What Would You Choose to Survive? HARDEST TEST EVER
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What Would You Choose to Survive? HARDEST TEST EVER

What would you choose to survive Okay Daredevils here you go. What would you choose to survive? The hardest test ever The choices you have to make in this video will show how good your survival skills are That means you got to be even more attentive and thoughtful than usual so wake up No take a deep breath, and let’s see how well you do Elevator escape So you’re stuck on the top floor of a skyscraper to add fuel to the fire Now it’s not burning this building is about to be demolished There’s not a single soul around to help you out. There are no windows or stairs in this construction All you can do to get out to safety is one of three elevators. Oh No, you didn’t think it would be so easy Did you? mm-hmm The first elevator is occupied by an extremely dangerous spider with such potent venom that if it bites you you’ll be dead in under three seconds how charming The second elevator is full of mosquitoes that carry a fatal disease. It’s incredibly difficult to find a vaccine for this infection as For the third elevator its shaft is filled to the brim with boiling water Where do they come up with this stuff if you decide to go down in this elevator the water will? Definitely seep into the cabin and scald you to death So you’re in a pretty tight spot? And you have to pick one elevator to get out of the building before the demolition starts, which one will it be It’s a tough choice, and you have just 15 seconds to get out of this life-or-death situation If you decided to go down in the mosquito infested elevator Then you’ve made the right choice first off. You can’t be 100% sure that they’ll bite you they might just leave you alone Secondly however small. There is a chance to find a vaccine that’s better than 9 The cave crisis Well, it’s not your day. You’ve gotten lost in a cave Maybe you’re an esteemed speel allergist or an adrenaline junkie spelunker. Hey be the spelunker. It’s a whole lot easier to pronounce Anyway, what matters is that it’s your first time in this particular cave and you don’t have a clue where to go and as soon As you decide to head back to where you came from you see that the tunnel that led you inside has become blocked by fallen stones and Then you notice five passages each of them can take you outside But alas nothing in this life is so simple each of them contains grave danger in Passage number one. You will be greeted by a landslide, and the tunnel will immediately fill with stones Poisonous gas fills passage number two it’s extremely toxic to animals. Did you bring your dog? Passage number. Three is home to huge blood sucking bats. If you get bitten by one of these monsters You will be infected with a deadly disease Passage number four is a little too steamy for comfort. It’s filled with hot lava ready to sear you in seconds Radioactive plants grow in passage number five radioactive plant the huge doses of radiation they emit kill instantly So which tunnel would you choose to get out of this crisis? You have 15 seconds to decide? What scares you the most? fire radiation poisoning perhaps blood sucking beasts Well in fact all the passages will lead to your untimely demise all but one the Tunnel filled with gas how so you had to be very attentive to notice that the gas kills only animals You aren’t an animal are you? Well to split hairs I kind of am an animal, but you know that’s not the thing so the gas is the right answer The door to freedom You’re locked in a prison cell you’ve been given some food and a bucket of water enough to last for three days However you do have a chance at freedom There are three doors surprise surprise leading out of the cell but the first reveals a 20-foot wall of fire the second leads to a polar bear with her cub and Behind the third one there’s of course a lake full of hungry crocodiles you have 15 seconds to decide which door will set you free If you’re still not sure sorry, but it was kind of a trick question Door number 3 will help you escape through the first door you Should use your bucket to fight the fire with the water from the lake while distracting the crocodiles with your food Forget about the second door the bear will try to protect her cub. Even if you offer it your food The haunted castle It’s Halloween night you and a couple of your friends jokingly decide to go into a haunted castle Because you’re stupid. It’s all fun and games until you enter the foyer That’s when the front door slams shut behind your back You’re now scared out of your mind But it gets worse you hear a creepy voice not mine coming out of nowhere and say alright. I’ll do the voice There are four doors in this room, and if you want to make it out of my castle alive You’ll need to choose only one of them you’ll be given a gun with just one silver bullet that can kill any animal if You open the first door you’ll find a raging fire behind it Upon opening the second door you’ll be met by two Fire-breathing dragons ready to burn you to ashes And the third door will surprise you with a ravenous lion and a wolf hiding inside Behind the fourth door. There’s a pool of hungry sharks So guys, what will your choice be? You and your friends have just 15 seconds to get out of this trap alive If you’ve chosen the third door congratulations You’re absolutely right the thing is that if the line is hungry It would devour the wolf and remain the lone survivor in the room This way you and your pals can use the bullet to kill the lion and get out of this spine-chilling castle a Dangerous game You’ve been kidnapped by a mad scientist that wants to do unspeakable experiments on you He tells you that you can win your freedom back The only thing you have to do to get out is to go through one of three doors all right What’s with the ominous door thing here? Anyway behind the first door there are motion sensors if you activate any of them You’ll be frozen on the spot by a powerful release of liquid nitrogen brew Behind the second door you’ll be met by a crazy serial killer who killed 357 people all of whom were eating oatmeal get it cereal way back in 1836 if you enter the third door you’ll be showered in acid if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a liquid pick this door without a doubt So the choice is obviously incredibly hard, and what’s even worse you have just 15 seconds to plan your life-saving strategy If you paid attention to the details you must have heard that the serial killer was scaring the daylights out of people way back in 1836 So what’s the worst thing? You’ll see behind the second door a dirty old skeleton bowls of oatmeal hmm there you go? The second door is your exit to freedom So which riddle was the most baffling for you tell us in the comments below Also, be sure to let us know if you managed to survive any of these scary riddles Share this video with your friends. They’ll surely have a ton of fun remember to hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel We have a lot of super cool stuff on the bright side


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