What’s In My Hunting Bag?  Essential Supplies Gear For Hunting Trip Camp
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What’s In My Hunting Bag? Essential Supplies Gear For Hunting Trip Camp

what’s in my hunting bag backpack what to carry for a hunting trip military backpack for hunting trips best hunting backpack hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m getting ready to go on a hunting
trip and this is the carry bag that I use so this is my I guess
you a call at my hunting bag it’s a big military-style backpack and it is heavy all by itself but it holds
a huge amount of gear it is waterproof it has had blood mud splattered on it it wipes off easily and it is an
indestructible backpack perfect for rugged outdoor activity so even though it’s a heavy backpack if I’m going to
be riding in a truck in an ATV Argo or something I bring this backpack with me it’s a little heavy
for me to put on my back and carry but I take it along because I can shove
everything in it that I like all the gear I need it has a huge pouch for any my extra
clothes and it fits all my hunting gear THis is the gear I have in my hunting bag at all times
what I have in it all the time so the first thing I have is baby wipes a girl can’t go anywhere
without her baby wipes so Icarry a lot to know that I find out that everybody in camp is always glad that I them then I
have a couple flashlights I store them inside a little beanie hat and then they
don’t get banged around her broken and when I’m traveling I’m not using my flashlights and am storing them I insert the batteries upside down and
then I turn them around when I get to camp to camp and I’m ready to use them the next thing I have are shooting
glasses they are sunglasses but they’re actually shooters so they work really well they wrap around
your eyes they protect
your eyes I have just a pair of readers glasses I can’t see all the time and
extra plastic bags then I have an emergency shelter kit it has the an big ol heavy emergency blanket tarp silver
reflective and one side dark green on the other side I have a regular just a little emergency space silver blanket and a bivy bag I also
have paracord and then I have a little kit with candles matches lighters fire starters vaseline petroleum jelly gun cleaning patches cotton balls zipties and that that then up here I have the little tiny multi-tool I got at Cabella it isn’t very big big garbage bags and I wrapped in with
some hair bands and this little blue bag is an extra a little backpack that
I always carry lightweight folds up and then if I need to get
up and go run or trek and leave my big bag I can grab this little back pack and load it with the things I
want to take with me immediately and I’m good to go the next thing I have are my Swarovski binoculars and I have a little cover a case goes over your shoulder shoulder front straps
I have a weather cover over it and I really like that Swarovski are just the best binoculars
ever the next thing I have is all the first aid kit so I have this little
bag and then attached to
it a little towel from REI always carry these things I have sunscreen bug spray emergency medicine and I have
my little whistle that has the compass fire starters
matches an emergency signal got all those things
hand warmers earplugs kleenex band aids
blister packs cotton swabs and then I have deodorant the reason I
carry this is if I wear boots and they rub my feet
rub deodorant on your feet and that’s a trick that you should try
before you put your boots and rub anywhere you think that your boots might
hurt your feet and then you know get a blister and if they start to hurt take off your boots grab the deoderant rub some on spoon hairbands comb chapstick nail clippers an emery
board eyedrops gum shoe horn
simply because I have some boots that I can never get on easily so I
always carry a shoe horn all goes in this
little bag and that bag goes inside my big
hunting back pack so this is the stuff and gear that I always
carry in my hunting bag and then when I get to camp and I’m
ready to hunt I will add in handgun and a bigger knife I’ll add the ammo that I need I’ll add
some water and some food you can’t carry everything
when you’re packing you’re ready to go but always make sure you add
everything you need make a list so you don’t forget and finish loading up your bag when you
get to camp before you head out because if you’re really going out hunting
you’re going to be in the Middle of nowhere and if something happens you have on
yourself to rely on so make sure that you have what you need pack it up take it with you and then you
don’t have to worry about anythingyou have everything if you like my channel I hope you
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