What Camping Gadgets do you hope exist in 2043?
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What Camping Gadgets do you hope exist in 2043?

[What camping gadgets do you hope exist in 2043] A tent that can assemble itself and keep out mosquitos – indefinitely. A solar-powered, motorized winch that pulls up your own barrels, up to the trees. A canoe that you could carry, but it was like neutrally buoyant in air, so you were just kind of like, guiding it along. But, it wasn’t heavy. That would be perfect. A raccoon detector that I can set up around my coolers. Cause we lost some food while like, sitting around the campfire. Like a pocket tent. Like pull it out of your pocket and just… A stick to roast multiple, more than like 5 marshmallows at a time. That rotates. Ya, that rotates evenly, so there’s not the uneven marshmallow. All golden everywhere; top, bottom, sides – yep. A floating tent (if things could float) so you didn’t have to sleep on the ground. A portable dishwasher. Probably an expandable barbecue. Just like a throw-it-and-go. A mosquito force field for your campsite. I’m thinking a flying tent of some sort. I was thinking a self-assembling tent, but flying tent takes it to the next level. So it can fly and assemble itself right? Some sort of food protection that no animals can get into. Because obviously the bear barrels don’t work with the raccoons anymore.


  • Nature Boy

    It is really quite sad that these parks people wear bullet proof vests! They do not even wear these in the US National Parks…..ridiculous.

  • linda pulliah

    A universal fit ridge pole that supports a fly from the top of the dome tents to the rounded pole of the vestibule. This would stop the pooling of rain/heavy frost/snow that causes dripping inside the vestibules of dome tents.

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