What is the Camino for us? Is Camino de Santiago worth it? | Our final thoughts, tips and advice
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What is the Camino for us? Is Camino de Santiago worth it? | Our final thoughts, tips and advice

Hello, Friends! In this video we want to share with you our
final thoughts on Camino de Santiago del Norte that we started in Biarritz and finished in
Ribadeo. And before we start we want to make a disclamer
that everything that we say in this video will be solely based on our opinion and on
our experience. And we don’t mean to offend anybody or anybody’s
beliefs etc. First of all we didn’t undestand the main
concept of Camino. That is a religious concept. And the pilgrim doesn’t equal to hiker. And that is because nowadays the Camino became
so popular and so commercialized that is very easy to confuse. And that was our case. The Camino itself showed it to us. The way it goes is for you to be able to get
from one sacred place to the other, from one church to the other. And so are the stages. So they have certain amount of kilometres
that you are to do every day. And sometimes it can be very challenging or
it can be very boring. But it doesn’t matter for the Camino, it just
takes you to the destination to the church or the albergue where you need to stay this
night. And the main purpose of Camino is to get to
Santiago de Compostela as fast as possible. And you have to be ready to be tired and exhausted
most of the days because of big distances that it tells you to do. And also you miss out lots of the beautiful
places, beautiful views and attractions on the way. And we didn’t like this race because our priority
is to film as many scenic locations as possible and to show it to the world. And it’s not important to us how many kilometres
we do a day or whether we get to the destination or not. Actually we hate when we have to be in a hurry
in order to get to some place or destination. Because in that case not only we are suffering
but out footage and photography suffers and that is the most important thing for us. So now we fully undestand that this concept
is not for us. But you always learn by trying and so we think
it was a good lesson for us. The main thing we learnt is that there is
no one perfect way for everybody. And you have to search for your own unique
way. And so if you have similar priorities to ours
and you want to really get to know the places where you are hiking and to visit some scenic
locations – our main advice would be is to use GPS navigation. It may sound boring but it actually gives
you so much more freedom and flexibility in choosing the best route. And we personally been using it non-stop all
the time. And we are very grateful that it is available
to us. It’s a great human invention. And without it we would probably stop our
Camino way earlier that we did. And thanks to that we were able to visit so
many great locations and stunning places that Camino was ignoring. Unfortunately nowadays Camino is not the same
as in old times. We have to face this fact. Lots of routes go in the car roads, sometimes
very dangerous. Because the traffic pollution is huge in this
area. But the places it goes through are amazing. It was our first time at the oceancoast and
it’s absolutely breathtaking. We are completely in love with it and we’ll
definetely be back here to explore more of the area. Because it’s so huge and so beautiful and
there are so many local routes that we can take. So we’ll definetely be back. We were doing it in September and the weather
was perfect for hiking. There were just 4 or 5 rainy or cloudy days. But mostly sunny and warm. So we can totally recommend this month for
hiking. So in the end we do recommend you to hike
the Camino del Norte. Just be smart, use GPS navigation and don’t
do it in 30 days. The best advice we could give to you is to
take more time doing it. And if you want to do it all give yourself
at least two months. And if you don’t have so much time-do a part
of it to have the best experience possible and more memories to last. And this was our last piece of advice to you. If you have any other questions or suggestions
– leave us a comment below. We would love to communicate with you! Buen Camino!


  • Jorge Leonardo Obeso

    Many thanks for taking us along your Camino! …as you figured out, the Camino is not so much the road that you take, the route or stations, but a process of inner self discovery. May you be blessed with more Caminos to discover and share with us . I am looking forward to see where the Camino will take you next, and avidly await your next posts! Buen Camino! … God bless and all the BEST!

  • Walking Nature World

    Thank you everybody for the feedback.
    We decided to answer some of the most common concerns about the video.

    We have never claimed to be pilgrims and probably didn't have a clear idea about pilgrimage in general before we start – we admit that. And our main motivation to do it was to explore this North part of Spain at the oceancoast.

    And of course because filming is one of our passions we had to mention it in the video. We realize that Camino could be quite different if we didn't do it but for us it wasn't really an option. We feel like to us it's the best way to communicate with people is through video and we do it as best as we can. For the same reason we are not so active on the forum as our main focus is on video. But we still try to put our thoughts into words whenever we can.

    We are really sorry for poor sound quality in this particular video. Only after while editing we realized that it's really bad and we unfortunately could do little about it. The mistake was to film too close to the ocean rush. In the future we'll try to avoid it as best as we can.

    In the end we do support the thought that Camino is always different for everybody and everybody takes it for plenty of different reasons. And it's so hard to talk about other people not knowing them close enough so we just stick with our own conclusions.

    As we said in the video we didn't mean to offend anybody and just shared our thought and feelings at that point of time. A lot of people may disagree with us and that is fine, we all can learn a lot from the discussions and arguments.

