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Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I just dropped the kids off at school
I am at Walmart. I need to get stuff for our camping trip. We are going to have so much fun. So Quin’s Boy Scout troop is going on an adventure
and it is a family camping trip so we all get to go. So umm the boys have gone a few times, but
the girls have not gone along with the Boy Scouts so we need a few things. Let’s get our shop on! Alright guys I am back from my Walmart camping
haul. We are so excited to go camping. we have not
gone as a family yet so this will be super fun. Emma’s first camping trip. So I just want to show you what I got at Walmart. If you like any of the things that we got
today I will link it down below you can check it out for yourself. First up sleeping bags. The boys already have their sleeping bags, Emma has like a cheap one so I wanted to get her a nice one. I got two sleeping bags one is yellow and
one grey. I don’t know which on she will pick there
wasn’t that many to choose from actually so It’s all good, I like yellow, yellow is good
and I love grey it’s like all I every wear. Essentials, toilet paper, you need the toilet
paper. I just needed some laundry detergent so I
went ahead and grabbed that while I was there. I got a couple camp chairs because we do have
two, the other two have broken throughout time. So we got a couple of those. Oh my god, this is actually pretty heavy. Avalanche of stuff. We got an air mattress for hubby and I. We do have an air mattress for the kids so
they are good to go, but we needed one. We just never had a big one, I don’t know. Let’s see. Got a couple of whistles, so these are for
if the kids get lost. The rule is that if you are lost you find
a place that you stay that is safe and you blow your whistle three times and you wait
and then you blow your whistle three times and you wait until somebody finds you. So it’s a good little safety thing to have
on camp you know if they kind of wonder off or whatever. So we got that. Needed some batteries for our flash lights,
so we got that. Wipes, necessity, wiping your hands, or wiping
your face off, or wiping your bottom. And I thought since we are all going to be
unplugged which is lovely I would get the kids some new books that they can read. Quiny and Emma both love Dogman and Diary
of a wimpy kid. So I grabbed those for them they will be super
excited. We got a couple hats, one for Emma on for
myself. The boys already have hats. I don’t know which one she will pick I don’t
really care I like both of them. They are very cute. And actually it’s, it’s nice, ohh well the
pink one doesn’t have it but I don’t know if you can see one the black one it’s like
reflective inside there so when you are out and about at night or whatever it’s reflective
which is always a good safety thing. Isn’t that a cute pattern cut out? I thought it was cute. Quin needed some new socks his are holey moley
so I went ahead and got him some new socks so he can be comfortable. Sunscreen gotta have that! Hand sanitizer. I needed some dish soap so I went ahead and
grabbed that too. And the most important, and we are going to
do food later, but Pringles. It’s like the best snack for camping, I guess. So we will get all the other food later, but
they were just there while I was walking around. Alright so that is everything that I got today
and like I said I will probably do a video about all the things that we take for our
camping trip. So thank you so much for watching go ahead
and subscribe, thumbs up, ring the bell, check all the links down below all that good stuff. I’ll see you next time.


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