Waka Waka Solar Charger & Flashlight

Tap into the power of the sun
with the ultra portable WAKA WAKA Charger Light. The efficient solar
panel can fully charge WAKA WAKA in 12
hours, and in return charge your smart devices in just two. When it’s not
recharging your phone, turn on the WAKA
WAKA’s LEDs and use it as a powerful light source
for up to 150 hours. With four brightness
levels and an SOS setting, it’s perfect for camping. And over 14 months of standby
time make it an emergency must. This rugged companion is
not only good for the Earth, but your purchase
helps provide light to those in
developing countries. Meaning “shine
bright” in Swahili, WAKA WAKA delivers illumination
to billions that need it. So stop being chained
to an outlet– Sorry I can’t join
ya, I’m down to 2%. These tweets aren’t going
to tweet themselves! –and enjoy the great outdoors
when you prepare with the WAKA WAKA Solar Charger Light. Buy it and shop for
more gifts at Dude, you’re still on the couch? Tap the video for
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