Walking the World’s Most DANGEROUS Bridge in Pakistan
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Walking the World’s Most DANGEROUS Bridge in Pakistan

(upbeat, electronic music) – Okay, my dragons, welcome
to northern Pakistan. You’ve probably joined us
on the adventures so far, but if you have not seen the other vlogs, I recommend you check them out. We are walking downhill to
Hussaini Bridge, which is supposed to be one of the
most epic adventures around. At least, well, I mean, there’s lots of epic adventures around. You can tell, because this mountain
range is the definition of epic. Here it is. Look at this thing. – (Speaking foreign language) – It looks scary, man. – [Mike] It looks super scary. – Big space- – [Mike} It Looks Like It’s
gonna sway back and Forth. – Yeah, no joke. But to be honest, bro, those two locals were
hot stepping across it. Let’s not let them show us up, man. – [Mike] Yeah (laughing) okay. – We’ve gotta do it for Canada. – Guys, guys, guys, guys. There’s more empty space than wood. – He said look, look at this. – This is ridiculous. All right, thank you. Tell
us a bit about the bridge. – Ah, yes, this is the most
famous Indiana Jones bridge, which links the Abdegar
with the Hussaini village. The reason for this bridge here is, the villages keep their
animals on the far side, so their crops may not get
destroyed by those animals. And every morning, each family, some members of the family
have to cross this bridge twice a day to tend their flocks, which they keep on the far side. And for them it’s like piece of cake, but it has become a tourist attraction. Everybody coming to Hunza,
they want to cross this bridge because it’s like testing your nerves. – [Mike] (laughing) And are
you scared of the bridge? – I am scared of the heights. – [Mike] (laughing) I
like to think I’m not, but when you come face-to-face
with something like this, you realize “Hey, actually
I might be a little bit scared of heights. Yeah,
maybe a little bit.” – Hello! Hello! – [Mike] Hello! (laughing) – (speaking foreign language) – Okay, he hit me with the bag.
It’s a little bit of a fall. You saved my life. I really don’t think we should race that. I really don’t think we should race. – (speaking foreign language) – [Mike] Your job is to keep us safe, man. Oh! (quick, intense music) – That looks reliable! – [Mike] (laughing) Just
a rat nest of cables keeping this together. All rusty, though. (both laughing) And this is keeping the bridge (laughing) staying above the water. Okay, see ya. (groaning in fear) – Man, this is risky. – Are you gonna go? – Yeah, I’m gonna go. – Go! – Whoa! (laughing) – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Man, it rocks. It rocks
so much when you walk. It’s incredible how much
space is in between these pieces of wood and also hard it is to vlog while you have to step
exactly on the pieces of wood. Because damn, this is
making my hands shake. – Go on one side (laughing) – I almost- (laughing) holy. This is definitely one
of the craziest things I have done in a long time, and definitely the craziest bridge I have
ever been on in my entire life. We’re getting feel for it right now, guys. I just gotta say, if
you’re afraid of heights, maybe skip this adventure, because my heart is like
a helicopter right now. The water below us is glacier fed, so while we may not be
that high off the ground, maybe 20 feet or so- Oh my god, it rocks so much (laughing). There is a river below us
that is gonna be ice cold. Look at this, this is an old
lady and man, two locals. Crossing the bridge together. Hello! Nice to meet you. Go ahead, you can pass. – Yes. – [Mike] (laughter) Yes. We are at about the
halfway point right now. I’m a little bit impressed
with this bridge, despite looking quite rickety, and it definitely is very rickety, it’s not as rocky as you might think. No, it is definitely rocky. Whoa! (beep) While not as rickety as you might think, or as rocky, it definitely is- (sigh). That was a close one. (upbeat music) – Sometimes on the channel,
we do things that scare us! Just a little bit. Just
a little bit of fear. But hey listen, it’s not
about being fearless, I’m not fearless. It’s
about feeling the fear and walking fearlessly towards it. That’s the whole point of the channel. Don’t think for a second
that my heart isn’t pounding right now walking across this
bridge. It definitely is. But it’s all about getting
comfortable with the feeling. It’s all about changing
your relationship (laughing) with the feeling and not
letting it boss you around. The locals walk a little
bit faster than tourists. (laughing) Just a little bit faster. Myself, I’m kind of, you
know, taking my time. Making sure every inch of my soul touches every inch of this piece of wood, Because one wrong step and I’m
totally done for. (laughing) – Hey. – [Mike] How are you, sir? – Fine. – [Mike] Having fun? – (speaking foreign language) – [Mike] I’m from Canada. – Oh, that’s nice, welcome to Pakistan. – [Mike] Thank you, thank you. – How are you feeling on Hussaini Bridge? – I mean, I’m feeling okay.
It’s a little bit rocky. But the hard part is looking at the camera and trying to step on the planks. – I will visit Canada
one day. I like Canada. – I love Canada too. I think
you’ll like it as well. – Yes. – But Pakistan is more
friendly. Canada is friendly, but the friendliest people- – We are not terrorists. – No. – -the internet. Indian media. We are not terrorists.
We are loving people, we love all of the countries, people to come here and visit Pakistan. Few people who do terrorism
and we are notorious for it, but we are not terrorists. Pakistan is a very beautiful country. Come to Pakistan, visit Pakistan. We will give you love and more love. – Awesome man. And honestly, we’ve been here for about
a week, and all we’ve seen is smiling faces, people giving
us food, giving us drinks, and just being so, so generous and happy. So I 100 percent agree
with you. Be safe, yeah? Don’t fall off. (laughing) – Bye bye. – Bye bye. Straight from the mouth of a
local. They’re not terrorists. It’s like one of those
things that’s 80 percent safe and 20 percent unsafe. (laughing) – It’s definitely one of those. – One of those things
that’s like, it’s safe, just always 100 percent pay
attention the entire time. – Whoa! What’s up guys? – Hey, how’re you doing, man? – Good, good, good. – Good, good. Trying
to survive. (laughing) (intense, upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Mike
from Fearless and Far, hope you enjoyed this
video you just watched. It was quite a fun one to make. If you’d like to join the behind
the scenes community, where I show you all the epic
adventures that don’t make it on YouTube, usually because
they’re a little bit extreme, it’s my Patreon community as well. Experience over possessions. I’ll catch you in the next vlog.


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