What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year
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What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year

Good Morning YouTube! Today we are
leaving Spring City, Tennessee and headed to Maryville to stay with a friend of
ours and we just spent the last four nights at a Boondockers Welcome
location here in Spring City we had an absolutely great time. It was on a
hundred acres, and it not only had 30 amp electric, but it also had water and sewer
so we were pretty set for the four days that we stayed here. Now I’m going to
show you guys a little bit of the property to kind of show you… you know an
example of a Boondockers Welcome site, and then we’re going to get a little bit
into what Boondockers Welcome is and see if it’s a right fit for you guys.Take
a look at these gargoyles. So what is Boondockers Welcome? It’s a
website that gives you access to thousands of people all over the world
who want to invite RVers to stay on their property. The property you just
saw is gonna be my example for this video. So let’s jump on the Boondockers
Welcome website and take a look at it. This is the Boondockers Welcome website.
Whenever you come to the website, and you want to sign up, you want to determine whether you want to become a host or you want to become a guest or do you want to do both?
If you want to become a host it’s completely free to sign up. If you only
want to be a guest it’s $30. Now what I would recommend doing, if you’re just
trying to get your feet wet, is I would recommend hosting first. As a host it’s
free to sign up and for every person that you host you get three months free
of a membership. Also if you sign up as a host you automatically get 50% off your
one-year subscription to be a guest. Now let’s take a look at the Tennessee
property that we stayed at. What I’m going to do is I’m going to type in
Tennessee. I’m gonna say within 20 miles to kind of narrow it down, and I didn’t
put an arrival date out there because I want to make sure that his property
shows up. Okay I think he was somewhere in here. 100 Acre Wood. Now I’m not logged into
this website. I can see this without even being a member. It’s not going to give
you the address of this property, any information about the owner of this
property as far as phone number, or anything like that. You have to be a
member to have access to that, but this is an example of what one property would
look like. He named his 100 Acre Wood He named it that because he lives on a
hundred acres. He has space for five rigs. They can be over 40 feet, and each rig
can stay a maximum of five nights. Now, typically a host is going to have
anywhere between one and five nights that they’re gonna allow you to stay. If
you look here this will show you his profile picture of him and his wife. Notice
required same days okay and he will take up to two months in advance. Now a lot of
people same day is not okay they went at least a week notice that you’re going to
be coming, however, he doesn’t really care. He’s pretty flexible. He’s got a hundred
percent response rate. This is important because if you’re doing something
last-minute you kind of want them to respond as quickly as possible.
So one hundred percent response rate that’s great. He usually responds within
five hours. Continue to scroll down. These are all the things he has agreed to as a
host. He’s agreed to allow slide-outs, generators, barbecues, lawn chairs, pets, he has 50 and 30 amp electric. I know about the 30 just from staying there. He has Wi-Fi, RV dump, campfire, water, pull through parking, tow vehicle parking,
and you know an area for your dogs. So all of this he’s pretty much saying yes to.
If this is a no they’ll be greyed out, and I’ll show you one of those properties in
a minute. Here’s a description of his property. This is a hundred acre horse
farm. There’s lots of freedom and privacy available. Which there was. He gave us
free roam of the property. Pets are welcome as long as they’re friendly and
don’t pester the horses. Off leash is at your own risk.
Parking is about a half a mile from a four-lane highway, and we have one spot
with 30 amps water & sewer, another 50 amps water & sewer, and lots with 15
amps Water and Sewer. Sometimes they will have house rules. Some people don’t want
you smoking. Some people don’t want you drinking or having parties. This is just
really to kind of accommodate you throughout your travels. It’s not meant
for you to just have free reign over somebody’s space. Sometimes there will be
a description of what the parking accommodations are like, and then here
local area attractions. Oftentimes the hosts will kind of give you suggestions
once you get there on where you can go and what you can do in the area. And then
he’s going to have his references down here. I think the references are
important to look at because even if he’s a great host you might find
something in here like there’s heavy mosquitoes in the area and you need to
bring your bug spray or the drive in was a very steep incline. Maybe the host
forgot to mention that in his profile. Stuff like that are going to be in these
reviews so I always look at the reviews to see if there’s anything I’m missing
and sometimes they’ll let us know “Hey you know I found this attraction 15
minutes down the road you should definitely check it out”. So it’s kind of
like Airbnb in a sense. We get to review the hosts and the hosts also get to
review us. That is very important for both hosts and guests. As a guest it’s
going to give me a heads up if there’s something quirky about the host, and vice
versa. As a host… when another host reviews a guest… if they were a terrible
guest that gives me an opportunity to say I don’t think I want you on my
property. Okay, so if I click on his profile you’re gonna see what age group
he falls into, how long he’s been a member, how many references he has. You’re gonna see his name his wife’s
name. Not everybody puts this in here. What their hobbies and interests are.
