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Hello, I am making this video with the
intention that it will possibly save somebody’s life here we have a candle heater it is
basically a terracotta pot with another one inside and a whole series of nuts
and washers attached to a bolt which runs through now firstly let me begin by
saying that these heaters are very very effective at dealing with condensation
in an environment like on a boat all this condensation here now on the
windows if I’d been using this heater throughout
the night there will be zero condensation they are extremely effective at dealing
away with a condensation this terracotta pot on top gets very hot and the bolt
here gets so hot that you can’t touch it in this case this was attached to a chain
because it’s on a yacht(out of water). Now please take note of this because
these are extremely dangerous devices the tea lights inside generate about 40
watts each so that’s four in there now so there is about a hundred and sixty watts of
heat. The heat in here get so intense now what you actually
create is a bomb now the paraffin inside these kettle
lights very quickly melts it turns into liquid as the candle works. Those ones aren’t quite there yet because I only lit this a few minutes ago to demonstrate, now let me explain how these
are dangerous. These kettle lights, tealights whichever
you want to call them they should never be less than eight centimeters apart in this case they are near on right next to each
other. What happens is theres two scenarios that can unfold because the wax turns to liquid the
intense heat creates the possibility for those liquids in each pot to ignite, however, if the wax liquid wax would leak
out and get into this tray at the bottom it then
comes down the bar inside and you can never get rid of it now I had a fire with one of these and
that exact scenario happened the wax leaked out and it came down the shaft of
this studing here and during the night it flash flared
the whole thing ignited all the paraffin wax inside the saucer ignited and the
flames came reaching out all the way up they came so high that they actually
melted this hook now look at the damage it did here it was exactly the same thing it was
hanging on that hole there and ignited in the night and really burn the boat down
now as I say these heaters are extremely effective at dealing with condensation however they are exceedingly dangerous you must never ever use tea lights that
close together now despite saying this i still use this
device because as I say does deal with the conversation however
i only use one tea light at a time but even then there is a danger because the
heat that gets generated from this device is really quite remarkable it is
intense heat this pot here once it’s been running
for 10 minutes you can’t hold it that bar there it is impossible to touch
it without burning your fingers so please please please if you’re going to make one of these do
not under any circumstances put multiple tea lights in and never ever leave it
unattended. The possibility for this to ignite and flash flare is extremely high. These are not so these are not safe
devices and even though they may be aesthetically pleasing and very
effective in many ways they are totally utterly lethal they are very very dangerous if you use these at some point the
possibility of having a fire erupt within the actual liquid wax itself is
extremely high these are very very dangerous I had a lucky escape please don’t make the same mistake


  • George Styer

    The danger is in bad construction, lack of attention to convection currents in the air, don't block the hole at the top. Bad design the tealights should be sitting so as air is drawn around them so as they don't heat each other.
    Not enough space between the pot and the dish so the heat that cannot escape because you have blocked the hole at the top then has to escape right next to the candles, warming them and then !!!!!
    Back to the drawing board High Seas

  • Julian Lee

    Yes, there is danger to these. I have had it happen also. The entire disk of melted wax ignites when it reaches a certain temperature. Also puts out black smoke then. I would have sand/dirt etc. around to throw onto the burning cups should this happen. Water won't work. If you spray any water on the burning mess, it just blows up as steam. If weather is warmer (so that the cold's not bringing down their temperature) — I think that's more dangerous. It would be worth it to experiment with these and find out what's the temperature where the wax ignites. There is also a difference in wax depending on manufacturer. There are tea candles made in Asia (sold in USA) that burn WAY hotter than the brand that comes from USA. I bet you had those hotter Asian candles.

  • Malcolm Hughes

    Ok so first i need one to reduce moisture in my van also im going to make it out of stainless with led traps so if it overheats it will drop a cap and smother the candles by removing the oxygen . Also i will vent the outside sheild to keep it much cooler using convection currents . If my design is safe and usefull i will post and link to it

  • Sabine Rethore

    Ces "appareils" oublient que la paraffine s'enflamme toute seule à 240°c. Si on ne fait pas un trou en haut pour que la chaleur s'échappe un peu, la chaleur redescend au niveau de la paraffine pour s'échapper du système. Ils sont tout simplement mal pensés. vouloir créer un maximum de chaleur rend l'appareil dangereux.

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  • ScottyFox

    I'm honestly confused by this video. Looking at your replies in the comments, you tell ppl not to use these heaters as they are potentially lethal, correct ! So why are you still using this type of heater on your boat ?

  • hi li

    great video. i tried this with i think just 1 or 2 candles and they did just that, liquified and ignited. luckily i had done it on a pan filled with sand as a safety and was able to dump the flaming parrafin into the sand to smother it.

  • Sue Ton

    As for your warning well assuming if anyone who is going to using terra cotta heating systems would be because they're outdoors, can't afford or can't plug in electricity and have little floor space to put a radiator on without it being a fire hazard but the flaw in the design is easily fixed but it tea light a heat proof glass to contain the wax as melts and less likely to pool and become a collective fuel source and burst into flame but as 2 broke Tim suggested never leave burning flames unattended and rug up when your sleeping is better option.

