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WE ON VACATION! [#1 – SEASON 4] – LaToyasLife

♪ I’ve been watching you ♪ Shorty swing my way ♪ Bring it over here shorty ♪ You sure look good to me ♪ Now would you
please swing my way ♪ Swing it over her shorty ♪ Shorty swing my way ♪ Bring it over here shorty ♪ Shorty swing my way ♪ You sure look good to me ♪ Now would you
please swing my way ♪ Bring it over here shorty ♪ Shorty swing my way ♪ Bring it over here shorty ♪ – Good morning
hunties and huncles! We’re at the airport, is
there a plane in here? Like damn, so loud. Anyways, we’re on our way to
St. Maarten, I’m so excited. Are you excited for
St. Maarten my bug? It’s my bug. And you’re gonna
be on the beach. Baby are you excited? (chuckles) Is that
your new thing? – [Adam] It is. – [Latoya] It is my bug. That is mommas bug. Elevator, whoo, whoo. Sami you’re in an elevator. Who’s excited for the beach,
I’m excited for the beach. Hunties and huncles
aye, aye, aye. I’ma be on the beach
in a few hours. (screams) – Do you want some
of this, here. – [Latoya] Sami,
look at her face. Sami is it good baby? Time to drink your milk. (dance music) Oh my gosh so so many
huntys were waiting here? – Yo I’ve been waiting
here from 2 o’clock guys. Like three hours now. – Are you serious? – Yeah. – That is crazy, they
were all crying and stuff. – Trust me this girl she
was like Noor oh my gosh. She’s like shaking
I’m like calm down. – Did you record? – Yeah I did. (cheering) – I was just so shocked, I
didn’t get a chance to record. But I’m so excited
I’m in St. Maarten! (screaming) Samia! – We’re going to turn up! – We’re gonna turn up. Maleeha! Look at Maleeha in her
little belly (chuckles). Hi baby! (dance music) I just had to share with you
guys the directions given to us by Noor. Okay look so when you drive
out of your resort, right. You make a left and then you
go straight until you see the roundabout and then that
roundabout is two roads. One is going up a hill where’s
there’s like a red (mumbles) Mariah was showing us. So you take the opposite way
which is like a flat road. So take that road, keep going
until you see you a main, there’s like a main road okay. Like all the way when you
drive all the way to the end of the road, you’re gonna
hit the main road. So once you hit the main road, you’re gonna make a right and
then on your right side you’re gonna see if you’re coming
with Adam he’ll probably remember the super
market that we went to. It’s right on your side
and then if you look ahead, you’re gonna see a gas station
so you’re gonna pretend like you’re going to that gas station
and the same road on that gas station you keep going
straight for like two minutes, you’re gonna pass like a
bridge and then I’ll meet you right there on the road
it’s not hard trust me. – [Latoya] Welcome
to the French side. We’re staying on the dark side
but we’re going to the front side so we can go to one
of the beaches over there. Turn up. – Oh. – Goofy ass. That’s what you get boy. Let me tell ’em a little story. So we left the plane right,
we’re walking to customs, St. Maarten customs. Adam is looking in his bags,
looking in his pockets, looking in his
backpack, everything. He’s like yo I think I left
my iphone on the plane. So he had to go back to the
plane and he got his iphone but good for his butt. That’s why you don’t
need two phones, you only need one phone. You wouldn’t have left your
one phone on the damn plane. – It was meant to be for me
to have two phones that’s why it came back to me. You dig? Aren’t you happy that you have, full access to me? – Okay that’s true ’cause when
you don’t answer one phone, I call the other one. – Exactly. And I always pick up. – Yeah you do. – You have a better connection
to me than ever now. – Okay we’re at the beach. Sami. Daddy’s dunking
her in the water. Be careful daddy. Sami do you like
the water baby girl? Yeah you do bugs bug. (baby talk) – Feel it, feel it. – [Latoya] Oh gosh
