Which Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging should I choose for my vacation?
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Which Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging should I choose for my vacation?

Hi again folks and thank you again for
letting GrandCanyon.com be your Southwest vacation specialists! This is the second video in our series showing you the
questions you most frequently ask about the Grand Canyon… …the answers to those questions, plus the questions you
really SHOULD be asking about the Grand Canyon. In our last video, we answered the #1 Grand Canyon vacation
planning question: how to book a Grand Canyon Mule Ride… …and what were more realistic and appropriate ways for your family
to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Today, we’re going to talk about what’s probably the
most important element of your Grand Canyon vacation… …the one thing around which the rest of your
plans will revolve, and evolve: Grand Canyon lodging. Question #2: how can I book a Grand
Canyon hotel room inside the park? Here’s the problem: almost everybody who visits the Grand
Canyon wants to stay inside the park. And Grand Canyon National Park has a grand total of about 900 hotel rooms. On any given day in peak travel season, anywhere from
10,000 to 20,000 people visit the park. Naturally not everyone is going to stay overnight,
but a good majority of them are. Can 900 rooms accommodate them all? Nope! So that ultimately means that Grand Canyon
hotel rooms are booked up 6 months to 1 year in advance. So if your Grand Canyon vacation is, say, 3 months away, you’re
probably out of luck. And there are other considerations too… …such as if you’re traveling with kids, particularly in the summertime, you
need to remember this: none of the in-park hotels have pools. A handful of rooms also don’t have air conditioning. Most
of them do, but some of them still don’t. It’s not a problem in winter, spring or fall,
but in summertime, that’s a different story! So the question you should ask would sound more like this:
where should I make my Grand Canyon hotel reservations… …considering my budget, who I’m traveling with and when I’m traveilng? If your Grand Canyon vacation is less than 6 months away, your most
realistic option is to look to the Grand Canyon’s gateway communities… …for your lodging. The nearest town to Grand Canyon South
Rim is Tusayan, just outside the park’s entrance. A mere 10 minutes from the canyon rim, Tusayan
offers 5 modern, family-friendly hotels. Among GrandCanyon.com’s clients, the most popular of these are
the Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn… …the Grand Hotel, the Canyon Plaza (formerly Quality Inn), and the Holiday Inn Express. All of these facilities are air-conditioned and offer amenities
such as on-site shopping, dining, pools and jacuzzis. One of the values of staying at the Best Western Premier Grand Canyon
Squire Inn is that there are activities after the sun goes down. There’s also the Holiday Inn Express and the Grand Hotels,
which have indoor heated pools which are open year-round. Guests staying at other hotels are welcome to come to
the Grand Canyon Squire and use their facilities. Plus, Tusayan is the site of the National Geographic
IMAX Theatre, which shows the spectacular IMAX presentation… …”Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets” year-round. This is within walking distance of all the Tusayan Grand Canyon hotels. For availability and pricing in Tusayan, visit www.GrandCanyon.com and
click on the link for Grand Canyon Hotels. Or simply call 1-800-916-8530 You should know that if you are traveling in
peak season, which is March through October… Grand Canyon hotel rooms in Tusayan will cost anywhere from $150-$250+ (US) per night. They also tend to fill 3-4 months in advance, so if
your Grand Canyon vacation is less than 3 months away… …or you’re looking to save money on your hotel room,
be prepared to do a little driving. The next nearest gateway community to the Grand Canyon is Williams,
Arizona. Located 60 miles South of Grand Canyon South Rim… …Williams is a charming small town where the
past comes alive in many different ways. Here you can enjoy the sights of Route 66, pioneer history and railroad memorabilia. Popular activities for families staying in Williams are the Grand
Canyon Railway, and the Inner Canyon Jeep Tour. The most popular hotels in Williams booked on GrandCanyon.com include:
the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, the Williams Grand Canyon Travelodge… …the Howard Johnson Express, the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, the Canyon Country
Inn, the Days Inn, and the Quality Inn Mountain Ranch… Amenities will differ from place to place, but if you’re looking to
keep your nightly hotel costs to under $150 per night… …Williams Arizona is an excellent choice for you!. For availability and pricing of hotels in Williams visit www.GrandCanyon.com
and click on the link for Williams hotels… …or call 1-800-916-8530 Another popular gateway community for Grand Canyon lodging is Flagstaff, Arizona. Located 90 miles Southeast of Grand Canyon South
Rim, Flagstaff is Northern Arizona’s largest city. Situated at the foot of the majestic San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff has its
own attractions that make a wonderful compliment to your Grand Canyon vacation… …such as the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Lowell Observatory, and
the National Monuments of Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater and Wupatki. Flagstaff is also located at the center of a
cluster of other attractions besides the Grand Canyon… …such as Lake Powell, Sedona, and the Petrified
Forest, just to name a few. So many visitors, particularly those with a week or so
to spend, might choose Flagstaff as a “base camp”… …from which to take day trips to these different areas. Flagstaff
has many hotels to choose from, both chain and family-owned. Among GrandCanyon.com customers, the most popular Flagstaff hotels are:
the Embassy Suites, the Radisson Woodlands Hotel… …Flagstaff Travelodge, the Little America, America’s Best Value
Inn, and the Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Prices range from discount to upscale and everything in between, but
here’s a word of advice for light sleepers: Flagstaff parallels a train route and trains go by pretty much all night
long, so it’s definitely worth a phone call to make sure… …that the hotel you choose is located away from the tracks.
***NOTE: ORDINANCES HAVE SINCE BEEN PASSED TO HELP ABATE TRAIN NOISE*** For availability and pricing of lodging in Flagstaff, visit GrandCanyon.com
and click on the link for Flagstaff hotels… …or call 1-800-916-8530 Lastly, another gateway community to consider is Page (Lake Powell) Arizona. Located 2.5 hours’ drive from Grand Canyon South or North Rim, Page
is a town of 6,000 people situated atop a mesa… …near the Arizona/Utah border. It is the gateway city to another attraction: Lake Powell. Here again, if you plan on traveling a week or so around the
Southwest, Page merits consideration for a few days of your time. Like Flagstaff, it is also located at the center of a “Grand
Circle” of scenic attractions, such as Zion, Bryce Canyon, Paria Canyon… …Monument Valley, Lees Ferry, and the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument. Page offers many fun and reasonably priced activities for your
family, such as the Colorado River Discovery Float Trip… …4×4 tours to fascinating slot canyons, scenic flights, and boat tours on Lake
Powell. And if your kids want to play in the water… …Lake Powell has plenty of it! There are about 20 hotels
in Page. Most are discount to mid-range chain hotels… …but there are a handful of higher-end properties, too.
GrandCanyon.com’s most popular Page hotels are: The Courtyard by Marriott, the Lake Powell Resort, the Quality
Inn, and the Days Inn. For availability and pricing of hotels in Page-Lake Powell, visit
www.GrandCanyon.com and click on the link for Page Hotels… or call 1-800-916-8530 Now, if after hearing all that, you still want to try to
get a room inside Grand Canyon National Park, keep watching… …and in just a moment we’ll tell you how you can find
out more about these hotels and get full contact information… …in our complete Grand Canyon Travel Planner. Thank you again for watching! We hope this video has helped you make
some informed decisions about where to stay during your Grand Canyon vacation. Keep watching your e-mail for more of these free informational videos. You’ll
receive a different one every day for the next 2 weeks. Tomorrow, you’ll find out why you may – or may not
– get to go rafting in the Grand Canyon…. …but the Colorado River is definitely doable! See you then. GrandCanyon.com Nationwide Hotel Hotline: 1-800-916-8530


