Walmart Survival Gear
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Walmart Survival Gear

walmart survival gear shtf bug out bag emergency stockpile prepping on a budget bug out survival gear hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper head to walmart and
check out the sporting goods hunting department section for budget practical prepping emergency bug out and survival gear food on a budget
look in the camping section and maybe even stock up on some bug out survival SHTF gear to go camping
here are some of the items and the prices of things I found at the Wal Mart
in Anchorage the prices may vary where you live but it’s always interesting to
shop and compare divide up your survival needs into categories start with water
look for water storage containers water filters even water purification supplies
next check out food Walmart has lots of dehydrated meals in a pouch lots of
different flavors varieties and sizes they have mountain house and backpackers
pantry both which are tasty entrees they also have emergency meals in buckets
which you can use for several days worth of food look for cooking supplies things
like stoves pots kits sets can openers and make sure you get fuel to go with
any kind of a stove that you have Walmart has a huge variety of first aid
kits they have first aid kits in all price points don’t choose just on price
check out the contents because you can add more to any kit that you choose with
the items that you feel you would most need always make sure you get bug
repellent now think about lights look for flashlights head lamps candles
lighters sticks even LED lights look for supplies for emergency shelter
look for sleeping bags bivy bags drop cloths ponchos
emergency blankets paracord and superglue for quick repairs
get some fire starting equipment with waterproof matches fire sticks match
holders and fire flint strikers put together an emergency fishing kit
pick up some line some hooks and some weights there are all kinds of
categories all different kinds of supplies look everything over when
you’re in the Sporting Goods at Walmart one of the best strategies for survival
is to try to be ready no matter what comes your way learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel you


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