What’s in the Box? A Dream Vacation!
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What’s in the Box? A Dream Vacation!

All right, today’s game is vacation
themed because one of today’s boxes has an unforgettable vacation experience. One of you could win a three
night stay at any of the amazing hotels from Diamond Resorts International. You could go to Maui, or Mexico, or Spain. And they believe that regular vacations-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>All right let’s find my first contestant.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So do you want what is behind the curtain
that the captain is waving his hand at?>>[LAUGH]
>>Or do you want what’s in my pants?>>What’s in your pants.>>You want what’s in my pants?>>Yes.>>All right, sorry captain,
it is lint, there you go. And a $500 gift card for Best Buy.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC]>>I’m gonna give you a chance, because
maybe I should just give you what’s behind the curtain there,
because she didn’t pick it. Do you want that?>>I do!
>>You don’t really have a choice.>>I don’t.
[LAUGH]>>All right, let’s see what’s behind the curtain.>>[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I like it.>>Yeah, you do?>>I do. [LAUGH]>>All right.>>Does he come with it?>>That’s Bob, and
that’s a bellhop with a beer belly. And he’s got a suitcase,
what’s in the suitcase there Bob? It’s an iPad!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Whoo!>>So we have over here,
we still have the captain [LAUGH]. We have the captain, what’s behind
the box that the captain has there?>>[SOUND]
>>Or, girl.>>[SOUND]
>>Girl has box number two. What would you like?>>I’ll take the captain. [APPLAUSE]
>>But which box do you want? You meant, okay all right.
>>[LAUGH]>>What do you have there captain? What is it? It’s a tray from outside a hall. It’s in the hall outside the door. You know when they leave the room service.>>Yes.
>>That’s what it is.>>I’ll take it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah. That’s so nice of you. Captain, is there
anything else back there? It is the the $1000-
>>[APPLAUSE].>>So you know the three card monte
thing where you move things around, you have to remember where something is. Let me show you what this is. This is the Ellen Monte. So we have three different cards and
behind the first one we have->>[MUSIC]>>A little bottle of Bailey’s Irish
Whiskey or something like that. And then the second one.>>[MUSIC]>>Is a $500 Visa gift card. And the third one.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is the vacation that I was talking about. Okay.
[APPLAUSE]>>Okay. Now, Jonathon.>>All right.>>Here’s how it works. I turn them over. You have to remember where
that vacation is, right?>>[SOUND]
>>Okay. Keep going. What?
Do you remember where it is?>>I, no.
>>[LAUGH] I’m guessing that I do.>>She’s saying it’s,
you really followed that whole thing? Anyway, she’s saying
it’s the one on the left. A lot of people are saying
different things. Go with your gut.>>My God. Let’s go with.. I’ll go with two. I’ll go with–
>>All right.>>Two.>>Really?
Okay, let’s see what’s behind number two.>>It’s a $500 Visa gift card.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now.>>I’m very happy about that. [LAUGH] I’m very happy.>>Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m, no the game is over.>>[LAUGH]
>>The game is over over there. This is now,
I’m gonna change the rules though. Turn that around, and
what I’m going to do.>>[MUSIC]>>Is I’m going to give
you one more chance.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You can either keep the $500. I’m going to switch around again. If you end up getting, whatever you get. The Bailey’s Cream or the vacation.>>[LAUGH]
>>Everyone in the audience gets.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah I’ll take that. We’ll take that.>>All right. All right spin around.>>Yes, yes.>>All right spin them around. All right.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>We’ll go with one, we’ll go with one.>>All right let’s see what’s behind one,
if everybody’s gonna go on a vacation.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC]

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