Walmart Click List Pros Cons Easy Way to Stockpile Food For Prepping Long Term Food Storage
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Walmart Click List Pros Cons Easy Way to Stockpile Food For Prepping Long Term Food Storage

Walmart click list easy way to stockpile food for prepping long term emergencies walmart click list pros cons review hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper channel if you’ve been reading anything in the news lately perhaps you are concerned with the future of food grocery availability and food prices have you gone into the grocery stores anytime lately and seen empty shelves or rising food prices well that’s something that I’ve
seen and then when you read in the news things like floods in the Midwest in
America a huge percentage of our foods come from that region so not only have
the crops been destroyed that we’re growing this year but I read that some
of the warehouses and storehouses of food that was stored away from say last year
that food has also been destroyed so looking forward to food shortages seems to be a
reality I also read that there has been some sort of a swine disease in places
like China where they’ve been destroying entire herds of pigs we may not choose
to eat imported pork from China but if there’s diseases in their pigs how long
is it until perhaps we have those diseases in our pigs here or Chinese importing the foods from our
pigs to China and so then we have less availability of food meats which means that the prices of food go up there are a lot of reasons we may not even be aware of of why food prices are going up or foods are not available grocery store shelves are bare it got me to thinking I wanted to really
boost my food storage have more the pantry foods the ready-to-eat foods that I have on
hand going forward how much food is in grocery stores realistically grocery stores have about
three days worth of food in the best circumstances because food is always
being trucked in and brought in and restocked daily but in the event of an
emergency something interferes with the shipping whether it’s the trucks can’t
get through the weather delays there could be a lot of reasons why the grocery stores would not get the food deliveries that they want I’ve experienced that in the past go to the store and shelves are empty
and so I tend to want to have more food things on hand simply because you can go to the store and they’re simply sold out the products that you want are not
available and they don’t really know when the next truck is coming in to resupply food stores can’t control what’s being delivered they are just on the receiving end just
like we are when the mailman comes we get what he brings we can’t control when
it arrives and so stores are in the same way they’re reliant on their
distributors to keep their shelves full and they can’t really control that they
can only put out what food and supplies merchandise they have I thought this was a great time to try the
Walmart Click List clicklist I’ve never done it used clicklist before my daughter has and she thinks
it’s great she has a baby she can leave him in the car pull up to the store and
they load the food groceries it in the car for you so it’s Walmart click list something that I decided to try I went
online to the Walmart website and I clicked on my closest Walmart store I
only shopped for shelf stable long life pantry foods because foods it can be
stored for a year or two and they’ll last and last so I ordered approximately
one hundred fifty nine dollars worth of food from Walmart click list but when I went to pick it up guess what they were out of a lot of the items that were on my list and my bill ended
up only being $110 only had 2/3 of my order 1/3 of the food was out of stock I was really surprised to find out that food is
simply not available I had been to that Walmart store about two weeks ago and I had gone through and looked at some of the shelf-stable food how much are groceries does food cost in Alaska prices food
loaded up some things for my pantry and just tried to make myself aware of what
other food prices what the long-term type food storage items costs are for
different food items and at that time I noticed some of the food items that I wanted were not available but then when I went to the Walmart click list OH click click click click I thought this is great I don’t even have to go in the store somebody is
going to go put the food it in the cart for me and bring it out to me so what foods did I
stock up on what’s nice about the Progresso soups is that they’re chunky soups they’re full meal type soups they’re hearty and you can
use them in addition to things like rice mashed potatoes noodles you can add
things to them progresso soups and make them a more filling meal each of the cans of
Progresso soup at the Walmart here in Alaska was $2.00 I’ve made videos and
some of the pantry clean out recipes that I use myself with some of the
Progresso soups look in the description below and I’ll include some of the links
to some of the recipes that I’ve made with some of the shelf-stable Progresso
soups canned foods and pantry clean-out recipes the next food thing I bought were some
vegetables I didn’t need a lot of vegetables because I already have some
on hand I ordered some tomatoes with chilies and then I tried to order just
the regular cans of diced tomatoes and they actually were completely out and
the gal who brought out my Walmart Click List order said that there’s an entire section in the
store that is completely bare there’s no canned tomatoes in there at all I’m assuming
that when I’m ordering something on the Walmart click list that it’s in stock since I’m
