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We Salute You | American Military University (AMU)

To all the heroes big and small.
To those who want to make the world a better place .Who serve. Who protect .We
salute you. To those who feel the fear, but do it anyway. To those who inspire
and aspire. The brave. The strong. We salute you. To those who stand up for
what is right. To those who make a difference whether
in the world or in their own backyard. We salute you. With American Military
University, you’re joining others who dare to dream bigger. Who reach. Who learn. Who grow. We started in 1991 to educate those who serve all of us
and today we’re the number one provider of higher education for the US Armed
Forces with more than 90 different degree programs. We help you personally
grow in your own field, or plant yourself in a new one. We are 100% online and 100% committed to providing you with high quality, affordable education. From the
FBI to the Department of Defense to Fortune 500 companies, you’ll find AMU
graduates and faculty. And that’s why AMU is fast becoming America’s online
University. Your family. Your time. Your honor. Our values. You hold true and you
never give up. You never give in, and you never stop believing in a brighter
future and a better, stronger you, and for all of that we salute you.

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