We had a situation… Rooftop Tent Camping
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We had a situation… Rooftop Tent Camping

we’re having some thunder clouds and not
sure if it’s gonna start raining so we’re gonna set up our our tarp awning
yeah that’s right we have a tarp awning but I’ve never set it up before it’s
just a tarp so we’re gonna try to make an awning out of a tarp
okay Syrena rain
so hopefully this idea works okay so we have the corners down but now
he’s working on this middle part and he has a rope and he was going to attach it
whoa to the tree but we’re like inches too short
yeah okay follow them it’s coming it’s coming
chief bringing here you’re so smart well maybe oh my gosh okay leave it okay hahaha it’s sex okay so here’s our
makeshift tarp tent thing I got this stretched all the way over to the tree
just like that whew and then here we go see ya
inside not too bad oh my goodness he’s still coming down it’s been a little bit
and I am getting cold so I’m gonna run up and get my jacket hey I’m back
got it so I went up there and the driver’s side window was down so the
front seat of the car just completely soaked and my computer was sitting there
and so I like white my computer up and I think it’s fine there wasn’t it was like
a ton of water but I think it’s fine so I got the window rolled that I gotta put
this jacket on okay you ready for dinner so I did some rearranging in here just
trying to save some room and then the other thing was we never pull out our
camping chairs because they’re always tucked away back in here
wanted a way to have our camping chairs more accessible so what I did is I took
these bins and I turned them so now they’re taking up about the same
amount of room but they’re all level because before to stack here to sack
there and they had the chairs stuffed over here and then this that had this
pad stuffed over here as well and so that’s why we never got to the chairs so
now I can just slide the chairs on top of here okay so now I got the chairs on
top with some of those bags and I’m using one of the bungees right now for
the tarp but I can hook the bungee on here and then run it through the inside
of the pad and then connect it over there that should hold everything up
that way so the rains calming down just a little bit we’re gonna try to make
dinner for the second time and we’ll see what happens but I thought I’d make this
extra little video just to show you guys how crazy it got
and so we’ll we’ll pick back up in the next video so if you’re new to the
channel push the subscribe button all the way in click the bow so you get
notified we’ll see you later hats off to you


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