What’s in my Camera Bag 2017 | Landscape Photography Edition
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What’s in my Camera Bag 2017 | Landscape Photography Edition

Hello today I’m still in Snowdonia so I
thought I would take a moment to talk about what’s in my landscape photography
bag for 2017. Today as well this video is sponsored by Squarespace
if you need a website a domain an online store, then make your next move with
Squarespace. Ok, Snowdonia is just absolutely incredibly beautiful so it’s
been a good trip here I’m gonna be heading home at the end of today I just
wanted to show you a little bit of this beautiful area and then we’ll talk about
the stuff I’ve been using to capture it. Okay so first up we have the bag…. and
this is the F-stop Sukha bag it is probably one of the best bags I have
ever owned. It is so well built and it just carries everything you need this is
quite a big bag probably too big for most people’s needs
but because I’m doing video because I’m doing stills as well I want to have
something that will carry it all as well as a little bit of extra gear like food
and that sort of thing so F-stop Gear bag this the first thing, absolutely
brilliant, it’s waterproof as well which is perfect for some of these mountainous
conditions that I’m dealing with so you just put the bag flat down here and they
call this the workstation so we just open the bag up like this and then you
have access to all your gear first thing my main shooting camera is the Canon 5d
Mark IV this is an absolutely spectacular camera undoubtedly the best
camera I have ever owned it’s perfect for landscape photography as well as
pretty much everything else it’s a real all-rounder but for landscape
photography it is got it’s got high high image quality the resolution is very
large as well it’s got a great big dynamic range as well which is very
helpful for those sunny contrasty situations so I’m very happy with this
the main lens that I use for landscaping is this canon 17-40mm, it’s not
the best lens in the world but it does do a very good job for what I need it for
and that is my sort of wider angle landscapes and it’s still really sharp
it’s still very good so I’ve just found no reason to upgrade to one of the newer
and slightly higher quality 16-35mm lenses so that is the lens
I’m using at the moment the Canon 17-40mm the other main lens I use is
the Tamron 24-70 lens. I use this Tamron one because it comes with image
stabilisation I have been using this for a long time now and it’s just a great
lens in terms of image quality it sort of compares to the old Canon version
there is a mark 2 Canon version out which is slightly better on image
quality and things but I really wanted image stabilization particularly when
you shooting video and then third and final lens that I generally will carry
with me is the Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens this is the cheapest version of the lot it’s
not the 2.8 version it’s just the f4 version and it also doesn’t have image
stabilization on this. The reason I’ve gone for this one is because it’s the
lightest and when you’re lugging all this gear up mountains and things like I am
weight is a big factor. This is a heavy bag there’s no doubt about it but I like
to keep the weight down as much as I possibly can. Okay what else?
I have filters that’s the main thing next and as you know I don’t really use
ND grads. I use screw on filters so I have 2 ND solid filters there, they are a 10
stop and a 6 stop. Sometimes I combine them together to give me 16 stops of
light reduction. I then have a infrared filter…….. not done a lot of infrared
photography recently but it is something I like to do now and again so I still
carry that around for when the time is right. I then have three different Hoya
circular polarisers just for the different size filter threads I don’t
use a filter system either that’s just my personal choice I like to use the
screw on ones because if you look at this lens here I just leave it screwed
on and then I’ve still got it ready on this lens as well so I don’t need to
keep taking it off and putting it on, that just works for me.
So tripod wise I have just upgraded to the Manfrotto 055 carbon version.
Again, I’m thinking a lot about lightness with the bad back I’ve been suffering I
want to get as light as possible so I’ve upgraded to 055, it’s much lighter it’s
about 500 grams lighter than the aluminium version and while that
doesn’t sound like a lot when you’re carrying it up these mountains that
really does make a difference. I’ve then got a slightly older ball head on top of
there but it does the job for me so I’ve seen no reason to upgrade that up to
this point. I’ve then been carrying around a few lens hoods and things like that
don’t often use that but now and again they’re pretty good and I’ve stopped
carrying around a intervalometer and also a shutter release cable because
Canon 5d Mark 4 has that built-in so when I’m trying to avoid camera shake
and things I’ll just use the two second timer I just find it a lot easier it
speeds up my workflow it’s just one less bit of gear that I need to bring with me
so that is pretty much my landscape still setup.
I do also shoot a lot of video which is why I’ve got this bag here, at the moment
I’m filming this on the Canon 800d (T7i), I reviewed that not so long ago that it’s
also a really great camera for doing landscapes as well so if you’re looking
for a crop sensor camera you might want to check that one out I have the Rode
Videomic Pro here as well I use that when it’s not as windy and then to
record the audio at the moment I’m using the rode filmmaker kit which is…… loads of
planes going across today…… That’s the overall setup and do carry an extra
couple of things which this bag holds I’ve got my food and first-aid kits and
torch when I’m walking home in the dark which I do a lot. Other safety bits and
pieces…… compass, map, whistle, knife that kind of thing, all those sorts of things
you need when you’re going to be isolated in these locations and then
I’ve just got spare cards, batteries things like that which are an
absolute must because stuff goes wrong all the time so you need to have backups
for those types of things. So that’s pretty much it, the one other thing that
is all part of your landscape photography for me is having a presence
online and I am using Squarespace. I’ve been using Squarespace for a little
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enjoyed this video I hope it’s been useful you get an idea of what I’m using
leave a comment down below and let me know what you think I’ll see you on
another video very very soon I’m Adam this is First Man Photography
in the amazing Snowdonia Out!!!