  • Frank Twist

    There is several designs of these flower pot candle heaters, the one here has the top hole blocked so no venting of heat. This one
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QplSiZf2WoE Has the top hole open so safer, I use this one. The other danger of fire I have noticed is that when wax accumulates in bottom of tray holding candles, it should be all scraped out every day. So there is much less wax to melt and catch fire.

  • faircompetition1

    All you have to do is bump it by accident and slop the wax – by by boat . It will spill . I wonder if there is a different fuel , like your stove Or a lamp fuel ?

    When I was a kid , we just had a lantern on the boat , light and heat , worked great .

  • Dreamylyn Moore

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I've made one of these and use a 3 wick candle in a jar. i have put a large stone tile made of slate on a table i use the small coffee cans to hold up the large flower pots that are bolted together with carriage bolts, nuts and washers. that allows enough air flow and haven't had this issue though i extinguish it when sleeping. the only thing i do not like about it is the suet it leaves on the ceiling and walls over time. I also made one using a chiminea with cans up the inside using all thread to get it long enough. It's not as efficient yet but working on a new idea using a oil lamp for a larger single flame. this is so if in the winter and the heat source runs out it would work in an emergency. i filled the bottom of the chiminea with lava rock and used a pan of water to set my candle in as a safety precaution if the glass was to break. i also tried the floating oil candles in a bowl of water with oil floating on top. the wicks burn out to fast so didn't find that a very efficient way of heating even in an emergency. I thought this would be a safe way since when the oil runs out the water extinguishes the fire automatically. Also thought of using something like the citronella candles using the little oil cans used in the citronella touches. they would and could use lamp oil. anyways thanks for the warning some people haven't thought about that danger.

  • johnny kojic


  • Kathy Lewis

    Well has to use wisdom! Can't leave it on while you sleep as well should have a cookie sheet or something under it as well as a fire extinguisher!

  • Toby Whaymand

    Would using pure bee wax tea lights be safer? You probably wouldn't save that much money by using them because bee wax candles are expensive.

  • Jonathan D

    I'm all for diy, but leaving an improvised heater made of unknown materials is just foolish, even if you test them there is no way to know that the 17th pot from the same supplier will be made to the same specifications, as it is designed to be suitable to hold some tulips not to be a heating device.

  • stephan schloesser

    In a house nothing swings
    A boat swings by wind or you touched it and it shaked the wax out .don't use it on a boat hanging on roof so simple

  • stephan schloesser

    How can it be that the wax flood out ? Too much candles too much heat? The cups metlted? In germamy we can buy in many stores /shops or in amazon firealarm box for round 10 euro and every house or landlord has to installed the f-boxes in sleeping rooms or other rooms without kitchen is law in german .you shoud have one in rooms you drive your pot heater and a fire extinguisher

  • Cindy S

    Thank you for your warning. I'm interested, after reading some of the comments, as to what the safest way to use this heater is! Guess it's time to do some research!

  • John Thomas

    You need a "vent" at the top …I put 10 candles in mine, and I put a coffee cup to cover the hole "slightly" in the bottom of the pot

  • Sarah Strong

    I put several Christmas Candles out in my porch to decorate it, standing together on a metal tray. That caused a flash fire with the entire tray getting full of molten wax & sending huge flames up. Fortunately I had put it in a safe position so virtually no damage was caused & was keeping an eye on it, but scary. I have also seen molten wax dripping from a candle with the actual drips flaming, which could easily start a fire. Candles can be very dangerous.

  • Vladimir Hristov

    Hi and thank you for the helpful video, but what if we use a tea light chandler for each tea light?
    That would also improve the heater's efficiency.


  • Tina Sprocket

    #1 rule of burning any candles:
    NEVER LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED. Also, how far apart they are dosen't seem to matter as much as why not have them in deeper candle glasses? If it splashed / boat rocks, it's still inside the little candle glasses. They're a cheap remedy –

  • Out of Order

    I would only use this outside maybe on a gardentable to radiate some heat to whoever sits around the table and never in a closed Space like a boat or cabin etc.The firehazard is one thing but the fumes these candles give out will ruin Your lungs if you use it alot in a closed space

  • Tina Braxton

    I don't have a boat, but I use this kind of heater on land. I don't use the metal parts. Just build a stable, low platform of large bricks. Use a small clay dish and put it in a well in the bricks, with the well open to the front. Then the clay pot on top.

  • Maria L. Rapaglia


  • Colin Bruner

    Thank you for your intention to help someone else who may not know better. Shame on those who would arrogantly criticise you for that. They behave like the trolls they are.

  • joseph keeney

    Use 9 hour candles in thick glass holders with bricks on metal to sit it on. Two pots inside each other gets up to about 170. Haven't used my electric heat in years . cost about one dollar a day for each pot.Never a problem.

