We Went On A Mystery Vacation
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We Went On A Mystery Vacation

– [Christian] Ready to open this up? – Yeah. You ready?
– [Christian] Yeah. – Alright, so we open up this envelope right there in the airport and. Where are we going? (upbeat plucky music) – I hate planning vacations. – I do enjoy planning vacations. – I don’t like having to find a hotel. I don’t like having to find flights. I find it to be stressful. – I just, I like knowing where I’m going. I like knowing how I’m getting there. I like to time things.
I like to be punctual. – So I started to think, what
if Rob and I took a vacation where we had no control over anything. Not even the destination. I decided we would take a
trip where we would, one, have no idea where we’re going. Two, have to go to any restaurant or attraction that was suggested to us. And three, only order items
that were recommended. So for the first item on that checklist, I decided to book our trip using a company that specializes in mystery
vacations called Pack Up and Go. I went and filled out a questionnaire just listing all of our interests so they could match us to
the perfect destination. Craft beer and breweries, always. Vineyards and wine bars, yes. Cocktail bars, yes. So about seven days before
we’re scheduled to depart, we receive an email giving
us just a few details about where we’re going. – It’s gonna be mid 70s and
sunny which could be anywhere. Where could we be going? I have no idea. – So about two days before our departure, I receive, in priority
mail, a big envelope. And I was, at this point I started getting really excited about our trip. It feels… like Denver. Uber’s outside. – Where am I hoping? It’s open. – [Christian] It’d be
great if it was a city that we’ve never been to before. – [Rob] Yeah. – I have a feeling it’s
Denver for some reason. – Maybe it could be Idaho.
Sun Valley’s pretty cool. And I think the weather might be right. – [Uber Driver] Thank you.
– Thank you very much. Where we going, Rob? Ready to open this up? – Yeah. You ready? – Alright, so we open up this envelope right there in the airport and. Where are we going? Denver! Denver, Colorado. And I was pretty happy. – We were going to Denver. I was right. – Oh here we go. Christian and Rob, We are so excited to have planned this weekend getaway for you. Thanks for trusting us. We think that based on your interest in good food and drinks,
museums and the outdoors, you guys are going to
have a blast in Denver. Have a fantastic trip and happy travels. – I don’t think so it’s 73
degrees on Saturday and Sunday. – Yeah, but there’s mountains. – I don’t think we’re gonna be
very close to the mountains. (funky music) – We’re on the plane. We know we’re going to Denver, Colorado. Pulled down my little tray table, and I started making an itinerary of the places that I thought maybe, out of what Pack Up and Go gave us, we would want to hit up. – We promised ourselves we would
hit up as many as we could. Unless we met somebody who recommended we check out someplace else. – Denver, here we are. (funky music) – So one of the first
people we met in Denver reminded us that recreational
marijuana is legal in Colorado and he recommended that
we check out a dispensary. – We’re walking past and it’s, like, they’re as common as a 7-Eleven or a Starbucks here in New York. Unfortunately there’s no footage though because they don’t allow cameras inside. It’s a very private experience. – Okay, so we are now on our way to a restaurant called Guard and Grace. – That’s correct. – Guard and Grace was a
recommendation from Pack Up and Go. They actually booked a reservation for us. – I cannot speak highly
enough about this place. – [Christian] As per the rules, we had to ask the waiter
for his suggestions. – And every single dish that
he recommended and we ate. It just smashed it.
Knocked it out of the park. – [Christian] It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant. And I really think it was important just listening to this
guy that knows the menu. The next morning we ate at
a popular breakfast spot that we had heard about. And there a waitress
recommended we check out a few of the breweries
that are in that area. We borrowed bikes from our hotel and literally hit up
every one she mentioned. – Alright, so we are on our way now to the first of our
brewing company bike crawl. These are all Wynkoop. Alright, what do you recommend? If a bartender recommended
a beer, we drank it. And if someone suggested
a different brewery, then we went there. West coast IPA, hoppy,
orange pith and bitter. It’s an Indian pale ale. (lips smacking) – Not so much. (upbeat music) – Sprechen sie Deutsch? – The best part about Denver, hands down, was a suggestion from Pack Up and Go. They recommended we go to Red
Rocks at 5:30 in the morning. – [Rob] We had to jump in an Uber, travel 45 minutes into the
start of the Rocky Mountains and we’re going to the
Red Rock National Park to watch the sun rise. – [Christian] The video
doesn’t really do justice to what it looked like. Just seeing those colors mixed with the red rocks that were surrounding us. – [Rob] It was the most beautiful
moment of the entire trip. Everything you could ever ask for sitting there waiting for that sun to come up overlooking Denver. – And after sunrise, we met
somebody who recommended that we do one of the longer hiking trails that’s in that area and we did it. Although, we weren’t quite
dressed appropriately for it. – To be honest, like, something
I’ve learned about myself on this trip, like, it is really nice to
embrace ambiguity sometimes. Just kinda go with the flow. Damn, like, that a really
fantastic way to live life. If I could just sort of
blow that out a little bit and practice that in general overall. – I wish I could only
go on mystery vacations. – [Rob] Yeah, there is so much power in letting someone else
plan things for you. (calm music)


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