  • Daniel Sandberg

    YAY cap is the right way lol
    Just got the Sigma 15-30, instead of getting the 17-40, for my 6D. I "saved" £200 on this and love the Sigma lens.
    When I get rich and famous Im getting the Canon lenses at longer mm
    Nice video Sir 🙂

  • DefinedLens

    I really need to get myself one of the F-stop bags! they look really comfortable and take a lot of gear! Great video as always! 🙂

  • scotty4418

    Just picked up a 24-70mm canon lens and itching to get out after my holidays as I bought a 70-200mm recently. Do you solely use maps or do you use anything else Adam?

  • Sajjad Al-Lawati

    Hi…Thanks for the wonderful video..since you have mentioned infrared filter can you do one video of infrared black and white please

  • Nick Cagol

    Thanks for sharing with us this video! I want to ask an advice: I'm going to buy an F-Stop backpack and I have a camera setup similar to yours (I don't have the 24-70 right now but I'll probably get one someday). Which size of the ICU do you suggest? Thanks so much 😉

  • First Man Photography

    I am really interested to know what is your next planned gear purchase and also what is your dream 'money is no object' purchase?

    Some people will say the gear or the camera doesn't matter and they are just tools. Yes, they are the tools of our trade….. but I absolutely love them. I love the tactile feel of the camera in my hands, the buttons, twisting on lenses and setting up tripods. I love the technology and I enjoy talking about. It was the marriage of art and technology that attracted me to photography in the first place. I get asked about my gear a lot and I am very happy to talk about it. I love everything about photography and the gear is a big part of it.

  • Dave Vowles

    Saving saving saving, my tripod (Velbon EX 640) which I am quite happy with but doesn't have the ball head which I am now wanting. My next want is the Canon 24-70, 2.8L ii lens. The main drawback is disposable income, so I have to keep saving the pennies. Very interested in your tripod though. Thanks for showing mate enjoyed it.

  • Miguel A. Corona

    Thanks for sharing Adam and congrats on the sponsorship. Well done. My "dream" purchase would be to upgrade to a full frame set up. I' have been learning so much while using my Nikon crop sensor camera (mine has 90+ percent of the full frame features) but would really like to have the extra power once my skills and experience get "to the next level." But for now, very happy with my gear set up. Thanks again and safe travels!

  • Anci

    Hiya Adam. I have a question regarding long exposures with the 5D Mark IV without an intervalometer. My 80D is capped at 30 second exposure so I still need something to keep the shutter open longer than that with my ND filters on. Could you explain how it works with a 5D (and perhaps if other newer cameras have the same function?)

  • Dion Wright

    It's always great to hear what fellow photographers carry in/on their bags. Mine is usually full with 2 cameras and 6 lenses due to the nature of what I do. With no transportation of my own, it's good for me to have the kit for just about anything. Wildlife and landscapes are brilliant but if you can't get back to a location because of the cost of travel, being prepared really helps. Mind you it can be a hell of a weight lol. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the video.

  • Sean Donno

    Always enjoy your videos, so thanks for taking the time to share with us all. I was 'bought' into the Nikon cameras and have had a couple, but now have just the D7200. But, I have just got a Fujifilm X-T20 and absolutely love it. Small, light and great quality images. Going to spend more time with it, but I can see myself tempted to sell/trade the Nikon gear and go with an X-T2 set up. No need for heavy large backpacks then 😉

  • Arwin House

    Hey Adam.. I recently got the mark 4 after a lot of researching.. your mark 4 review was the one that helped me decide. 🙂 I'm looking to get the same "cheap" 70-200 you have because of my other one is a really heavyweighter. I would like to get a dji mavic and a smaller 4K camera for some projects I would like to do.