was is that girl? Whoo look at her feet. Kick, kick, kick, kick. (chuckles) Yay Sami! Good job baby. One, two, three. (cheering) See that wasn’t bad. Hi! Good girl. (chuckles) Oh my god. Get it girl! Twerk something
for me baby girl. Sami are you having fun
playing in the sand? Weee. You have all that sand on
your feet, does it feel good? She wants the bucket. Here take the bucket of water. Yay, whoo! (baby crying) Oh my gosh Noor I miss you. – I know I’m so
glad you’re here. – I know. Oh this view is beautiful. – It’s such nice weather yo. – When are you moving
back to Toronto? – I don’t know. – You don’t like it? – I do, it’s just
the cold though. – It’s too cold yeah. The summer, come
back in the summer. Back at the telley. I was about to take a shower
but I wanna show my huntys and huncles our room first. It’s so sick, I love it. It’s beautiful. Oh my gosh it’s gorgeous. This is our patio. This our living room. Dining room. Isn’t it fabulous. Alright we have a kitchen
but who the hell is cooking? Not me shoot. I’ll probably throw
down in the kitchen. Or my girl Noor will throw down. You know what I’m
saying, my girl Noor. Adam went to the grocery
store and he got bread and peanut butter. The hell, why didn’t you get
eggs, because they have pot and pans in this kitchen. And here’s our bedroom. Baby daddy’s watching
basketball here. – [Adam] March madness. – [Latoya] March
madness going on. Isn’t it sick! Alright this is the
on suite bathroom. And guess what guys,
it has two bathrooms. Closet there. Another bathroom. Outside. So that’ts where we’re staying. Breathing taking I love
it, I just love it. I would live here. Turn up, turn up, turn up,
turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up,
turn up, turn up, turn up! Right now we’re walking
to one of the restaurants. There so nice here. I just love it. Eat, eat time. I got mahi mahi fish,
fries and a salad. And Adam got jerk
chicken sandwich. Mhmm. And Sami she gets her banana
and kiwi and her milk. Whoo whoo! (chuckles) Hunty’s in St. Maarten. – Hi! – Hey I love ya’ll! Wait how did you know
that we were here. – Because your Instagram. I saw you post on our way
to St. Maarten and then– – But how did you know
I was at this hotel? – Because your picture,
we know our island. – Oh good, good, good. It’s a small island right? Let’s take some pictures! First time I ever
finish off my food. Lawd that was good. Okay so we’re here. – Where are you going? – Yeah Mariah where
you going gal? – I just want to see. – Where you going gal,
trying to gallivant and things by yourself,
you can’t do it. We’re in town right now. That is cute. – Right. – [Latoya] I like that. I want to scope out the
scene in town and then I’ll purchase some stuff. Liquor stores on every corner. Hi Mali – Say hi. – [Latoya] Hi. Mariah be careful girl. Do I have a St.
Maarten accent now? Mariah yeah. I’m hungry, okay what
do you want to eat? Whoo this is beautiful. Babe isn’t this beautiful? – [Noor] This is the
boardwalk obviously. – [Latoya] Yes the boardwalk. Mariah what do you want to eat? – What do they have? – [Latoya] Anything you
want, what do you want? Burgers, fries? – Yeah burger and fries. – [Latoya] Nuggets? – Yeah burgers and
fries and nuggets. – [Latoya] Okay so
you want all of that? – Yeah. – [Latoya] What about some fish? – No. – [Latoya] You don’t like fish? I’m gonna make a fish get
you and you’re gonna eat it. You’re gonna eat fish. Stray dog and thing. Trix look your friend. My hair is sweated the heck out. Oh gosh. Fight, fight, fight. (laughing) Missy! (foreign language) We’re heading to the radio
station ’cause I’m bout to turn up on the radio! Turn, turn, turn,
turn, turn, turn turn! We’re trying to
take the back roads. Because yeah
directions from Noor, this is her directions. Da da da. – It’s another riddle,
it’s another snow. 5437 101 we do have
the prize of night. Brought to you by WTN. – Oh so this is the episode
where it says why do you have two phones? – [Adam] Yes. – I wanted to see that because
I really want to know why he has two phones? – I still want to know why