selecting it at that particular Walmart store but she said that isn’t how it works
the next thing I ordered were some canned beans I have lots and lots of
dried beans but it’s nice to have canned beans on hand canned beans are great for food storage they’re easy to open them up combine them with a few things other canned foods and it’s easy to make a meal quickly and
easily it’s filling and beans are nutritious I ordered some jars of salsa
I like the Herdez green salsa Verde I like to combine herdez green salsa verde it with a can of white beans a can of chicken a jar of Herdez green salsa verde
and you have a nice spicy white bean chicken chili I also
ordered Pace red salsa and unfortunately they only had one bottle of Pace red salsa available so that’s all I was able to get I bought a 4 pack of canned chicken breast I was surprised how big these were I thought it was ordering the small cans of chicken because it was only nine dollars for all four cans I like to eat oatmeal for breakfast
so I ordered two big boxes of that I prefer the Tetley tea so I ordered two
boxes of the Tetley teabags 80 tea bags in a box next I ordered the Chef Boyardee mini ravioli in 4 packs it was far more expensive to buy them individually so check to see
if they have a multi pack it isn’t always cheaper but sometimes it is I
tried to also order some Chef Boyardee Beefaroni but they didn’t have any in stock I stocked
up on Kraft macaroni and cheese it’s the only kind of really care to eat you
don’t actually have to add the milk and the butter to Kraft mac and cheese you can cook and drain your Kraft macaroni
noodles add the powdered cheese sauce and it tastes pretty good I tried to buy
a stockpile of the Knorr noodles they had one all I could get was one package of Knorr noodles asian sides
when they came out I was so surprised she’s like this is one we had one the
Idahoan mashed potatoes are delicious you just boil water add your potatoes and
stir Idahoan instant mashed potatoes these are great whether you’ve cooked some fish you had in your freezer
or in a hurry grab something like a beef and vegetable soup serve it over the
mashed potatoes it’s really quite good it’s filling and it gives you an
affordable meal with very little preparation the thing that surprised me
the most Walmart Click List was I ordered a 20-pound bag of rice and they were completely out of
rice so I didn’t get any I was shocked that they don’t have rice and the clerk
told me they’re out of things like rice they’re completely out of things like
canned tomatoes the shelves are big and bare and don’t expect to see those foods
things in the store for two to three more weeks how can you not have rice
that’s like the beginning prepper food I just was looking to have an additional 20
additional pounds of rice on and just because I was concerned about
the future and it turns out maybe I had the right idea and that little voice in
the back of my head that said get more food stockpile now it’s a good thing I
was listening because some of the things food shortages are not available and I was completely
surprised by that a disappointment with Walmart Click List that I had was that five of the cans are very
dented and to me this is something dented cans I would never buy dented cans and I wouldn’t store dented cans it
away in my food storage because when cans are dented especially around the
seam or the rim they could easily be compromised and your food then is not
being stored properly I don’t know that that’s a typical of Walmart click List that they would deliver to you dented up cans they already had to have been dented before they put them into the bag when you shop at the Walmart clicklist they don’t give you a receipt
they show you they go through the walmart clicklist list with you and tell you what was not
available which I was surprised when she started going my walmart click list this and this and this and this so between a third and a fourth of the food that I ordered was not
available and I was pretty disappointed about that Walmart clicklist pros cons but it didn’t cost me extra to shop with the walmart clicklist at Walmart and some stores I know that
they charge you extra and I would have been very disappointed if I had paid
extra and I didn’t get the food things that I wanted if you’re looking for a simple
way to stock up on your shelf stable long term emergency prepper pantry
survival food there’s all kinds of ways we refer to it go on your computer check
out your Walmart click list choose the things food you want and then you just pull around at Walmart look for the signs pull around to the side you call the number they bring it
out and they put it in your car for you and you can drive on home you don’t have to wander around the store you don’t have to take your
kids and if you don’t want to you could even go in your pajamas if you dare it
go out in your pajamas my disappointment with the Walmart clicklist is they
didn’t have so many of the items that I wanted but would I do it again the
answer is yes it’s an easy way to shop check your list at home drive up to the
door they load it in and you’re on your way that’s pretty simple if you ask me
leave a comment below if you have an experience with a click list whether
it’s at Walmart or a different store and please be stocking up on foods while
they’re readily available food prices are going up food things are becoming scarce and we don’t know what the future holds but we know that we want to have as much as we can the of the food things that we rely on having learn more at please
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  • russ elder

