What to take on a high altitude trek
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What to take on a high altitude trek

Hey everyone, I am Swathi, if you are watching
this video you are probably getting ready for a high altitude trek, which is awesome,
I get super excited before each of my treks. So today I am show you everything that
you need to take on your high altitude trek, I am assuming you are going on a summer trek and that’s one week long, that would be a Roopkund, Rupin pass, Buranghati, Hampta pass, any of these trek, this is what you will need to take. So, let’s get started. Now, in summer, if you are in Delhi, Bangalore,
Chennai, its going to be 40 degrees but in the mountains its going to be cold so if its
summer you will need to take 3 warm clothes at least. So first thing, take a woolen sweater, something
like this, it needs to be light, don’t take something very heavy, it needs to be light
and compact and it needs to serve the purpose to keep you warm, so take a woolen sweater,
that’s your first layer, next will be a fleece jacket, now, fleece is very light,
this jacket here I don’t think it weighs more than 50gms,seriously. So take a fleece
jacket, its light, inexpensive and easily available, so take a fleece jacket. Next is a padded jacket, now, when you are
climbing at high altitude, as you go higher it is going to get colder so in the night
the temperature could drop around even below 0 degrees so as you do the summit climb and things you will need a thicker jacket, so take a warm padded jacket, something like this, it should
keep you insulated and warm,make sure you take this, don’t miss out on it because
you don’t know how useful it is as you climb higher. Now, these three things you will be taking
apart from your t-shirts. One thing I would like to point out,this is for a summer trek,
if you are going in October-November, add one more layer to this and if you are going
in December you will be carrying a total of 5 layers, that’s mandatory ok, don’t forget
it.This is all apart from your t-shirts. Now, take 3 t-shirts atleast, take collared
t-shirts so that it will cover your neck, you can put up the collar and it will cover
your neck so you don’t get sun-burnt around your neck. If you can take full-sleeved t-shirts as well
,if you take 3 t-shirts it will be enough, because you can rotate these things, you can wear two shirts ,if the inner one gets dirty, wear it outside the next day, so you can also use
this to insulate yourself. Two t-shirts are as good as one sweater so. So, make sure you take at least 3 t-shirts,
don’t take more, you will be over loading yourself. Apart from your t-shirts you need two trekking pants. Trekking pants are not the same as track pants, these are cotton trekking pants, they are light and compact and even if it gets wet
it will dry up quickly, so take trekking pants. Track pants avoid them unless you don’t
get these. If you are buying track pants then make sure
that you take really thin and non bulky ones. It shouldn’t be very baggy also. It should fit you well so that you are comfortable
to trek in it. So, that’s that. Inside, at night, you can wear thermals but
in summer it is really not necessary but in winter you should take these thermals, these
thermals will keep you warm and cozy at night. You just need to wear thermals and one track pants over it and you will be fine. Don’t wear this while trekking because you
will need it fresh every night, don’t let it get sweaty, just wear it for the night
and keep it for the night. So, apart from your thermals, that sort of
covers your clothes, keep 3 pairs of under garments at least. Girls, you can carry sports bras, they are
more comfortable, and guys, avoid boxers, wear the other regular underwear. So, that should cover your clothes, now I
am going to get to the accessories. I am going to start from head to toe. First thing is a sun cap, now, in the mountains
its going to be quite very sunny, even early in the morning at 5:30 6 o clock, the sun
comes out and you will need to wear a cap. You can wear a cap like this, something with
flaps, this will protect your neck and the back of your ears and everything. I think, so you don’t even need to apply sunscreen all over the place, you can just wear this cap and you
will be fine. This is for the day, make sure you carry it. And at night you will need something to keep
your head warm, remember most of the heat escapes through your head so you need to cover your head and your ears so take a balaclava or a woolen cap. I knit this myself so I am taking this on
my next trek. So, this should cover your ears and everything. That’s a woolen cap, now next thing is your
neck, you need a neck warmer, this you will be using only mostly in the evening or when
its windy so you will need a neck warmer. This is called a neck warmer, it is made of
fleece, all you need to do it put it on over your neck and that’s it,..it will keep you
warm. One more thing you need to take is sunglasses,
don’t forget sunglasses cause you will be trekking in snow whether its summer or winter
and you will need to protect your eyes. Snow-blindness is very common if you don’t take sunglasses
and now to keep your hands and feet warm you need gloves so don’t take woolen gloves
cos you will be handling snow and when there is snow your woolen gloves will get wet and
they won’t be of any use so take something like this. These are synthetic gloves, they are water
resistant and they will keep you very warm, in fact your palms might just get sweaty inside,
so just take something warm and nice. And for your feet you need a good pair of
socks, I used sports socks always,they are cotton and come up till here,..dont wear ankle
