the description. With a little brief summary what the book is about. But check it out it is a highly recommended read for anyone I would say. Yeah. But alright. Let’s see, those noodles. It takes a little bit of time actually… Man there is like one dog over there … …who is gonna barck the whole night I think. Yhheahh… It’s good guard dog I guess, but yeah…. This going to sound so ridiculous to some. But… It is mostly when something is unfamiliar or when we don’t look further that’s when something sounds weird. It’s a technique and you can apply this everywhere directly. And it’s being aware of the world being alive. So that world is moving all the time. And the way to do this, it’s sort of meditation practice, you just sit down somewhere and look at just one scene and look at one thing that is moving and just keep your attention on that for a couple of seconds. And then when your eyes catch something else that’s moving follow that, or look at that for a couple of seconds. And then when something else is moving put your attention on that and look at that for some seconds. And what this technique actually teaches you is that the world is alive. It’s moving all the time there’s a million of things going around. A million of things that are alive. And if you are not feeling within you alive… Knowing that the rest of the world is alive can actually help you feel alive as well. Okay Google, tell me how awesome I am. Just let me check my top 10 coolest people list. Yep you’re number one. Looks like you just barely beat Beyonce.


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