VLOG – A Day In My Life: Cute Picnic Date with my Boyfriend (KOR,CHI,ARB,ESP,JPN SUB)
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VLOG – A Day In My Life: Cute Picnic Date with my Boyfriend (KOR,CHI,ARB,ESP,JPN SUB)

Good morning! so Aaron is… Making eggs! Yeah so we’re gonna make some breakfast right now. I’m gonna set my camera here. Good morning friends~ Now I’m gonna make my favorite drink, “einspanner”. croissant sandwich with egg and salami, grapefruit, cereal, Toasts and einspanner. Look at snoopy’s face. Look even better after you drank it Sorry Charlie… All for you So good~ It looks really plain. Is it? I knew it. It’s just chocolate sauce. I am getting so full. Let’s take a little nap. Go right back to sleep. I can use a nap right now. We just woke up. We need to do things today! We can’t just be lazy. (continue eating lol) being relaxing and lazy are very different. ok, let’s go! This is called something… I am doing something. You are not doing anything. you don’t wanna clean up. Don’t worry, I’ll clean up. Just relax I like the idea of painting on wood instead of a canvas. (Danny is humming.) So this art was inspired by today’s breakfast! Yeah I see the grapefruits. They are right here. and… yeah that’s pretty much it. When you see the wood up close, you can see the nature lines in the woods I decided to follow those natural lines and make some kind of abstract thing. But I am not really satisfied with my technical skills. you can see that I can’t paint grey and white smoothly. Anyway… I like it! Thanks! I might put more hours to work after, but now we are just too tired to look at it. Let’s clean it up. So? Let’s get the pizza. Let’s get out dinner (picnic). This is our (picnic) outfits today. You look cute! You too! Thank you bb ^^ Alright, let’s go pick up our pizza. I don’t know why I did that. I guess the shirt makes me feel like a surfer. Ok, let’s go! It’s the pizza for you and me~ so we got this pizza box which has three
layers so we got two pizzas. This is like breadsticks and chicken something. and then under here is the cookie. We are definitely not gonna finish it all. Yes, it’s too much food. You know I realized every time we film we are eating really unhealthy food. lol Cute under the summer sun. Thank you>///_


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