What to pack for camp

– Hi again from the camp directors. I’m Heather Pelkey. – And I’m Amy Hughes. – And today, we gonna talk to you about what you need to bring to camp, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of stuff you need to bring. – And it’s pretty important. – So we are an outdoor adventure camp. We are outside every day, rain or shine. And we have a saying around here that if it is raining, we
call it liquid sunshine. So be prepared, bring your raincoats on rain days. And every day, you need to bring… – Bugspray. – Sunblock. – Swimsuit. – Towel. – Water bottle. – Lunch. – Snack. – And with the lunch and snack, there should be an ice pack in that bag because it’s outside and it’s hot. – Oh, creek shoes. – Creek shoes. And they stay here, folks, so those aren’t schlepping
back and forth every day. – It’d be a lot of work. – Some of our younger campers
are gonna need a change of clothes to leave here, including socks and underwear. Those are super-important because if they fall in the creek when they go creeking, they’re gonna want some dry undies. – I believe we have everything. However, if you go to the website, it is actually listed down on the information page for parents. So if we have missed anything, it is there and we will also
probably have another link or two with that list
later on as we go along. – And it’s important for parents to get the kids involved when they’re packing those backpacks to come to camp so the kids
know what they’re bringing. I can’t tell you how big our lost and found gets sometimes, ’cause it overflows because kids just don’t
know what towel they brought because they paid no attention to it. So if you help them and get them involved, it not only keeps them
aware of what’s theirs, it also helps foster that independence. Have a great day!

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