We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week
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We Faked A London Trip On Instagram For A Week

Jazmin – sexy she just said I hate this I feel like I am living a double life we can’t mess this stuff down must you my question is how you were gonna feel when they know you lied you ready to do this yes I look like an egg I look like your eggs dad here’s the deal people are starting to do this challenge where they trick their Instagram followers into thinking they’ve traveled to an entirely different place New York Tokyo that’s the only to Iowa that’s the only – I watched it together lindsay and i on instagram have over half a million followers so we’re gonna try to see if we can trick them into thinking that we travel to a challenge we live in Los Angeles right now but weather is different the architectures different even the outlets are different we’re gonna have to be taking pictures making sure we look I’m ready for 40 degree weather and we have to post in the time zone we’re gonna go on this trip for like four days it’s gonna be a short work trip and we’re fit us to work we’re gonna need to post not only on our beads but on our stories do you think we can pull this off I am very chill and I don’t overthink things yes you are the opposite of that so hopefully us together will even out to be five we can’t mess this up you can technically like trick people into thinking anything which is very rare for me and Lindsay because we don’t even use like facial so we’re gonna take some precautions okay probably gonna tell my parents I’m not telling my parents really yeah I think we could pull this off I want people to believe us you think so I’m trying to get really confused as I’m trying to plan our trip but the time zone thinks freaking man Jasmine’s looking up flights we left at 4:00 you would got there Monday at 10:40 a.m. both stark pictures with our luggage yeah Sunday at noon we won’t post our next photo till the afternoon on Monday they offered and then we’re gonna be so jet-lagged that we won’t have to post that much that day right yeah hi you’re British sure yeah ugly like Instagram stories that are like London streets or or landmarks yes okay I’ve some stuff all right the will as well should have definitely have some story do you think that we’re gonna be able to pull this off oh my god yeah my question is how we were gonna feel when they know you lied guess we’ll find out when we find out good morning kiddos whoo we’re gonna drive to the airport now I’m supposed to be here an hour ago but I was like you know what we all have a flight to catch [Music] we eats me to feed photo and then we need stories everyone’s like really going somewhere we need to pick a terminal to go to well we need to go to the International German only one Internet yes amateurs I think we got our pictures now we’re gonna sit in one of these chairs and act like we’re like waiting for our plane to come oh I always thought okay Wow long flight ahead how good effects we she just said I hate me like it’s time we have to do this I just got mentioned in her story okay let’s see what happened Lindsey where we going where are we going Oh Jessie I feel like I am living a double life I made the caption kind of funny so I’m hoping that like distracts people into believing me to me I’m like this is so fake it looks so fake but like to other people’s like why would I be posting this I kind of feel like nervous – I’m afraid I’m gonna get busted because I’m tricking all my Instagram followers into thinking that I went to London [Music] someone just reposted it as a story the caption reads I cry she’s gonna be in London soon safe flight I really want to see her in jazz I’m sorry we won’t see you we’re not actually going I already had one person text me and I made plans with today and that was like we are you traveling day two the day that we’re actually supposed to be in London it’s off to a rough start we were supposed to go to a bar that has one of the phone booths outside of it it’s raining you think that’s good news for London right wrong it’s not raining in London right now now that we missed our morning we got to go to work so I guess we’re not posting a photo today we’re posting stories and it also makes sense at least that we’re not posting a photo today coz like maybe we’re jet-lagged I’d be jet-lagged this is so much more stressful than actually going on a trip it’s kind of crazy let’s go to work let’s see if anyone is confused by us going to work guess we’re just gonna find out you’re a liar I thought you were traveling right now you’re convinced I’m convinced somebody messaged me I was like she be asleep right now we just we just parked and win it we’re talking about what I will say I saw your Instagram started today had the train that like really sold me on sight so it is 11:40 p.m. London time here we are in London so we filmed all those weird in bed like just hanging helpful people the one thing we’re really missing here us pretending that