  • Mordy Fisher

    You can keep the tea lights inside aluminum cans cut down to about one inch high and then wont leak every where… You can also put aquarium gravel around the tea lights

  • Karen Lee

    They are not match for a boat they are meant for camping. In a larger more open room or a campsite. Having one on a boat is just asking for trouble.

  • James Raymond CreativePhotography

    I installed a dry air heater called Propex Heat Source HS2000, it operates of propane, has a thermostat, combustion oxygen and exhaust are separate pipes from outside the vehicle, easy to install, does not use much propane,

  • J T

    Why would you use this kind of heater on a BOAT???? And with this kind of small candles of course it would spill. You are very lucky to be alive and the boat with minimal damage.

  • Sandy Beebe

    I don't use tea lights .I use one medium sized thick walled candle in a jar intended to handle high heat .I would never use it on or in a moving vehicle nor would I hang it ,nor leave it unattended . As a chandler I am extremely careful with candles .I use a sturdy chafing dish set up and i sit it on a ceramic plate (ceramics low fired at 1900 degrees) and can also handle heat ..works great ..a candle flame can reach up to a thousand degrees …so yea id never sleep with one on just to be safe . the idea with the bolt through the stacked pots is that a stainless bolt can also absorb high heat and any heat not absorbed by the bolt will rise and then fall seeking an exit from the bottom then rise into the next pot in the stack ,making its way to the top then exiting out the bottom into the next pot etc ..also it is important to keep a candle wic trimmed ….these little tea lights are hazards for any use ….

  • Highlander15

    I’d say maybe use 3 candles and sit them in little glass containers that extend above the candle height.
    Thanks for the vid though, this is good info.

  • ODD-one out n about

    Thankyou so very much.ive been in an indoor fire ,so i know what its like.only just survived the smoke inhalation when the fire crew gave me oxygen mask outside as i was lying down exhausted on the grass.i did manage to put out the fire using mine and my baby sons duvet.thankfully that night he was with a friend.as a baby he would notve survived that night.

  • s. gillespie

    Ermmm maybe I'm Being a bit stupid but why on earth would you leave a naked flame burning thorough the night condensation or not. I live in a motorhome off grid and I've never been tempted to leave the gas fire on never mind a naked candle.

  • Patrick Porco

    Thanks for the warning…i was thinking of using this as emergency heat in the event of a power out…i will try to find a better alternative thanks to your warning…God bless you

  • KuraQueen

    They are useless for heating my van. I threw mine out. I have a ceramic bowl inside a pot and use it as a fireplace. Depending on how cold it is, is how many candles I use.

  • Kirby Armstrong

    Or put some kind of washer on bottom to prevent leakage. Also if they are that effective then use only two tea candles.

  • nangma07

    Sir, I'm glad there were no injuries, please don't use it on the boat. A safer way is to put the candles in an old muffin tin and unblock the holes in the pots, that way there is sufficient room for candles and airflow. You could also put the muffin tin in another tin with a little water to stop the room becoming too dry. 😎

  • blueshinystar

    Nice video, but if u are freezing to death and your heat is out… you will be using a device similar to this any fore device is notv100% safe so ya use with caution, and i think this design is incorrect maybe do better research on the design…

  • Rosy Outlook

    Sad when people only say negative things when you are kind enough to share your experience. I'm sure your video has probably save a few lives. Thanks for being humble and kind enough to warn others.

  • susan anderson

    Get a wire waste basket put holes in the bottom and turn it upside down then placing it over the pot heater to prevent touching it

  • VANgazmic Voyage

    I've always wondered that if you need radiant heat from a brick flower pot, why not just place a couple of actual clay bricks on your cookstove, heat them up, then shut off the flame and let them radiate that heat back into your home?

  • Gary Cooper

    I believe that it ignited because of your setup sir. We elevate the pot up on a couple of bricks or cans of soup, leaving the actual candles much cooler, while still retaining the baking hot pots above. The bolt running down to the bottom of the pot where you have the candles should be about 4 inches longer, so the space between the candles and the pot would be 4-5 inches, then that design would be much safer.

  • Karen Tysver

    No one ever talks about the toluene, benzene, acetone, and other VOC's emitted when burning parrafin candles. Scented parrafin candles and tea lights are like running a deisel engine inside your home. They are toxic. Only use beeswax and soy candles.

  • Davina Test

    Good points so maybe use the muffin tin design that would separate the candles plus they would be on the floor maybe with an additional tray under the muffin tin……maybe test

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  • Philip Douglas

    Try using a tin can stuffed with toilet paper and soaked in rubbing alcohol or the like, instead of the paraffin tea lights. Still hang the can below the pots to heat them. You can cover the can with foil when you are done. Similar operation to a fondue pot.

  • Karen Elizabeth

    My friend told me about these "heaters" that he was planning to make one to put in his trailer. I thought "umm… you got a death wish?"

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