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hey guys I’m back and today I’m doing a video on what to pack for a visit to Iceland today i’m wearing my Icelandic jumper inspired t-shirt the income or gave me I’m actually wearing a teacher because it is quite warm in here is really sunny day outside it’s kind of deer I see it springlake probably snow tomorrow okay so there’s a kind of layering rule of survival here the first one is the obvious one which is thermals and I’ve got some pretty straightforward black thermals here these are murano will they are pricey but they’re a really good investment and I actually got these for my birthday from ingomar and these are fantastic because you don’t really need to wash them too often just hang them up overnight to ear dry the next thing is a fleece layer so I’ve got this fleece from birdhouse scrunch it up threw it in a rucksack or whatever and that’s your second layer and then your outer layer is a breathable jacket or something this is a Reebok and jacket here it’s got some reflective stripes on it which is really good because obviously Iceland is a really dark country most of the winter time or a lot of the winter time and therefore you don’t really want to be dressed in black and and certainly things like hat scarf gloves shoes try and make them bright so that you can be seen as you open about crossing woods and so on having said that all the gloves that I have here are all black first of all I have the fingerless gloves which means that at least you have some form of protection when you’re taking that and Instagram shot or you’re trying to film on the camera outside and then you can whack on the ski gloves or the leather gloves and this is my headband I got this in Iceland I love this literally lives on me and then these two kiddies these were a present from my students when I left my last teaching job a nice really hat and then a big causee pashmina to wrap yourself around in so the next thing you want to think about is your a to wear your jackets and you might want to bring to obviously try and wear these on the airplane to save yourself some room in the packing any time of year you had need to have a good cut with you you are obviously going to be visiting an island and the temperature doesn’t really get above 15 degrees Celsius but it does drop to minus four or five possibly more than that I’m not very sure so the first one I’ve got is my lovely bright pink and jacket this is a down jacket which means that it’s really cause ebay also shrinks right down and can fit into a tiny little bag this is the kind of Trustee throw it in the car and fling up around me for whenever we’re going out for a walk or whatever we’re up to it is down and I wash this before and left for Iceland with a kind of courting so that M is protected is much more durable in washing than and also it’s completely waterproof the next thing I have on the list is cashmere jumpers and if you’re lucky enough and have lots of lovely cashmere in your wardrobe certainly bring it because it’s going to be really soft on your skin and really cozy as well so i have this cashmere jumper it’s three it’s nice long this is from john russo got in their sale in January and it’s got a mixture of wool and cashmere and it’s got 5% cashmere so I’m not huge amount the next thing I would say is completely up to your stale and wardrobe choices so either a big cozy pashmina kind of wrap cardigan sort of thing and we’ll in jumper or a big foodie cozy fleece so I have a hoodie here and it’s got bit pink in it navy blue a big hood got some pockets pills in at the bottom so it keeps you nice and cozy and it’s fleecy as well and then obviously to layer up you need lots of really thin layers so this one is just a simple thin long sleeve top from pre marks really inexpensive I’ve got a couple of different colors in that and then some vest tops as well so the one thing they often forget when I’m packing as pajamas in apartments and hotels in Iceland it can actually be quite more we often sleep with the window wide open which seems kind of crazy when it’s snowing outside but the buildings are concrete so they retain the heat throughout quite a lot and there’s a lot of energy around to be heating the building so think about what you’re actually packing in your pajamas so I just have a simple cotton t-shirt and and some really lightweight cotton trousers that I just kind of paired together and for just a red house put on slipper socks these also double up really well in my hiking boots and snow boots for hikes as well so a range of different trousers leggings that kind of thing is what you’re looking for I quite often just double up two pairs of leggings or thin pair of leggings on top of my thermals and then I take my waterproof trousers with me these are just simple black fleece lined leggings from pre mark and probably really inexpensive the next thing I have are some lycra leggings for kind of the gym for running and so on and these are really good if you’re going on a hike like a glacier hike or something because you’ve got a good thick berry earlier but they’re obviously very comfortable and easy to move in and these are from sweaty Betty really like pattern on them something fun like that is always good and then your outer layer so I’ve got watch proof trousers here I got the ones that have a big elasticated waistband so you can kind of peel them on and off really quickly and they’ve also got kind of 90s style poppers down the sides of them with a zip so that if you feel warm whilst hiking you can kind of get a bit of ear into your legs if need be and lastly for the trainers I’ve got some salad pets here so ski trousers really cause II I’ve not even had these on yet and but i’ll make sure to pack these the next time that we’re off there’s obviously the essentials like underwear and make sure that you have some really good sensible socks with you these ones are alpaca I got these in Ecuador a couple years ago and they’re really cozy and warm so I have these tucked into my snow boots for whenever I need to be using them and if we completely lost in Iceland if you don’t bring your swimwear so all these amazing secret pills hidden pools geothermal pools blue lagoons all that kind of thing make sure you’ve got your swim stuff with you ice lenders in general quite a relaxed country Reykjavik is and a very laid back kind of atmosphere to it the people here are very trendy they dress very stylish Lee but people are generally quite relaxed in their appearance you don’t necessarily need to be dressing up too much so I would say bring a dress with you and a good pair of tights I’ve got a pair here that are from pre mark their fleece lined tights really cause a not very expensive once again so by a couple of these you can always put them underneath your trousers or something if you’re getting cold through the day and I’ve got a cotton dress Cotton’s not the best choice because obviously if you’re going to get wet or you sweat or anything like that when you’re out and about and it’s not going to dry very quickly but for a meal or something you’re going to be fine so a dress like something like this that’s going to and not crease in your luggage will be fine and finally down to fit wear and one of the more important things that you will need here is definitely some good grip footwear so something like hiking boots perfect you will be wearing the most of the time and if you’ve got any snow boots great don’t necessarily go out and buy them through but bring a pair of trainers as well so the first thing I’ve got are mine I trainers I wear these just kind of open about their really easy just to slip on and I’ve started going to zumba here so I use them for that as well now I’ve got two pairs of hiking boots here with me I’ve got my old high tech ones that are and probably about 10 years old by now if there have been heavily used but I don’t mind them getting a bit bashed in and then I’ve got these brand new birdhouse ones that I bought just before I came over here and and make sure that I spray these with a kind of em backs waterproof spray and really look after these ones and then these are the investment that i made last year and i’m quite proud of these babies these are my snow boots they are huge and there are serious serious boots they’ve got rubber basis to them a really good grip on them and a sweet outerwear and then fleece lined inside the other essential thing you’ll need with you is some really good moisturizer products so because I suffer with dry skin anyway I tend to use the aveeno range it is fantastic it smells lovely as well clinique is always a really excellent brand to be using and when I feel like my face needs an extra bit of oil I put on this it’s the botanics power plant facial oil and it’s one hundred percent organic and then I always have all these sharp hsieh butter hand moisturizer as for makeup I try to just kind of bring the beer essentials with me especially if you’re traveling with just hand luggage a small makeup bag like this which is clear so that you can get through security everything now if you wear glasses make sure you bring your glasses case and cleaner and contact lenses extra solution all that kind of thing make sure you’ve got good sunglasses with you because it does get very glary here because there’s so much snow and obviously you’re going to want to take lots of water grass and maybe even love your trip so make sure you’ve got your camera with you and last but not least chargers so that’s everything for this packing video you’ve got any questions put them in the comments below i’m going to try and put some links to the actions that i’ve been talking about in the downbar so make sure you click there for more information hit the thumbs up so that more people see this video and feel free to share it and subscribe to my channel I’ll see you soon hi


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