We Went Camping On The Beach!! (pt.1) 💙 I Am Kristin

oh my god necessarily where we’re
camping is water right there your walk reading – hello it is Wednesday at seven
o’clock at night we just finish eating dinner and I’m staring at a ginormous
net so this is what I’m looking at all this stuff and we’ve got stuff over
there and I’ve got stuff over here can you guys tell what we’re doing I am
filling up this one with drinking water this one with tap water but to be honest
in Colorado tap water is drinking water really doesn’t matter but the only way
to fill this one up is with this stupid hose thing and I don’t feel like
standing here for that long so I came up with an idea I am going to put our band
around this I’m going to shove it in there and just let it run so I don’t
have to stand here and then my next project is to cut up all of this stuff
this isn’t all of it there’s way more over here we want to try to eat like a
little bit healthy because obviously like you can see we’ve got a ton of
chips and crap and stuff too we’re going to make a fruit salad I’m bringing some
veggies to cut up we’re also doing pasta salad so we have to cook the pasta
tonight have a lot to do I’m super excited we’re going to Nebraska which I
know doesn’t sound like an old vacation in Nebraska but we’re going to a lake
that’s there and we’re gonna actually be camping on the beach which I’ve never
done so it would either be amazing or horrible I’m hoping for amazing and the
dogs are not going so they are staying at a kennel
we like to socialize them with other dogs and stuff like that and they’re all
gone they’re like all their shots and whatever so it is quarter to nine
tonight I’m still going some up so now I’m doing pepperoni and cheese and I
sell to do all these dishes and then I cut off tons of fruit and vegetables so
in here I kind of all that this whole thing is loaded with stuff I cut up
those I did the grapes down there I need to get rest though my feet are throbbing
from standing here you forget like how much stuff you have to pack and how much
you have to do just to go camping whoo but anyways so it should be worth
it it should be really really fun but now I’m going to go sit down and watch
some TV and fold laundry we finally meeting into the car and
we’re on our way tractors stairs
we’re luckily two hours ago but we had a fish hacking see the cat which take the
dogs to drop them home fifty showers then it will get liquor
matte shade well so we go before we could leave aren’t a lot of stuff I do
our target yeah and I got a whole car loaded up sir these always like this and
it’s a powerful man alright well anyway now we got a four
hour drive we have recess for so that I stopped
really quick to do a little pee stop I’m inside of the roll because you can work
finding any restaurants we’re like in the middle of nowhere play the 360 view that crazy and I are approaching now
watching order stay my I can’t so now we’re going to the b2 where we’re
going to be camping Oh little closes like all my songs over here hello oh
there’s our chairs right there you didn’t get anywhere no come over here oh
my god seriously where we’re camping is water right there you want reading too
so we made it to the beach so right now we’re setting up so we’ve got all this
space right here behind us just to hang out and that’s our friends
boat not cool so this a little like private beach almost so I’m sure we’re
gonna have a lot more people tomorrow because tomorrow’s Friday so probably
more people will come but for right now we have the whole beach source office
awesome and then we’re setting up over here
we’ve got the tent going isn’t this what you think I love it alright so we just
finished things back there and now we’re walking to the other campsite so they’re
not that far it’s just like around the corner I guess it at all
we got a distance to walk but look at there’s like nobody here I am sure
people are going to show up tomorrow but I kind of hope they don’t so it’s so
pretty alright alright so it is like 8 o’clock in the morning 8:15 we’re
getting everything set up and now we’re going to go over that hill to see what’s
on the other side we’re using some the other side water oh look at it this is
so cool the sunflowers around you we’re here too and then over here’s where we
are beach camping is so weird but it’s so fun alright so we just spent the last
like thirty minutes or so putting together this room it’s called the annex
room we’ve had this tent for like two years or something and we’ve never used
this so we finally figure out how to do it I’m really glad because it’s really
cool on the inside and then if you want to change and stuff you’d like give a
little privacy I’ll show you look click on the inside
so in here it’s like a little room but yes a little annex room attaches up
there now our stuff out here I think this is going to be a good birthday
because I am having fun so hopefully you guys can hear me but we’re sitting here
under our old 10 – Matt’s finishing up some work stuff and we’re going to head
over to see our friends shortly II but it’s so far it’s really nice day
it’s just a little bit more windy than I would like
there it goes on the jet ski there he does now he’s standing hopefully it
doesn’t fall off oh great as I said that going back out
what you doing now I don’t think I’m gonna have water you’re trying to hit
water oh my gosh you shouldn’t make the other
side even now so it’s really really deep hole yeah but that’s a good idea heard
all the Builder soon okay so this hole was already here but he’s digging it
deeper cause he’s looking for water you come down here no I don’t want to know
feel a completely okay now get up okay yeah I guess it’s just what’s and though
I’m sure weird the only downside of this beach experience is there are black
flies everywhere ignore my bruised there’s one oh I got
them shit dude how did he seriously come back like I hit him through over
evidence there’s one right there there’s one of my so there’s an island get get
off oh I got that one that’s trying to fish over here like the whole thing is
broken great nothing on your bra oh now what is
that sucks you

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