    We are going to my daughters house for a few weeks, when I get back I will start to get some supplies…I am shocked they are out of so much. You have been saying for a long time…keep prepping. Stay safe and GBY my friend

  • Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening

    Hello I am glad that right now where we shop at nothing has been out. Just people buying because of the frenzy of food shortages. We should always be prepared and I think that the ones that are panicking are young people who never listened to their parents and grand parents about keeping a stocked pantry, stockpile or prepping. We have thought about using the click list things at stores but I am still old fashion, I like going in because if they don't have what I want in cans I can find it in the freezer section or in a bulk isle. Just thinking outside of the box sometimes helps too. Thank you for sharing God bless, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • Wdb Bragg

    Granny, I being a single man use the Walmart quick list as well. I don't have to go inside and I like that. I too have noticed that some of the things I order have been out of stock. It really makes me wonder where this is headed. I just keep ordering every week hoping I get lucky. If not guess I will have to check some where else. Great video. Looking good

  • mashonda Knight

    I noticed alot of shortages in the grocery and less coupons that's why when I see a sale I get alot of it and I always stock up and I've become a preper you are so right.Great video.

  • RN Angel

    Thank you!!
    We have never used the click list but we do periodically order from the Walmart app and have the items delivered to the house.
    If something is not in stock or they don’t deliver that particular item you know right away. It will say pick up in store only on some items. It’s nice for those large items like paper towels, toilet paper & paper napkins. We also take care of mom she is 91 so we have a big boxes of baby wipes, pull-ups, pads etc delivered.
    We just went thru our closet & checked out what canned goods we need to restock up on & what needs to be used. And here you are with this great video about them. So we have our list. Thanks for the heads up about the tomato products. We are going to Aldi’s. Not sure if they have them in Alaska or not. The canned foods are cheaper there. We usually get canned foods a few at a time so they don’t all expire at the same time. (Ask me how I know that happens. Lol. We stocked up at first on so much stuff then everything is starting to expire at the same time. Lol). Thanks for reminding me about rice and prepared foods. Will check those also. Going to check out our sugar and flour supply too. You always have good tips & appreciate the information. Going to check out our spices also. And vinegar. We live in hurricane area so we do our best to be stocked up at all times. After hurricane Irma you talk about empty store shelves it was awful. Thank God we had plenty.
    Have a blessed day and thank you again.

  • VoodooKitchenMama

    Wow. Out of so much and those dented cans! The Walmart here does not have that service, and I'm not sure I would want someone else picking out what I would get…like dented cans. Walmart here in Florida has a LOT of empty shelving, and it's not only the canned veggies, it's everything. Right now, our local population is down, but when cold weather comes, the Snow Birds will flock back to escape the winter, and things will be worse with items being out of stock. I know in past years the extra population during the winter months wiped out a store in a day, the employees could not keep up with re stocking, even if they had the stock!

  • cdLady54 Marengo

    People are stocking up also and with the impending tariffs, things are on hold floating on ships. Last week we went to walmart and the regular grocery store, they both were out of bread for days.

  • prepper5785

    I have put every other aspect of my prepping on hold right now, while I throw every spare penny into food preps. I even raided my rainy day, vacation, and Christmas funds. I figure I will have time to put that money back, as the shortages get worse, as there will be less food available then anyway. At my Walmart, I completely cleaned their shelves of canned meats: hams, beef, pork, and a lot of the chicken. I have a pet cat, which as you know, is an obligate carnivore. Her usual food has DOUBLED in price, just in the past week. I canned a lot of turkey for her last Thanksgiving (when it was on sale,) and when she runs through that, I guess I will be sharing my canned meats with her. Thank you for this very timely video…if there ever was a time to prep food, it is now.

  • Sidney Mathious

    I don't shop online at any store for groceries, but do notice that some items are dented when going into the stores and I avoid the ones which is damaged. I am glad that I saw this video since I have to stock up on newer items like soups, and other items in cans so I can use some of the ones I have which is older. I live in Arkansas and the stores here are usually well stocked, but we could end up without enough food due to the farmers not being able to grow certain crops due to the flooding where they could not get in the fields. It is late in the season now and the farmers can't sell their crops to China since they stopped buying farm goods from the U.S. They have to take the government help and sell to them probably at a loss or let the food rot in the fields.