  • John Bentley

    At the moment I am going through a one camera, one lens phase. I recent moved to full frame and switched from my canon 650D to the Sony A7 with 28-70mm kit lens. I quite enjoy the lightweight of this approach and it allows me to really understand my camera and lens. If I have a specific image in mind I add my Tamron 11-18 wide angle with adapter. I was surprised to find this actually works in full frame mode and gives my afocal length of 14-18 mm without vignetting. This is awesome and much wider than the 11mm on a crop camera. I also kept my Canon L100-400 which I will sometimes use if I am shooting wildlife or for a tele image. If I am working from my car and don't have anything in mind I can put all three lens in a bag. I also have a Manfrotto 055 but not carbon fibre. I recently purchased the manfrotto Befree travel tripod which lightens the load when I am hiking. I love watching these types of videos because we all have very different approaches that work for us as individuals. Thank you for sharing.

  • Andy McDonald Photography

    Thanks for sharing what gear you take out with you. Hopefully my next lens will be a 70-200 f4 but I am debating whether to get the IS one or not, seems to be only 50 ish grams heavier but a good few hundred pounds more. Is the difference in price really worth it for IS for landscapes and occasional hand held shots? If money were no object I would move up to full frame with the 5D mk IV, 24-70 and 16-3 2.8. Currently shooting on a 70D but full frame is definitely my next move.

  • Mike Perea Photography

    I love my F Stop bags. I have the Sukha and the Ajna. Amazing. I carry a D810, 15-30, 24-70, 70-200 plus a mavic pro all in my pro large ICU. It's heavy as hell but doesn't feel heavy on my back. I'd like to upgrade to the new Nikon D850!

  • John E

    Totally agree on the 70-200 F/4 I shoot Nikon but the weight savings is still the same and I never need 2.8 shooting landscapes. Congrats on the square space sponsor. Been using them for 3 years, quality service.

  • Andrew Marr

    I enjoy looking through what other photographers have in their bag and listen to reasoning behind each choice of gear. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new from the experience of others. You have me thinking now about possibly upgrading my vlogging camera (and mic). This was a great video Adam in such a beautiful location as well. Thanks also for featuring my video at the end, really appreciate it mate! 👍

  • Tim Blake

    Great video Adam. It's always good to see what other photographers have in there bag. I also use the 17-40 albeit on a 7dmkii crop sensor, and I really like it, I am also currently saving for a canon 70-200 f4 I was going to go with a sigma f2.8, but not sure I will need the extra stop or 2 of light, I'm still a bit undecided. Anyway looking forward to your next video.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Paul Burwood

    Hi Adam. If I understood you correctly, you don't use any remote shutter release; so do I therefore assume the 5Dmk4 goes beyond 30s without having to use bulb mode, especially if you use both your 6 stop and 10 stop ND filters together?

  • Rob Outen Photography

    Great vlog Adam, congratulations on getting sponsorship for you channel. Great to see what you carry as I always carry the kitchen skin with me!! Thanks for sharing.

  • ΝΟΜΛ

    nice one adam. im still hoping you'll do some kind of clothing basics run down? i remember seeing some gloves you were using last winter but couldn't figure out what they were. all well and good having the gear protected but useless if the hands are inoperable 🙂

  • Mike Mitchell


    The "bag tour" is much appreciated. It looks like you have everything you need and nothing you don't!

    My next gear purchase will be a Really Right stuff 'pod and ball head. I've been using three different Gitzos for 30+ years, I can't kill-'em, but their weight may kill me. I'm also looking to use a tripod with no center column for a change. We'll see…

    Lookin' forward to your next Snowdonia report.


  • sexysilversurfer

    With all that gear you carry you should join the army! I noticed you said you don't use graduated filters, is the dynamic range of the mkiv that good that you don't need them?

  • Anci

    Regarding your filters, Adam. The ND filters look like B+W filters to me, are they MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) or just normal ones? Been meaning to get proper ones and I'm just curious as to how easily normal ones scratch (or don't scratch).

  • David Raynor

    i got that tripod at the same time has a couple of top lenses then had car taken away so only got to use tri pod once has no way of gettin to locations now so disappointing but good luck is a stranger to us but enjoyed the video

  • Canonista

    The 70-200 f2.8 IS is so worth the extra money. I know £2k (brand new) is hell of a hit but its such an investment. Put your money in glass

  • ylemort

    I have practically the same configuration during my hikes this summer in the Dolomites with the Canon 5D MKIV, 24-105mm 100-400mm and I can confirm that bag f-stop shuka is perfect(Just bought on extra the Rain cover for heavy rains), I find the ideal size to carry some extra suit warm clothes for example and support it is very comfortable .
    thank you for this video and congratulations for the beautiful pictures that I could see on your site

  • haamid kamal

    does the canon 24-105 brings a significant change to a canon 700d from the kit lens (18-55). i am planning on buying the former secondhand. please help.