  • Grandriver125

    Is this a paid advertisement? I don't see the Red Feather Lodge mentioned and when one reads the reviews on Trip Advisor and other sites it is just as good (or bad one might say based on prices) as the others in Tusayan.

  • gehlen52

    Train noise in Flagstaff is no longer an issue, train horns at the numerous crossings being the primary concern. Trains no longer use their horns except in emergencies while passing through Flagstaff. I've stayed in motels on 66 directly across from the train route and as I mentioned train noise isn't an issue and I'm a light-sleeper.


    I'm going to the Grand Canyon in September, from Chicago on the SOUTHWEST CHIEF, I will be staying at the Grand Canyon Railway. this is great info.

  • Lloyd Bonafide

    Williams is a crappy OLD tourist trap town that gravy trains Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. Well below average 60s and 70s era motel rooms are very overpriced. Flagstaff has much higher quality hotels for not much more money. Also, there are ZERO decent dining options in Williams. Crappy overpriced "themed" restaurants selling $9.00 burgers. Fast food choices are horrible.

  • Marie Shaurette

    I was hoping for more info about the hotels withink The Grand Canyon, not what options for hotels on the outskits of The Grand Canyon there are. What a waste of time, I don't want a travel planner.

  • Larry Grimaldi

    disappointing, particularly for those of us who plan vacations a year in advance and are not trying to save money, this video just seems to push people to everything BUT Grand Canyon.

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