  • Karin Reck

    Yep! I'm a personal shopper at w-mart and we don't have the large bags of rice or flour. We only had 3 large bags of sugar when I left tonight. There is a lot of bare shelves because we aren't getting the products in. Oh my! I never give people dented cans!! Call 1-800 Walmart and get a refund on those dented cans!

  • Dan Burch

    Those dented cans is why I NEVER let anyone shop for me (except my wife). As a shopper, we're the last bastiion of quality control when it comes to picking items off the shelf. I rarely, if ever found, expired food stuffs on the shelves but fresh produce sometimes appears to be dated. It's rare but not unusual to find compromised packaging on the shelves where I live. Do you have a Sam's or Costco nearby? You might find bulk items available there but the variety of selections is somewhat limited.

  • Anon Ymous

    Western NC mountains here. No shortages or outages of anything (except maybe ripe avocados, but that's the tariff "war."). I prefer to shop in-person. If they are out of something, I can pick up alternatives, not rely on "Nope, sorry." They have rice, just not the bag/brand that you clicked on. I keep a well prepped pantry year-round. Outages are common in the mountains; I'm sure that you aren't unfamiliar with this in Alaska. Click list stuff is for convenience, but if you really need to stock up, it's best to just do it in person. Personally, for my extra 20 minutes of time it's worth it. And you can shop yellow tag discounts and such.

  • theIAMofME

    I have never tried any of those services from Walmart, Kroger or Instacart. I'm too picky! LOL I want to pick out my own stuff. I was in Kroger today. They had plenty of canned peas, corn, green beans, etc. But, they had not one can of any brand of CARROTS. I have plans to dehydrate some tomorrow. I ended up buying the ones from the produce section. The only frozen carrots were the crinkle kind which I don't like. There were no signs either where the empty shelves of the carrots were. I have not seen any signs in my area at all. I live in SW Tennessee.

  • Karin Hart

    Was there a place to add comments when ordering? It seems like you shouldn’t have to, but maybe a comment like “no denting cans” would have helped.

  • Robin InVA

    I love the Walmart Pickup option. I also like ordering online from Walmart and having it sent to my home. If you have online delivery to your house available in your area, that’s an option to get different items. If you place a $35 order, shipping is free. I have done a couple Walmart online orders and was able to get items this way. I did get a dented can of beef…and they replaced it for me w/in a few days. Also, Amazon Prime Pantry is a great way to get items delivered to your door. However, I received a lot …a LOT… of dented cans this way. I think the box was packed by a four year old. Ugh. But, again, they did make good and credited me for the dented cans. So…..I guess there’s no “perfect” method other than store-to-store-to-store shopping….hoping to complete one’s shopping list. Sigh……

  • bullshitdave

    Thank you for your video.
    It's a little "too late" for the vast majority of the unprepared.
    I'm reminded of the time I asked the Wise Man, .. "Wise Man", I said, "What's wrong with all these "normal" people"? (it was about something different but you get my drift)
    Anyway, the Wise Man replied, "Why, they are too busy being "normal".
    True story.
    Unfortunately "being normal" has left the vast majority so far removed from all that is natural and organic, that the only natural and organic result of such self inflicted retardation can only be the demise of the afflicted.
    Good riddance don't you think?
    I mean, it's these mindless human creatures who are conducive to the eternal wars, the millions of starving children in the world, the uncountable homeless and destitute, and the horrendous environmental disasters occurring hourly. Mindless as in brainwashed I do believe.
    To say anything else is a denial of our reality and a symptom of the self inflicted retardation.
    Sad but true.
    Besides, the "afflicted" can not handle the truth, … that's what makes them "afflicted". lol
    Don't worry about them, they will "take care" of the problem themselves by doing us all a favour and dying. Like I said, good riddance.
    I'm off! There's boneless pork loin on sale and I see two cases of "pints" in my future. Picked up more dehydrated seven veggie melody too.
    Our Bulk Barn is a preppers wet dream, an expensive wet dream, but still, ….
    Have a great one.

  • Northwoods Cheryl

    I've been "stocking up" for over 30 years now, and it's held me through a few job losses and other financial struggles. Was I EVER glad I had the food! Now, I grow a great deal of what I eat, and can quite a bit of things like chili, meats, veg, soups, and fruits. Glad i figured it out years ago!

