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– Baby, you’re hugging a tree right now. You don’t know it, but it loves you. And we love the tree. – [Man] ‘Kay, can we go now? – Yeah. I just wanted to hug one big tree. – [Man] You picked a good one. (upbeat music) – Oh jeez. This is what my hair
looks like this morning. Morning y’all. We woke up at 5:45 A.M. Left our campsite to take
some sick pictures and videos. – Sick. (upbeat music) – [Man] Hey Siri. What are these oil pump rig
things that we’re seeing? – [Siri] My web search turned something up for what are these oil pump rig– – [Man] Oh cool, how to
change oil in a 1995 Suzuki. You don’t know that? – [Woman] Sure. – [Man] Look at all of these oil rigs. That’s crazy. We’re driving on our way
to Sequoyah National Park. Forest? Something, it’s national. – We saw one, and we’re like oh, that’s cool. What is that? – We asKed on Siri how these things work. You guys probably know better, but the motor keeps it
nodding back and forth, – The beam see-saws, up and down. – And it has two ball valves, and it drills into a reservoir, and it has this plunger
and the ball comes up, so it sucks up any oil. And then when it goes back up, the ball goes down to lock it in, and it goes into a system. – Okay. – That’s your educational piece for today. – To the forest. (upbeat music) – [Man] Boom. Nice. It’s that cold, huh? – It’s very cold. – [Man] Woo! That’s very cold. – I wanted like to shower in here but– – [Man] Do it. Take a bath, right here. I’ll help you wash your hair. We haven’t showered in a couple days. It’s very cold. It’s what you gotta do sometimes when you’re on the road. (noises overlapping) – [Man] Don’t put the baby in shock. – I don’t know if I can do this. I can’t, it’s so cold. It touched my head and its too cold. – [Man] That is the biggest Sequoya. – It’s the largest tree on Earth, Bryce. – [Man] Is it really? – Yeah, it says that. There it is. The largest tree on Earth. – [Man] Pew. (upbeat music) – Whoa. This is Sequoya National Park. – Worlds largest trees in the whole world. – Also, I ripped my pants on that dance. – Cool fact, all of these
are the largest trees, they’re not the tallest trees. Redwoods are actually taller. – Some of these Sequoya’s have survived, like what, 80 fires? So when a fire comes it takes away all the saplings and the smaller trees. But the Sequoya’s stay. That shows a fire there. Maybe we’ll name our kid Sequoya. So she can withstand Nelly’s heat. When she’s like really upset. So check out this root. That’s sweet. – It looks like the
tree that we were like, hanging out in on the ocean. – [Man] Oh yeah.
– What was the ocean? This tree is huge. – I am sitting inside a tree that’s been washed up on shore. We might sleep in here tonight. My only concern is look at the tide. That was a year ago. Yeah. Did you guys see that video? When we were out, where was that? That was Forks, Washington. Twilight area.
– Yeah, that’s right. – Look, it’s got a little hut. That’s cool. Check out this. That’s awesome. Sorry, are you still taking photos? – [Woman] Oh, yeah. – Okay. She takes forever. Literally, we waited 20 minutes. And decided to not wait anymore. Sorry baby, we’re bad people. I’m gonna show you just– Here’s what the Juicy Van packed. Dishes. Pots and pans in there. – My favorite part.
– [Man] This is a favorite. Why is it your favorite? – Because, you can have like–
– [Man] Look a fridge. – [Woman] Cold food.
– [Man] And it’s legit cold. To run the fridge 24/7 you just have to make sure that the car is on. For like 30 minutes. And then this parts rad too. A cutting board. – [Woman] And you just, boop. – Five gallons of water there. And then a seven gallon tank
for the waste water to go. And then you just let it out here at a proper RV spot. We’re charging batteries, so we got this going. We’re also powering our
laptop. It’s so nice. And the cool thing, the other day we were
actually trying to find a spot to park and make camp. And because it’s just a mini-van you can park like anywhere. – One more last thing to say. Because this is really important – [Man] Okay. – For those people who
hate rolling up their back packs in their tents. I love the pop-up because our sleeping bag and pillows are still laid out. We just like made it and then shut it. So tonight when we go to sleep, we just open it and crawl in, and our, it’s just all our craps there. – We’re gonna turn off the camera now. Just enjoy our night together. – True that. – We’ll see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music) – Hey Siri. Why does it hate me? Hey Siri. Siri. – You have to say “Hey Siri”. – I did. – No, you slurred it. – Hey Siri. – Hey Siri. – Hey Siri. Hey should not be that complicated. What did you do?