he has two phones Adam. – He got two phones,
one for the bae and one for the bitches. (laughing) One for the bae and
one for the bitches. – You see this right here? (laughing) – See we got that
especially for that. – That’s right all my huntys
and all my huncles that are locked in right now to
(mumbles) the station with the attitude. I have a very special guest
all the way from Canada. With roots all the
way in Trinidad. She’s here in the building. The one and only, let me put
on my sexy voice for this. Latoya. Good morning Latoya. – What’s up, thank you so
much for that amazing intro. – Anytime time. – Super duper kid. I’m loving it, thank you
so much for having me and I am bout to turn up! All these bottles out
here, I’m bout to turn up. On that water that is. You know what I’m saying. – Now welcome to the beautiful
island of St. Maarten and welcome to the
lazy 101 studio’s. When I mentioned that you
were coming on the show, social media blew up. Our website got so many
visits, so many likes, so many hits all because of
this young little Trinny, that is coming
through to the studio. – [Latoya] Yes all my
huntys and huncles turn up, shout outs to them. – What I like about it,
you’re not like the typical Youtuber that shows the
unicorns and the rainbows and the daffodils and
all that good stuff. No you get real. – Yes. – You get down and dirty. – [Latoya] We don’t fake
the funk on Latoya’s life. We show both sides, the
positive, the negative, the ups, the downs, the drama. Cuss like, my husband
threw orange juice at me, I threw a black
book at his head. He has two phones, I’m
still tripping about that. I should take this bottle of
Henny or do we have Henny? – Stoley’s – Stoley yes. And throw it at his head. – No but I got to shout out,
her husband’s in the studio. Adam shout out to Adam. And I have to side with him. Adam you did a very good job. – [Latoya] Are you kidding me? – We’re gonna talk about
that a little bit later on. But first (chuckles)
look at her face, she’s upset, she’s
actually upset. Adam I’m on your side,
team orange juice, team oj. One time we’re gonna get
into that a little bit and exactly explain to
me exactly what happened. Maybe Dee might be on your
side and Adam might be on my side. And then you probably
leave him out of the hotel, he’ll have to stick with me
for the rest of the vacation. Don’t worry Adam I’ll take
you to all the spots that you need to– – [Adam] Let’s make it happen. – Look at her face. – Oh my gosh I will pop you. On commercial break watch. – Now with your two channels
combined you have over what one million? – [Latoya] Yes. – Subscribers? – [Latoya] Yes. – Yeah and you have a big
following you’ve been posting St. Maarten all over on
Instagram and Twitter and people are just
dying now to come here. I mean we couldn’t ask
for any better promotion. – [Latoya] Aw. – Thank you very much. – Thank you for having me, I’m so excited to be here. This island is beautiful. – How did you start with this
whole you know video blog and your family, all your
information, all your life out there. Why did you decide to take that? – Okay so last year I
found out I was pregnant and I wanted to
document that you know, I wanted to document
my pregnancy journey. You know the ups and
down of pregnancy and I just wanted to
showcase that to the world and see if anyone else out
there you know goes through what I go through. So that blew up in itself and
I didn’t even know that it was gonna do so well. But thank god that it did
because I’m out here in St. Maarten and I’m turning
up and I’m so excited for my meet and great. – So once again you have the
meet and greet that’s happening this Thursday. You came down to the island
just to meet some of your fans. Now did you know you had a big
following here on the island or it just happened that
okay you know what I said I’m coming down and you’re
getting all of this love. – Yeah I didn’t know. Like all my fans are like
have a meet and greet, we want to meet you. You know you’re out in St.