we’re in a hotel of some sort or an air B&B we decided to use Jasmine’s roommates room she doesn’t know you have Italy fine with it I put my onesie on I think we should play like British like TV in the background of whatever we’re about to film we should put on the British Bake Off I need the freaking I’m gonna take a photo of me in Nancy’s bathroom and we have to go to the pub the stock image fish and chips and use those pictures yeah also can we just order pin Express yesterday the 11:30 that were retired like so we’re delirious on our story can I change my time on my phone to be London time so that I can add the lock on it so it like looking down yeah I don’t know if I know we really look like a [Laughter] [Music] [Music] I feel like you’re in London I don’t think anyone’s gonna recognize this I don’t think so you know this is here [Music] so we posted our teatime photos today it’s so cute gonna put sips tea this one doesn’t make me really nervous to be honest it’s like a tea room we’re there all over London on Twitter tweeted us and said I can’t believe Lindsay and Jasmine are in my home country oh my gosh so close yet so fun I feel so far do you think that Jasmin even doing a good job so far it’s just so legit like I would not question it cuz why would you you know I have an update on buster someone sent me a message and said boo what tea room is this I’m sure it looks exactly the same as a rose and Blanc in LA down to the tea set and then she sends me a photo of the teeth using Boston someone knows the teacher I don’t think anyone’s gonna recognize this I don’t think some of that if said we’re gonna get busted at the Art Museum no we won’t someone’s gonna notice a frame someone noticed the TSA but she was yeah but she wasn’t got busted by you buzzing you get busted we’re in this together he left it in your day I’m not mine hopefully no one recognizes this restaurant I’m looking to get just like close-ups up the food otherwise we’re gonna get busted you know in London let’s do this [Music] all right we’re in sunny London how you feeling self Ireland something we would do if we were in London is like go to just like unique artsy places you know you wanna learn yeah I’m here to talk about the time Lyndsey almost drove into the opposite to get close-ups so you can’t tell where we are whatever I mean I feel like there has to be one person who’s like an art connoisseur ya know that we aren’t in London today we posted our museum pictures I think we’ve all just been a little bit nervous because we aren’t being truthful and we’re not good at that no-one’s really said anything about not thinking it anywhere else look simondon like my shoes well good thing they’re not your fuse in there mind if I saw my photo on someone else’s feed and they said that they were in London at the Museum I’d be like Oh makes sense tomorrow we’re posting some touristy stuff then flying home so yes I think see if we can make it one more we’re out here not in London found a telephone booth after many days of searching yeah we’re gonna fake it and hopefully this man is staring at us through the door this angle really it does look like we’re there it does I feel like I’m the walking London right now we’re in a parking lot I live in the do I woke up early today to post a bunch of stories so that it would be not 4:00 p.m. there time for once I’m gonna go back to bed now okay so today was our last day posting I’ve like crafted my pictures in a way where it’s literally just my face and the background of the phone booth so I think that made it a little easier to believe Chloe find out that there was a succulent and succulents don’t really grow in England so I photoshopped it out and get a looks pretty convincing the last day I posted the last photo I wanted to get storms reaction and see if you know she’s a British expert I’m definitely an expert in the movie stop I like it because it’s not like the typical like phone booth photo you know everyone in it like well it wouldn’t open it was like fake I was looking through my comments and honestly everyone was like oh my gosh Jess isn’t my dad jess is in London so everyone believed it well I just got a direct message hi I live in England hope you like it and think it’s funny about people that live there think were there the Internet is a crazy place this is what I’m learning [Music] we’re back from our trip that was yeah great time good memories stressful stressful memory the only time we had a hiccup was a tea room yeah no one was like deeming us being like hey you’re like faking this trip people were more like oh my gosh you’re in London where can we all meet up we all know that like social media can be fake when it comes to like body image and you know like people face to it when it comes to like showing where you are like everything can be fake guys we just faked a whole trip to London we promised the next time we’re in London will actually be never talked about like this again lying not for us no [Music]


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