  • Dustin Roggenbuck

    In Texas we call them pumpjacks, don't know if that's the technical name though…after seeing Nellie get flustered with siri, could see where Sequoia would be fitting, just kidding, sure y'all will be amazing, understanding parents..safe travels!

  • Lauren Loussinian

    Wow! Looks fun!! that was literally the coolest "van" ever… love you guys! I can't wait until your baby girl can join y'all on your adventures! <3

  • megachristianvideos

    Dude! this is so cool I was just there! and I stopped along that same road on my way to Sequoia NP Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g21eNQp2iwU

  • D, B and J Horak

    My family and I went their this summer and I got a stuffed bear and named it General Sherman after the one of the trees. We had so much fun. Hope you guys have so much fun to.

  • Amanda Rawsthorne

    The size of them trees. Love the van. Wish we had all your lovely parks to visit and your amazing weather. Get my pains would not be as bad there.
    Will you still post when the baby is here? Xxx

  • Boylan’s Happily Ever After

    This is kind of off the topic of your video… which was awesome!!… if you don’t mind me asking, what is the suction holder for the phone you two have? I need to get Micah one for his work van.

  • Fatih yıldırım

    This product is great for ladies when camping. you should try https://thebuypark.com/collections/bear-dog-spray/products/female-urination-device

  • Ελένη Παπαμηνα

    That mini van it's really cool but I think I'll give you my Christmas wish now !!!!! So I wish to Santa Claus for your next adventure to give you a cool RV !!!!!😁😁😁

  • Rachael A

    I'm currently 32 weeks with our son when I was 13 weeks we went camping at the grand canyon for 5 days! So much fun I even hiked down to the 3 mile rest house 6 mile hike round trip. We want to go back and hike to the Colorado river I just couldn't make it pregnant.

  • Tim Kinsey

    I went to California last summer and it was AMAZING!!! We camped for 2 weeks and went to places like death valley and sequoia. I ended up buying a sequoia tree sapling and its growing really well here in north carolina. I would definitely go there again. Have fun on your trip!!!

  • USA Resident

    I was 6 months pregnant with one of her kids when we went camping. I have a bad back so we always have to take an air mattress. The worst part for me was waking up to the smell of freshly caught fish in frying pans. Blech!!


    I recognize your whole video. You were driving through Bakersfield when you saw the oil fields. The General Sherman is only about a hour from my house. Another place you guys can check out if you want to see amazing redwood trees is a place called trail of 100 giant's. It also is just about 1 1/2 away from my house. We have visited many times and I think you both would enjoy it. Here is some information about it.

    Trail of 100 Giants is an easy, accessible walk through Long Meadow Grove, one of the premier groves of giant sequoias. The grove showcases monarchs estimated to be up to 1,500 years old. About 1.3 miles of paved trail offers several loop options with interpretive signs. Located on the Western Divide Highway (107), facilities include a paved parking area,  restrooms,  picnic area and campground nearby.  A $5.00 per vehicle fee is
    charged to help maintain and improve these facilities. 
    On April 15, 2000, President William J. Clinton proclaimed the establishment of the Giant Sequoia National Monument and made his announcement beneath one of the giant trees at the Trail of 100 Giants.  The grove contains approximately 125 giant sequoias greater than 10 feet in diameter and more than 700 giant sequoias less than 10 feet in diameter.  The largest tree in the grove has a diameter of 20 feet and is 220 feet in height.  The grove defined by the outermost giant sequoia trees covers 341 acres.  It is estimated that the ages of larger giant sequoia trees in the grove are up to 1,500 years old.

  • Amber Dawn Lee

    They are called "pumpjacks" and we used to ride them as teenagers…a couple of my friends died riding pumpkacks. I was more daring and stupid in my teen years….but yep, called Pumpjacks! By the way, can you follow this channel back? It's a good one. 🙂

  • Laura Chelsea

    Watching this because I have back to back camping trips for my class field trips. I will be at the end of my 1st trimester during the first and beginning of my 2nd during the second trip.

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