That way you can kind of get a feel of whether or not you know you’re going to
relate to them. Some hosts enjoy having conversations with you. When we stayed
with Phil he came out to our rv a couple times, you know, just to sit down
and have a chat. We enjoyed that, however, he was very open and he made sure to let
us know if you don’t want any contact that’s perfectly fine just let me know
that way I can kind of gauge whether or not you’re here to mingle with me or
just for the spot. Pretty much it’s a toss-up between who has more control of
the situation. There are a lot of hosts who are very accommodating and they will
give you as much attention as you want. There are other hosts who don’t want any
attention from you, they just want you to park and then be on your way.
Same thing with guests. There are a lot of guests who will be very open and say
“Sure come in the RV, take a look around”, and I’m sure there are some
guests out there who really don’t want interaction with the host. So it’s okay
to kind of set some ground rules and figure out what works for you. Now not
only can I look at his profile and kind of get an idea of where his property is
(it’s in Spring City, Tennessee), he can also look at my profile. Once I send him
a message and request the stay (you can see how he confirmed my stay) he can
see my profile. So what he can see is a picture of Thomas and me. He can see that
I have four references. I’ve been a member since September of 2018. He can
see my hobbies. We put on there that we run a YouTube channel that way they can
Google us ahead of time and find out whether or not you know they want us to
stay. They can kind of get an idea of our personalities. Any skills I have. Any pets.
Any pictures over here kind of showing our travels and then of course he’ll get
a picture of our RV as well that way he can look at it and see if there’s going
to be any issues with this RV being on his property and of course you know he’s reviewed me
here. Alright so what will happen is, I will put in the dates and I’ll request
the time that I want to stay with him and then he’ll get back with me and tell
me whether it’s good or not. In this instance I put we’re traveling to the
mountains in Tennessee and we’re looking for a quiet place to stay a few nights
on the way. His response was, “Sure come on in. Call or text when you have an ETA so I
can show you where stuff is.” It’s important to let your host know ahead of
time about what time you’re getting in. Sometimes hosts want to be there and
sometimes they don’t. If they want to be there, you don’t want them waiting around
all day for you to show up. That’ll be the interaction that you have with your
host. Once he confirms my stay I will then get his address and I’ll also get
his phone number and vice versa so we can communicate with each other. Now
let’s do another example of one I haven’t done before.
Let’s try Asheville, North Carolina. We’ll say within 20 miles because I want
to be really close to Asheville. Now, I’m not going to put an arrival date because
I’m just kind of doing some research here. So there’s two in Asheville. Let’s
take a look at this one. A driveway in Asheville, North Carolina He has space for one RV. It has to be
less than 25 feet, so something that Thomas and I have or a van and he’s only
allowing two nights maximum. Now if I go in here and try to click more than two
nights it’s just not going to let me so two nights maximum is his idea of a
perfect stay for him. Now there are some times where it won’t even give a
suggestion. It’ll say, “We’ll see how it goes.” So some people they want to get to
know you first, and if they like you they might extend your stay. If they
don’t then they’re gonna go ahead and ask you to leave. Notice required? Same
day is okay. One month max for her or him. A response rate is a hundred percent.
Usually responds within eight hours. Now here’s what he has to offer. If you
remember in Phil’s… Phil offered everything you could think of.
Unfortunately, with this one he will allow slideouts. No
generators. No barbecues. He does allow lawn chairs. No pets and he only has a
place for you to park your vehicle. That’s all this website requires if you
want to be a host. The only requirement is that you have a spot for somebody to
park their RV and the spot is reasonably level. You’re not required to provide
electricity or water or sewer. Some people who do provide those amenities
will tell you upfront, “I have a $3 a night fee or $5 a night fee.” If
they don’t have a fee it’s okay for you to leave a tip if you’ve you know used a
lot of their stuff. Now this is supposed to be worldwide so let’s just put in a
country just for fun. Italy. So there is one here. Dario’s backyard.
He has space for one RV. It has to be less than 35 feet. Three nights maximum.
Same day is okay. We can click on his profile. He’s had at least two guests
because he’s got two references here and again it shows how old he is, what his
hobbies are, his skills are, and a picture of his RV. So that pretty much wraps up
what Boondockers Welcome is. Thomas and I absolutely love this site. We have
really enjoyed the people that we’ve stayed with. We haven’t had a bad
experience yet, and like I said we’ve stayed at least six or seven times at
different places but the last place we stayed at we stayed 4 whole nights so
it’s been absolutely wonderful. Again, we love it. We would recommend it to anybody
who enjoys meeting new people and just staying places that are kind of off the
beaten path and not necessarily an RV park. If you have a question, don’t
hesitate to leave a comment below I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can.
Feel free to give this video a thumbs up and thank you so much for watching. We
always appreciate you guys in supporting us.


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