    Nothing would stop us from doing another Camino in the future even the bad road parts because this is one of the best ways to know the country. And who knows maybe we'll have some different views and opinions after that.

    May everyone be at peace with themselves and know his own right way. Buen camino and hope to continue talking.

    What was your first experience with the Camino? Was it somehow similar to ours? Let us know in the comments.

  • lyle halprin

    As someone who has walked this Camino and 5 others I believe much of what you wrote is inaccurate and needs clarification to say the least. I saw your post and video on the Camino Forum. Firstly and most importantly you stated that the most important thing to you was your camera and the images from it. There is nothing wrong with that at all. But if your purpose in walking was photography then you are not Pilgrims you are tourists that enjoy photography. Secondly, there is no book or guide that instructs you where you are to sleep. They are just suggestions to help you judge distances and the amount of time necessary to finish your walk. Often times one town is picked over another based on the availability of albergues and services. Yes, up until recently the Camino was a religious pilgrimage. I don't know how much about the history of the Camino you know but it is very interesting. I hope you spoke to many pilgrims along the way and found out why people walk now. For every 100 people you meet you will probably get 150 answers. I am glad that you learned to walk as you saw fit to walk. The Camino teaches us to listen to our bodies and that life is only the step we are taking at that moment. But please do not be critical of the Camino as you walked only to enjoy the scenery and to visit historic towns. As I stated you are not Pilgrims you are tourists. So please present yourself like that. Be a tourist and enjoy what Spain has to offer all of us. I also believe that you are trying to generate income for your venture. That is fine and I have no problem with that. Please just be honest and open about that. Just do not be critical of something you were never truly a part of and I doubt ever really understood.

  • Francois Nel

    Thank you for sharing. I do not believe the purpose of a pilgrimage / Camino is to reach the destination in the shortest time possible. In that sense you have perhaps missed the essence of what it is about. It is an inward journey and something that can be done at whatever pace you want to.

  • Walkingtwobytwo

    Thank you for sharing your honesty, I have done many different trails including this one and I enjoyed it but agree a lot with what you are saying and feel much the same way. Well done for your journey.

  • jimmys60ny

    Looks like your research was very poor. Too much religion on a pilgrimage, really? Research would also have proved that the sections listed are just rough guides, did you read the words or did you just scan the maps?
    Since you were self confessed photographers on a bit of a jolly then no surprise it wasn't for you. Try another route having done your homework and try to do it on the sprit of pilgrimage, tell us what you think then.

  • Traci Veno

    A pilgrimage puts God in the first place which is a search for freedom and peace and true love, much different then a hike or a vacation site seeing or a business trip or a study of the nature around or a search for self, and most people use the routes for these purposes calling it the wrong thing. And the reason they go so fast is to save money and time and other reasons, maybe to get it over with because they lost the point. I’m sure people would take longer if they could.
    The pilgrimage as it was originally intended is still the same and can be done the same way and is often done with penance of the heart and prayer. Even if the landscape and buildings change it doesn’t affect a true pilgrimage and you probably won’t find how to do one from what most people do.

    If you want a life changing experience for the better that belongs to everyone in the world. Try a Medjugorje pilgrimage.
    You won’t find anything more beautiful.


  • Theodore Rzepski

    September 2018 My wife and I age 70 walked the Sarria to Santiago section of the Francis route. We found it absorbing and fascinating. But at age 70 it was clear to walk the from France would have been too demanding of time and endurance. We also have full lives with family and grandchildren and my wife is committed to her psychology profession so to spend more that 2 weeks would be to deprive us of our happy everyday life. I'm a practicing Catholic, in the words of Marin Sheen "practicing to get it right", and realized everyone's life is a pilgrimage. The Camino was a worthwhile part of my life's pilgrimage. Would I go to another Spanish pilgrimage? Probably not. We just returned from a trip to Chile's Atacama desert. I want to return. The desert was truly a fascinating place. We went to see the stars of the southern hemisphere and were impressed with the austere beauty of the high altitude environment. The Chilean people were welcoming. Instead of another Spanish Camino, I want to visit Patagonia or the Andes and many other places. It's obvious to me our creator is prolific and there are an infinite amount of places that are sacred.
    The content of your video is fair and the Spanish Camino routes are not for everyone.

  • Neville M

    One of the most motivating reasons for me to even consider walking the Camino is the amount of positive feedback from everyone who walks its. Further inspiration from large no. of pilgrims who go back to do multiply walks on other routes as well. What I don't understand whats your purpose & motivation to create some negative cogitation of your experience by this video. Life is not perfect & no doubt we all experience some negativeness at some stage in life.

  • Los Peregrinos

    I figured out from the beginning. Camino has a spiritual and religious dimension. I believe you are more of PCT or AT kind of people. Yet, Camino is for everyone. Good luck on your next hike.

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