length socks on your trek, wear sports socks and for the night you can keep woolen socks,
they will keep you really warm.If you don’t get woolen socks also its fine, you don’t
need it on a summer trek, you can just wear two sports sock and you will be fine. Now, apart from these accessories you need
something very important, a poncho. Now, a poncho is basically like a raincoat but it
covers you all the way from your head to your toe, including your back-pack.So use a poncho
all the time, you don’t know when its going to rain in the mountains or when its going
to snow so you really need this, it is mandatory to carry one, otherwise it will ruin your
trek. So, apart from your poncho you will need a
headlamp. This headlamp, you can slip it on your head,
like this,..and you can use this to go to the loo at night ,..if you need to step out
anytimejust use a headlamp. If you don’t find a headlamp you can use
a torch but try and get this, it is available at sports stores. Its more convenient. After
headlamp another mandatory thing is a trekking pole . Now, on a high altitude trek you will
be climbing up and down and its going to be quite tiring. This will save you 40% of your energy.Make
sure you take a trekking pole, if you don’t know where you find it you can buy it from
us, we have an online store.The next two things I am going to talk about are your toilet kit and
medical kit.So, your medical kit, we have made a lists of medicines that you need to
carry, make sure you carry, only those medicines except if you are already taking some medication
you can carry those but make sure you ration these things out among your friends, so lets
say,5 of you coming on this trek,then you can share your medical kit and toilet kit,
your toilet kit should consists of toothbrush,toothpaste , moisturizer, preferably petroleum jelly
and your face wash.My face wash doubles up as my handwash and everything else so just
take one soap. And then you can take chapsticks, your lips
ted to chap a lot at high altitude, so take that. Now all these things you can share with your
trek mates so make sure you take little bit if you are going in a big group.Now, sunscreen
is one thing that your toilet kit should include, make it above SPF 40 and use it every 3 hours
if you are on a trek, make sure you carry sunscreen ,its very useful, and also toilet
paper. Now, in the mountains we usually have dry toilets where there wont be much water
so you need toilet papers, take that, if you are trekking with Indiahikes we also insists
that all trekkers carry their own cutlery so you will need to bring a mug, a lunch box
and a spoon. Now, why do we ask trekkers to bring this
is because its not fair to expect one person to wash everyone’s dishes. Its high altitude and the water is very cold,
your hands will freeze by the time you can even wash one mug so make sure you take your
cutlery and wash them after every meal . you will need a lunch box, mug and spoon, don’t
forget this. If you have forgotten this mention it to your
trek leader on the first day and he will help you out somehow. And apart from these two cutlery things you
will need two water bottles, take two one liter bottles, like this,.. avoid mineral
water bottles that you can discard on your trek. Do not leave anything that you take behind. So take water bottles that you will not discard. So apart from the water bottles you will need
a pair of extra slippers, you can take floaters or flip-flops, whatever works for you.You
will use this at the camp site.It is difficult to get in and out of your shoes so you will
be taking flip-flops, you can take something like this .This also ,if you are going with
a group then maybe one person can carry slippers and three of you can use it one after the
other. One thing I would like to say is do not pack
for ‘if’ situations on a trek, you do not need to think , ‘oh my god, its gonna rain,
I need to wear clothes,’ all that doesn’t work at high altitude. The idea is to carry as less things as possible,
so don’t over load yourself because you will need to carry a back-pack and climb up. Now, last two things I will talk about is
spare plastic bags, you will need this for your used undergarments or used socks, and
also always carry spare zip locks, so women can use it to wrap their pads, sanitary napkins
and everything and put it in a zip lock bag and bring it down. And also carry a face towel, a very light
one that doesn’t weigh much, if you have a runny nose on the trek or if you wash your
face you can use a light faced towel, don’t carry a heavy towels please,you will not get
to have a bath on your trek and so don’t carry a heavy towel or shampoo sachets or
anything ,just carry as minimal things as possible. One last thing you will need to carry is a
day pack. A day pack is a small back-pack that you can
use to keep water bottles and your basic requirements like your first aid kit and maybe one sweater,
just in case it gets very cold.So, take a bag that can be folded and made very small,
it should fit in any corner of your back-pack basically . This will come of use just in
case you decide to offload your back-pack, you will need to carry your minimal requirements
in this and also on the day of your summit climb, if you are going on the Chandrashila
summit climb or something, you will be going to the summit and coming back to the base
of the summit so you can just carry this back-pack and leave your big pack-pack at the base.So
that’s where this will come of use, make sure you take it. Now, I am going to put all these things in
a 55litre back-pack, that’s the size of the backpack you will need. Around 55 to
60 liters and that’s it, you are good to go if you have all these things .


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