• machfive916

    Great video with a lot of useful information; especially for someone like me who is trying to decide which travel trailer will best suit my family.

  • Dale Austin

    Wonder if they will list my concern …its about the undercarriage and buying used from Camping World. We did and was a great RV 5th wheel They were to service it complete…including taking care of my concern since I am an old timer and have had a lot of RVs…but not from Camping World this was a first. We bought a 5th wheel 7 years old and looked like new. Obvious had sat some place and not used much. They promised a complete service Long story short..We picked it up and were told all was checked including bearings, wheels and everything. Headed for Arizona from Washington State…1000 miles down high way blew a tire…Tires looked like new when bought and was told bearing were hacked etc. Got Good Sam road to help and the guy noted the tires although new were 7 years old…he said must not have been used much but said even sitting the tires could go bad. Showed me the date on the tires. Called camping world and they did replace the one tire but refused to do the others. Got back home and took it in and found no they had not serviced it as was told. Guy in maintenance showed me bearings that were in bad shape and agreed the tires would have been replaced. Took over a year with threats to get them to do anything. Finally they did replace wheels and bearings but not after playing games. Lot more then this but a warning…dont trust them. Have a independent RV service person check anything you buy from Camping World…

  • Angel Daisy Marrero

    That was truly informative. We're planning to buy either an RV or trailer, so we still need to do our research into what exactly we want and what we want to do with it. Maybe a trailer so that way in case we go camping, we can drop off the trailer at the site and drive off somewhere like the supermarket, beach or go visit family and/or friends. I have a Toyota Rav4 but I just may be looking into a new truck for that type of hauling. I'm also looking into buying a boat, so, a trailer may not be suitable for me. These decisions are mounting up because of the activities we like to do while on vacation and looking into our upcoming retirement adventures along the way. We just need to visit one of these dealerships one day and sit with a representative and go over our options.

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