Maarten please have a meet and greet you know so I
have to do a meet and greet everywhere, every city,
every country I go to. I want to meet my fans and
I just wanna hug them all. And show them how much I
appreciate all their support. – [Dj Supa] Right there you go. Now before we move on I
gotta say good morning to auntie Jillian. How old is auntie Jillian? – She’s 21 honey. 21 honey, she is 21 for life. – Auntie Jillian looks hot. – [Latoya] She’s amazing. – Not only her eyebrows,
her whole body is on fleek. – [Latoya] On fleek. – She is freaked up
with auntie Jillian. Living with this crazy
girl, what’s your take? – That’s correct crazy
is the perfect attribute. Latoya is, I said if before
and I’ll say it again, it’s no walk in the park. It’s worth while, she makes
it worth while for sure. What’s up guys this is Latoya
Forever and you’re listening to Tropixx 105.5 FM the
sounds of the Caribbean. What’s up guys this
is Latoya Forever and you’re listening to El
Toke Latino with Super Ricky and El Chico Party! Okay so we’re at
Sunset Bar and Grill. We are waiting for
one of the big planes, I don’t know the
name of the plane. Anyways we’re waiting for
one of the big planes to land because when they land they, like some people can touch
the plane actually right? It’s crazy so, I’m not
gonna try to touch the plane but I want to get some footage. I want to capture some footage. – [Adam] The planes about
to hit us right now. (chatter) We’re bout to go
get hit by a plane. If that makes any
sense. (chuckles) – Turn up, turn up,
turn up, turn up, ayee! – [Adam] That plane about
to hit me right in my nose. – [Voiceover] It’s so close,
oh my gosh this is scary. (slow dance music) – [Latoya] We’re about
to go on the jet skis. Adam and I. Noor’s gonna watch the children. – [Noor] Yeah. – I’m so excited. Sami’s sleeping,
she’s knocked out. Kinda nervous to go
on these jet skis. You’re a sleeping beauty, all
your boogies in your nose. Okay so we’re about
to go on the jet skis. Ah I’m scared. I’m gonna kill you
on this jet ski. – Alright you gotta get on
and I gotta film you now. – I’m nervous. I’m I gonna do this, oh my gosh. – [Voiceover] I’m ain’t
gotta press nothing alright? – [Latoya] Oh no. Okay. Alright put this in there. We’re on! We’re on! Babe don’t go fast man. (laughing) Baby are you having so
much fun in St. Maarten? It’s beautiful. – Look at the view,
give them the view. – [Latoya] Whoo
that’s our hotel. Divi Resorts. Sami’s sleeping on shore. Don’t worry Noor’s
taking care of her. I feel kinda bad, I wish we
could you know bring her. On the jet ski. Lawd. Whoo! Baby go faster! (joyful music) My turn. – Guess who’s on. Ready? You ready? Are you ready! (joyful music) I was like (engine sound) You see me getting it out there. Did you see auntie driving? I don’t even need a life
jacket anymore ya’ll I’m a thug. And then there’s Sami. Knocked out. Back at the radio station. On air studio. (cross talk) – Twitter.com/thepowerhour101. You’re logged on in 25 minutes
of commercial free music. (mumbles) Dj Outcast in the mix. Broadcasters in the studio,
stick around it’s going to be an interesting afternoon. Take it back you
all remember this? – Dj Outcast, thanks
for having me. – Absolute pleasure
it’s an honor. (hip hop music) – Even before she got here
when she was getting ready to board her flight I was
already getting people hitting me up on Instagram
like yo this girl’s gonna be on the island. You need to hit up with
her and she’s here, she’s right now in the building. Shout out to my girl
Latoya in the building. What’s good girl? – [Latoya] What’s up thank
you so much for having me. I’m having an amazing
time here in St. Maarten. – [Dj] Is it first
time on island? – It’s my first time
and it won’t be my last. – I’m sure not. – [Latoya] I am so excited,
I just got off the jet skis. – Oh did you now? You know what’s sad, I live
here and I barely get to do that. – [Latoya] Are you kidding me? – And I’m sure the next
episode is coming soon with St. Maarten? – [Latoya] Of course on Monday. – Oh it’s on Monday? – [Latoya] So you are
gonna check it out? – I am going to check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing
it, I can’t wait to see it. So I’m going to turn up
with you tonight then? – [Latoya] We’re gonna
turn up together. – Alright. – [Latoya] We’re gonna be at
the club, we’re djing hey! – Thank you so much for taking
the time out to come talk to talk with us
here this afternoon. It’s always been an honor
and a pleasure to have you come by. Always know if you’re ever
in St. Maarten that door is always open for you. – [Latoya] Aw thanks
so much DJ Outcast, you’re awesome. (slow music) Of course we could