  • David Miller

    We have same problem here in florida empty shelves and small selection try ramen with can chicken green peas not bad like your adding pasta to soup

  • RN Angel

    An update to my other comment. Went to Aldi’s (they are somehow a part of Trader Joe’s but very different) grocery store today & got some more canned foods. They had plenty of tomatoes however stocked up on extra sauces, salsa & diced tomatoes just in case.
    They didn’t have any asparagus but that is kind of hit or miss with that. Seems to be a seasonal thing. Everything else was well stocked. Canned fruits also were well stocked & they were constantly stocking the shelves while I was there. Still wise to get extra while it is available. Even if you can’t afford much at a time just get a couple extra things & put them aside. It adds up quicker than you think.
    Also went to Harbor Freight & got free batteries. Always good to stock up on them here & there also.
    After I got home we had a storm & the electricity went out. So it was just a little reminder to keep preparing because you never know. Thank God the electricity came back on after a few minutes!
    Again thank you for the info. Maybe the items you couldn’t get in the store are available to be shipped to you. Here in Florida where we are the Walmart is better stocked than the one in the next town. Doesn’t make sense.
    Thank you again!
    Have a blessed day!!

  • Nojo

    Walmart is the worst. Cans are always dented and just thrown in a box with out packing. I no longer order from Walmart. 🙅🙅🙅

  • Thinking of Others

    ~~~ Great video my friend. We all must think now before something happens so fast…….GOD'S JOY to you and your loved ones.

  • Matthew Ronson

    Pick up is good on a tighter schedule and not having to leave my puppy at home. However, they don't allow a search for roll back items and they list none to few mark downs or clearance items.

  • LittleDirtPatch . . .

    New sub 😊 I have been using Walmart's grocery app for several months now & love it! We are on SS so money is limited, but this app helps keep me focused! No impulse buying. I like that it keeps a running total of your cart. If you going over budget, you can trim your list. Much better that finding out at the checkout you've gone $50 over budget. Thank you for sharing & God bless ❤

  • Jessica Canfield

    You could also add some pasta water to make it smoother. I recently didnt have butter and used a very little regular crisco and it was pretty good

  • Jessica Canfield

    Thank you for doing a video on this. I work as a cashier in a walmart in Virginia and I have people tell me all the time we are missing all kinds of things and it is scary. The M problem I do not have extra money so I guess I will just get two thing per shopping trip with the money we have

  • Cathy Waller

    Kroger has ClickList too and they will ask you when you order online if you would like substitutes and they will try to substitute an item for you if they can and no one is supposed to give a customer dented cans, or torn boxes, or anything leaking or anything that appears to be damaged.

  • icecreamlady driver

    I heard that there is going to be a boycott of Walmart because they have joined the fight to take away guns from the citizens of the US. I heard it will be from September 15 to October 15. Have you heard anything about this? Thanks.

  • happygardener28

    I ordered a home delivery of canned items from Walmart. Several of the cans were badly dented and one ruptured from being crushed. The delivery box wasn't damaged so the damage occurred at a store or at the warehouse. The other point I noticed doing an online list from a Kroger near me is that, if there is an in store sale you won't know about it.

  • A .L.L.

    So far 3 walmarts that we shop at have plenty of food. Now, our grocery sores have a few items missing. Because of the floods this season. But, over all. Still have plenty.

  • Son of Liberty

    Now that Walmart has come out with their anti-gun agenda oh, perhaps it would be wiser to wait a few months and catch the store closing clearances at Walmart.

  • Patty

    I will never buy at Walmart again. I ordered like you many long term canned food. Every can was severely dented and had some sort of wet stuff all over them. I leftceverytjingvat the store. It was disgusting.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing. Another thing you can try is ordering online and having items shipped to you. Free shipping if the order is $35 or more. They might have more available at the warehouse than they do in stores.

  • C Mi

    Its wise to have extras on hand at all times as my stores (Walmart included) often have empty shelves. Its like winning the lottery if you find every item on your shopping list. I've also noticed this at a larger Walmart 40 minutes away.

  • Pat Milks

    Never used that service. I would rather go in so I don't get the dented cans or maybe make,an alternative choice to out of stock items. Or maybe just see something I forgot

  • Truth Seeker

    Look up the term Grand solar minimum. That is exactly what's happening and why we have food shortages will which will not stop. Have at least 6 months to a Year's worth of food on hand and don't stop there

  • Joe Goodyear

    I don't know if anybody else mentioned this and I'm too low on data to check so I'll just say it. A lot of preppers recommend not using cans with pull tabs.

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