Why did Naeun and Gunhoo come to Seoul? [The Return of Superman/2019.08.25]
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Why did Naeun and Gunhoo come to Seoul? [The Return of Superman/2019.08.25]

It’s a rainy day. (We hear some familiar voices from a hotel.) They are Gunhoo and Naeun. (Hello, I’m Gunhoo.) I can tell he had a good night’s sleep. (I’ll start my day like a lazy person.) – Staying in bed on a rainy day is the best. / – Right. (He’s lying around.) (I love being lazy in the morning.) You don’t have to do much on a rainy morning. It feels great. (He stretches his chubby ankles too.) (This feels refreshing.) (I’m done.) (This feels great.) – Good morning. / – They went with Anna. (Good morning, Mommy.) (Good morning, Naeun.) Do you know where we are? Seoul. – Dad has a match today. / – Yes. We’ll go cheer for him today. The reason they are in Seoul is to cheer for the friendly match of The K League. Jooho and Donggook will be playing in one team. The two Supermen will run as great soccer players today. – We’re excited. / – Me too. We’ll have to play with a sense of responsibility… Wait, isn’t that Gunhoo? He’s like a neighbor here. I can tell even from here those are Gunhoo and Jooho. (They’ve taken the attention away from the interview.) Shortly, the story of Gunhoo and Naeun that drove soccer fans wild will be revealed. (We’ll come cheer for Dad and Uncle soon.) (I prepared this to cheer for Dad.) Naeun must have prepared something. What could it be? Here are Dad, Eden and Aciel. That’s cool. She’s brought a photo. (This is good.) What do you think? (You prepared that?) That’s a great photo. Thank you for bringing it. Since they always have to spend time apart for matches, I guess that makes her cares about those things. I gave Dad a kiss. I love Dad. She says she loves her dad. That’s so sweet. Dad, see you later. (They will now enjoy their morning.) The first thing Naeun does in the morning is have a cup of water. One is for you and one is for Aciel. If Naeun gives you water, it’ll taste like honey. (Let me taste the water you poured for me.) (Gulping) He looks like he’s enjoying some hot tea. I know. (I can feel your love in this water.) It must be tasty since his sister gave it to him. (The happiness makes him breathe faster.) (His pretty sister gives him water.) (Oh, right.) Let’s brush our teeth. Aciel, toothpaste. Naeun’s second routine is brushing her teeth. She always does her best in everything. (Next to his sister who’s brushing her teeth,) (he’s blanking out.) Right. He’s just holding it in his mouth. You must brush your teeth clean. – Clean. / – Clean. (Are you doing it properly?) Naeun is watching him. He looks at his sister and brushes his teeth. He’s done. He put it in his mouth and took it out. (Are you done already?) (I’ve cleaned my teeth enough.) He’s done. (I’ll be off.) (Look at that kid.) Mom, Aciel didn’t brush his teeth. She drags him toward her. That’s… – He can’t resist. / – Right. He did brush his teeth although not wholeheartedly. (He’s been wrapped in a blanket.) (I don’t want to brush my teeth.) He doesn’t want to brush his teeth. (It’s for your own good, Aciel.) (Okay?) (Gunhoo is back to being a baby.) He looks like an infant wrapped in a blanket. – He looks like a baby. / – He does. (Hello, I’m baby Gunhoo.) A baby with a lot of hair. (After he’s done washing his face…) Even a typical morning activity – look like a commercial. / – I agree. They might be asked to shoot a commercial for a sink. After Naeun’s morning routine finishes, Gunhoo’s morning routine begins. That’s right. You have to hit the slate in the morning. In three, two, one. (I’ll help you, Uncle.) – Goodness. / – He’s done a proper job. (You shouldn’t be seen.) (And move as fast as you can.) Right, after the floor directors hit the slate, – they have to move out fast. / – They move fast. He copied them. (Now is the time…) (Ready) He hits the slate. – And moves out. / – Right. He’s doing that all over the place. (Rushing) Ready. (There’s a camera here too.) Ready. (The youngest master of the slate is born.) (You thought it was over?) (He checks the light too.) (There’s no problem here.) Even the light? That’s perfect. (Is there anything else?) (It looks like the air has cleared up now.) (Let me turn off the air purifier.) (This isn’t high for me at all.) (I can do it with my foot.) He pressed it with his toe. (Great.) That’s impressive. He’s done with the slate now. (Shall I exercise now?) (He uses his spare time.) My goodness. He’s so cute. (I’ll exercise diligently) (and catch all of the soccer balls later.) He’s warming up thoroughly. My goodness, what’s he doing? Is he doing push-ups? I did it. Does his do push-ups at home? I think he’s copying his dad. (Since my dad isn’t here now…) Naeun prepared that. (Dad, I did well, didn’t I?) He’s talking to his dad. No, no! No! – Can’t he touch it? / – No, she prepared it for him. – No. / – Naeun prepared it. It’s Dad’s photo. She’s afraid Gunhoo might break it. (What? What’s wrong with her?) (If I can’t look at Dad’s photo,) (I’ll just call Dad instead.) (Let’s see. Can I just press this?) No, no. No. (Does anyone know why she says no to everything?) This is the voicemail box. No. – No, no. / – She keeps saying no. (We shouldn’t play with the phone.) She keeps telling him no, so Gunhoo is… – Right. He’s annoyed. / – Stop it. – Goodness, he’s… / – It only took one push from her. (My goodness, I can’t believe she did this to me!) (Part 2 will air shortly.)


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