find your ass here. – Put in work. – [Latoya] (chuckles)
What the heck, 50 pounds? Each arm? Lawdness. – Does it matter? – You look hot. Boats. You’re lucky there’s no
girls up in this damn gym. Damn you look good. Let me hit that right quick. Let me hit it. Damn babe. – What? – You have a nice tan going on. I’m bout to fall in
love all over again. – Still no kids. – Damn. St. Maarten what did
ya’ll do to my hair? Alright, lawd. – It’s so sharp, it’s like wool. I could wash pans with it. – It’s like wool
or is it like… – The steel wool. – Why are you trying to hate? – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – Oh. Everyday is a beautiful
day in St. Maarten. – Yup. – Holy. Nice breeze, right? – I endorse the island, ya’ll
need to come check it out. Let me tell you
guys a quick story. We walk in, day one. (chuckles) And these two young ladies
and a dude from the island– – Shout outs my
huntys and huncles. – Yeah they’re
huntys and a huncle. They go to the front desk, and they ask the lady is
someone by the name of Latoya here. And they were clueless. And they were like
how about Adam? Oh yeah Adam was here. I was just speaking to him,
which is true I was just speaking to her. So this girl, this lady at the
desk allowed these two random girls to come in and
find us in the hotel. So they end up finding us. It was all good,
it was all love. But I had to take precaution. So I went to the front
desk, I’m like lady, excuse me ms. lady. If anyone that hasn’t
been authorized comes
and asks for us, I’d really appreciate if
you don’t tell them that we’re here. She’s like who are you. I’m like Latoya is a
little bit popular. She’s like okay hold on
let me call my daughter. And I’m looking at her. She calls her daughter– – To verify. – To verify and her daughter
starts screaming on the phone– – And crying on the phone. – And I’m like, I’m just
looking at her like I’m here to solve a problem. Not to create even
more problems. Daughters screaming, she wants
to come to the hotel now. And I’m just looking
at this lady like… – [Voiceover] Bruh. – Bruh. – Bruh. Aye my huntys and huncles yo
I swear they’re everywhere, I love them. How are ya’ll doing? Hey! Hey! (chuckles) Hey! Whats up, how are ya’ll doing? (slow music) – We got a Youtube channel
follow us at GIJAIME11.com – [Adam] That’s what’s up. – So who do you guys like
from the vlogs besides Latoya? – [All] You! – [Adam] You guys are just
saying that because I’m here. – Nah. – Trix. – Can we make a shout out? – [Adam] Yup. – Okay shout out to Nikita. – [Adam] What happened to
Nikita, was she supposed to be here? – Yeah bu she can’t come. – [Adam] Oh no. (slow music) – You are the best, you
are the bomb diggity. I love you guys, upload videos! Number one supporter! – [Adam] Crazy hunty. – So what is your name? Rose Mary wants me
to sign her watch. I don’t want to ruin her watch. – [Adam] You sure? – Yes. – [Adam] You won’t be
able to tell the time. – Trust me no– – [Adam] It’s gonna be
hunty time all the time. – Hunty aye I like that! Hunty time all the time! (cheering) – Girl Latoya without Adam
there’s no Latoya Forever. I love you girl but Adam
is also the take out. Okay. (laughing) – [Adam] Girl you gassin’ ’em. I can’t believe they’re letting
me destroy their phones. – Of course we’re fans so… – [Adam] Wow. – Thank you! – Now let me guess you
want me to sign the screen? – You could. – No way. – Bye Latoya! (screaming) (slow music) – Stud can you please
treat women better. – [Latoya] Treat them
better, we’re not dogs. – Please. – [Latoya] Lawdness yo. Stud. Happy birthday Elaine. Ayeee Turnt, turnt, turnt, turnt,
turnt, turnt, trunt, trunt! You shy? You don’t want to be on camera? – No I– – Say what up to the
huntys and huncles. (laughing) Okay yeah you’re shy,
you’re shy, you’re shy. I’ll say what up to the
huntys and huncles on behalf to Elaine. – [Adam] So what’s the
story with Rashida? – Well about Rashida,
that’s my girlfriend. She’s the one actually like
introduce me to Latoya, show me the videos. I was woken up, you
gotta watch this video, watch this video. So I did this for her. – [Adam] Well she’ll see it,
I’ll make sure it’s in there for here. – Alright later. – [Adam] Alright. (upbeat music) Samia. – [Latoya] Say hi. Say by St. Maarten. – Yes we’re gonna be a
happy baby on the plane. – Okay. We’re walking to our
flight right now. Sami is sleeping I think. Say by to the sun. Whoo it’s hot. Getting me all sweaty. Hot and sweaty. ♪ I hate you, I love you,
I put nobody above you ♪ Hate you, I love you,
I put nobody above you ♪ Hate you, I love you,
I put nobody above you ♪ Hate you, I love you,
I put nobody above you ♪


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