What To Bring to Navy Boot Camp
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What To Bring to Navy Boot Camp

Boot Camp is one of the first steps toward your Navy career, so it’s important to know what to pack. There’s a whole list of dos and don’ts, so here’s a breakdown of things you CAN bring. It’s appropriate to bring things that are important to you, such as a wedding ring or religious medallion, but they shouldn’t be bigger than the size of a dog tag. You can bring a wristwatch, writing material, pocket dictionary, small address book, prepaid phone card and a pocket Bible. It’s important to bring the toiletry items that make you feel comfortable, so be sure to pack your hairbrush, comb, sanitary items, prescription medication, and if you have a carry on, it must conform to TSA guidelines. You can bring personal identification items such as a Social Security card, photo ID, checkbook, a maximum of $50 and personal documents for dependents. For women who wear makeup, you can bring one of each of the following: face powder, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara. These are ok for certain events. Hair barrettes are perfectly acceptable as long as they match your hair color. Do you wear glasses? If so, you can bring one pair of prescription glasses and reading glasses. It’s important to know that you are not allowed to wear contact lenses during recruit training. If you only wear contact lenses, military glasses will be issued during the first few days. For female recruits, DO NOT bring a swimsuit or any undergarments, these will be issued to you upon arrival. These guidelines are strict, so it’s important to follow them carefully. Any items brought to Boot Camp other than those mentioned will be boxed and sent home upon arrival. We hope this information makes packing easier and clear. If you still have questions, or want to see a list of what NOT to bring, please visit bootcamp.navy.mil


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