  • Yamanotefy

    It is so nice to see you presenting your gear outside, in the landscape you love so much.
    That makes it authentic and charming as always and straight to the point using it for photos (and no endless comparisons online without any output).

  • Pixel Komando Photography

    Hello @First Man Photography, this is an off-topic question… Could you make a video about 500px? How to use it? How to get followers? How to be a cool photographer on there? I've got the feeling i'm not a bad/Poour photographer but this website makes me cry, no followers, i'm a 90 pulse man 🙂

  • jalbani77

    About the tripod. Is 055 sturdy enough for slower shutter speeds with tele lenses? I'm about to replace my Manfrotto 190go cf with something sturdier, because I can't get sharp images with it, when using my 70-200gm lens at the long end and shutter speed is longer than 0,5s.

  • Dennis C

    hi adam, i have just upgraded from the 7Dmkii to the 5Dmkiv, i have purchased the canon 17 40mm for my landscapes. i know you also do weddings what lenses do you use on the mkiv for the weddings.

  • Dennis C

    no not with that lens.my flash speedlights are over 2 yrs old and i have read the mkiv has ettl exposure problems with old flash guns.

  • mike Kay

    You mentioned doing video with the 5D; can you shoot through the viewfinder? I just hired a Canon 80D for three months and found I had to video through the LCD screen; not easy to do in Queensland. Just subscribed; like your style and photography.
    Mike in Oz

  • TheMobileMan

    Thanks for another informative video Adam.   I'm curious to know if you ever bother to micro-adjust your autofocus in your Canon cameras?

  • WuschelofDespair

    Canon makes great cameras, but if you are so concerned about weight why not go with a Sony A7r? I think it should also have a better dynamic range and higher resolution than the 5D. I love Canon (shooting on a 60D) but they really need to step up their game I think, especially if you compare prices

  • Diljeet John

    So, I have subscribed to your channel after watching just one video about "5 reasons to get the 50mm prime lens". And your landscape photography is amazing, followed you on Instagram. When I read the title of this video, I thought you may also suggest some entry-level wide angle lenses. As you might have guessed by now, I'm a beginner with an interest in landscape photography. I see that the others who have commented are all experienced photographers, so please excuse me for asking this but could you please suggest some cheap entry-level wide angle lenses that are great for landscape photography? And keep up the good work. Cheers!

  • Plastic Hooks

    G'day mate. Hope all is well. What sort of Hoya polariser filter do you use? The prices range from $69 to $360. It is really confusing to know what to buy.

  • craig wilson

    can i just ask your view on what camera I should buy next, I'm toying with the canon 200d (new) of canon 5d mk2 (used) I'm new to photography and I like shooting seascape and I want to learn how to shoot the night sky (ie milky way). thanks for your view and I'm currently using a canon 1000d and a sigma 18-50 f2.4 lens.

  • Nick Finnigan

    Hi Adam, where/what L bracket do you use, I have just bought the Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6 (Arca-Swiss Plate) head and don't want to pay £100 + for a Manfrotto L bracket, thanks

  • Luigi Nespeca - Fotografia di Montagna

    Hey Man! thanks for sharing your experience! It seems a very good camera bag, I will look for it in Italy. Would you please tell me where's this location, I love it and it reminds some Italians mountains. Thanks again, bye!

  • Ryan H

    Hi Adam, just discovered your channel yesterday and i am lapping up the videos. Such an awesome channel and personality you have. Cheers.

  • Petr Konečný

    Hello Adam, have you been hiking for more days for shooting? With sleeping bag, tent, etc.? How did you packed yourself? Thanks!

  • TimberGeek

    A couple of those cheapo Mylar thermal blankets is always a good thing to toss into your bag (and glove box) just in case thing go wrong and you need protection from sun, cold or rain.

  • Sarah Huggins

    I just bought the 5dmarkiv inspired by you….main reason being because I'm trying to cut down on weight I sold 5d mark iii and I dont regret it….I'm not a gear head at all….but I have decided to cut down on my gear dropped from 5 lenses down to 2 lenses (canon 24-70 f2.8 ii and 100-400 ii) unusual combination I know but it works for me…I shoot wildlife too hence the 100-400mm lens it's got focal length for landscape too from I have been learning from you

  • willjw93

    Really like your gear choices, again shows you don’t need the most expensive stuff. 17-40 is one of my favourite lens to use, so light.

  • Steve Hammett

    You said in the video it will hold a travel tripod in the side pockets. What is the maximum length and width of travel tripod will it hold in the side pockets? For example would it hold the Manfrotto 055 4 section carbon fibre tripod?
    Great videos by the way. Keep up the good work.

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