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What Kids Really Want From Vacation | Kid President

-Parents, I have a very
important message for you. Hang on.
Actually, this is all wrong. Rope! Yeah, there we go. This one’s from the heart,
people. Wow. This is a sand castle. Parents, it’s time
for a vacation revolution. We got to make
some sweeping changes. I have been thinking
we need to stop having these half vacations, or vague-cations or even fake-cations. We need to start
having whole vacations. You know when you go away
and give your kids the best gift of all —
your undivided attention. Can I be frank
for a moment? All those fancy roller coasters
and things like room service, that’s cool. We really just want
to spend time with you. Yeah, you.
I know, right? We want a whole house
to run around in and dance. We want to make milkshakes, and
we want to make them in style. It’s time for a milkshake party. You want to have those moments that you might not realize
they’re moments. But they’re totally moments
to us, okay? I can help you to craft a perfect away-from-my-e-mail
e-mail. Whatever your name is,
that’s your part. I can’t write
the whole e-mail for you. That’s cheating. Whoa, this is a nice kitchen. Oh! Sorry it’s time
for an equation. Hey, look, you tell us
all the time, “When I was your age,”
blah blah. It’s time to put your money
where your mouth is. We’re doing this together,
so be a kid again. Look at this amazing
sand castle. It’s great, not because of
its three-story awesomeness. I’m talking about what it means. Flying buttresses like this, they only work when a grown-up
is hanging out with a kid doing kid-like things. We want to build a sand castle and we want
to do it with you. Let’s all put our phones down. I want to see families
going full analog. #nofilters.
#idontknowwhatanalogis. This is a message
to parents of the world, whole vacations. KP out.


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